Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Pakcik Obor-obor

Assalamualaikum and haluu to all readers!
obor-obor @ jellyfish

Puzzled with the title of my entry?                                                              
hum... well, he is actually my mom's old friend                                      
they were friend since long time ago
even before i was born
why stick to that obor-obor? (can't find english word for obor2)
obor-obor is like a type of creature live in sea
it kind of smooth, thought it is jelly fish..
if you know then good and pls correct me if i am mistaken
so, it happened when this recent friday night
i had a conversation with him on phone
and ask what else did he eats if not eat chicken, obor-obor?
he then answers "ehh mana makan obor-obor..boleh makan ke? gatal perut nanti"
i was like hahaahhahah!
means that thing could be eaten? really? no acne in stomach later on?
then there stick the name of pakcik obor-obor
so, what other funny about him?
catch up on my next entry..
going to bed right now and have a sweet dream :)