Monday, 4 November 2013

WON after 20 years

Assalamualaikum and good evening to all dear readers
wherever you are
inside or outside the country
let me begin the entry with a good news which
Pahang won the tournament vs Kelantan yesterday night
the game was super duper amazing
Pahang's player really showed the good of performance
they almost score the goal during the game
so, congratulations to Pahang!

Next is about how i feel lose
because the car still at workshop            
cannot go anywhere
but yesterday i went out with my girlfriends
Nabila fetched me with her mom's car
Qilah,Ezzatul, Nabila's lil brother Aiman and Dalilah
we went to the Star Mall at Mentakab
watched movie of Insidious
uh really frightening and scary
then we had KFC and karaoke

upcoming post about my pakcik obor-obor, who's that? catch up on next entry, bye!