Saturday, 30 November 2013

Read this to be MOTIVATED

Assalamua'laikum and hello

In this fast era of technology, there will of course had advantages and disadvantages 
as well as we the people 
It's typical to suffer from stress or depression in these kind of days
it's all depending on ourself of how we overcome and manage the stress 
oh come on.. every problem have its solution
where there is a will there is always be a day 

stress if like this always 
If you keep the stress in yourself, you will face the other consequences
such as go crazy XD
can't focus 100% on whatever things you do
fall sick and troubling of people around you
and finally you yourself will feel the regret and lose

indeed, it's a serious matter of overcome stress as nowadays the rate of people had suffer from this problem
had showed an increase significantly  
not only the old even the youngsters especially in this country
i had noticed in newspaper before this many times
the writer stressed on this issue in the whole big pages

yaa.. there are many reasons that causes stress and also there are many ways to approach it
one of them is by reading motivational quotes daily
or you can stick the quotes at your mirror that you use everyday when you makeup 
even at someplace that you find it can be seen easily like the fridge,kitchen cabinet etc

do it! or no one else can do this for you
me also had stresses neither my roommates, my classmates and you who read this also are not except
everyone has stress but the difference is level of stress that we have and 
the ways that we take to overcome it
so, take a deep breathe and SAY NO TO STRESS okay!

or go for a spa to help relaxing your mind

Friday, 29 November 2013

Haa mai2 pakat mai !

Assalamua'laikum and hello 
Well, i'll try to make at least one new entry a day if possible
so, tonight i just wanna share about an event that will be held in my college
kinda interesting and intriguing 
oh, before that the title means that "Come! Come everybody must come" something like that..
so, this weekend my college will be organize a Career Carnival
There will be many Universities will come and promote their uni to us
basically, they find us not we find them
that's good XD
actually, the event had started this evening
then proceed on tomorrow..
besides, i attended one of the talk this night in lecture hall 1 
which is under Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)
wow.. i really impressed with the fees of the courses T.T
not so much and affordable thought
for sure it would highly cost if you take private uni 
UKM is one of the best uni in Malaysia and Asia besides University Malaya (UM)
both of these had really attract me 
so, i prefer to attend the talk
it's typical when promoting the university, they will let us know about the history of the establishment,
the courses being offered, the fees, requirements etc
and during the talk, i've made a new friend with someone who was having the same course interest with me
she is Shaqinur Aisyah T.T
well, nice to knew her..and she is kind 
to make an end, wish all my dear readers enjoy this weekend with your beloved one 
bye2 xoxo

nah gift from me to you hihi ^^
some more.. meowww aww T.T

A Matchmaker for me

Assalamua'laikum and hello

Well i had a foster dad 
such a real dad for me
He's the one who treat me when i sicked before this
Recently, he called me
he asked how me settle down in college, is i'm healthy, okay or not etc..
out of sudden he asked if me like his son which was the same age with me
what the !@#$% *&(+
nonsense and ridiculous!
truly, i've never imagined that i liked his son
this is so not true,totally wrong..
ya..i knew my dad type
a joker XD

he used to teased me every time
if we met and even while on the phone..
that's why i just be like pour the water onto the leaves when he talked
He told that he was really really want me to be his daughter in-law
what kind of joke is this?
He was very sure that i'm gonna be a good and obedient wife..and suit with his son
he added that i was shy to confessed that i adore his son, and so his son
Shut up! (like Princess Mia in princess diaries )XD
Never ever in my mind had came across of being his son's wife even girlfriend
he then told that now he'll letting us to further our studies in our own field
don't want to lose, i replied that i want to be a cleaner lah!
( trick so that he would not take me as his future daughter-in-law)
Quickly he said oh! nevermind.. cleaner would also do good..not working also is okay
then, he called my mum said that he wanna 'meminang'..thought it's proposed in english
ohoho yes he called my mum later
he told that he would be happy if i could be his daughter-in-law
later, he called me back asking what he talked about with mum whether it is same or not
i was like.......but when i phoned my mum
there was laughed at the end of our conversation
Well, i said that i have my own choice and his son also do the same
let us make our own choose..there's no use of forcing

It's just not being fussy or choosy however his boy had someone loved already
and i dont like him!!
i'm not a person who take someone's(prowler)
it's not good and inappropriate

yeah there is true of the saying that love after marriage is the best 

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

She just Left..

Assalamua'laikum and hello everybody
welcome to the new visitors and thanks a lot to whom that willing to follow this blog
actually this entry is the series of the yesterday entitled Byebye Azaliah 
so this is the sequel 

urm.. i had promised to upload the pictures with her 
so today, i wanna full fill it..
well, Azaliah left around 1.15pm 
fetched by her parents
all the way from Kedah to this college which in Malacca
just because of their beloved daughter
i met her youngest sister 
thought 1 y/o plus something
damn so cute and lovely
 waiting for what?
let's see the pictures! XD

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Byebye my darling Azaliah

Assalamu'alaikum and hello peeps!
On Monday this week just started semester 2
oh! puhhhlease be kind and go smoothly 
well, so far so good 

When came in the hostel,met the roommates,class mates and wing-mates 
miss them so much as our bond had been closer like the arrangement particles in solid state 
It's quite sad and shocked that one of my wing-mates wanna go out of the college
she got another offer which is in her state in Kedah
it's her choice and desire course
so, we can't stop her

So, in this entry i would tribute to her 
sobs :')
after tomorrow, the room that she stayed will be just two person instead of 4
Lately, i often go to her room than before
just because on last Sunday i knew that she's got wifi and my internet connection is quite bad
On Sunday we still doing nothing and what ever we could do if not watching movie
so, we watched Princess Diaries and Princess Diaries 2 Royal Engagement 
until yesterday while watching the second one.. the wifi reached its limit
and before that i asked and persuaded her to stay until Friday or Saturday
but when wifi exceeded the limit i spontaneously asked her to leave asap
just kidding

Ya..we had not knew for a long time..just within a few months but we could built and create the friendship
even though we came from different background
Today is the last day she's staying in matriculation
i wish and pray for her success in new college
and proud to knew you Azaliah..

p/s: thanks so much for the ISP (internet service provider) service 

i'll upload picture later on okay! have a blessed XD  

Sunday, 24 November 2013

All About Him

Assalamua'laikum and hello
hey! how's your weekend?
blissful ?
All About Him..
Okay, Him? who is he?
my dad? brother? uncle?'s general and will cover for all that called man
Man..what you know about man?
have mustache? beard?
that's all?
well, it's just not about that
there's a lot to describe about man
let me sort it out

Excuse me.. not only women are complicated instead men also 
wait..this is in my point of view
why i said like that? Ya..there is certain time, they tend to be complicated
for instant they are too much than women and possible to blabbering at women
and they even more careless and panic 
it's tough to understand them sometimes
when text them, they might reply or not
which is make us the women frustrated

more complicated than maths
I strongly believe that men have the smoothness inside them..maybe we couldn't see or not see it
straight away because maybe the are shy to show the gentleman 
basically i would love man that is have smoothness in them 
aww so sweet!

Loyal or betray
For this part, there are many types of man 
only 2 
loyal or betray
how lucky a woman that got a loyal one 
loyal till death
Unlucky to whom that got the bad that betray 
As what i observed, a man that is loyal to his girlfriend or wife would keep loyal for the whole life

No Smoking!
Reject 100% if the man is smoking if he wanna marry me
doesn't they knew or pretend don't know that smoking is definitely cause harmful and bring fatal??
Absolutely no goodness in smoking
please love yourself

humm i love this.. when a man is workaholic that's means he is rich XD
so i can go shopping and buy what i want
but wait! how about if the man is a workaholic type and doesn't any time with the wife and family
no point!
nevertheless i would salute of his intelligence making all balanced
work+horlicks = workaholic XDDD

Oh! That's so sweet and awesome to get the love from our man
for me all man must and compulsory to have this character 
with love will make the relationship much longer and last long
even the love become stronger with the kids around them
but believe that love is blind haha XD

Gimme hug
Undeniable that man also have this type of disease 
they tend to be choosy when come to foods, clothes, brand etc
too much than women
if don't have his favorite dishes like chicken, duck and prawn they will refuse to eat

Clever and dumb
It is very nice to see the clever man however in this world not at all have the same intelligence 
fair and square
there might be the cleverest is clever but the dumb is dumb
the bright one further study in overseas 
whilst the stupid stay near the drain
get up man!
show your capability!
hello sweetie.. will you go for a date with me plzzz XD
There is man who is very meticulous about cleanliness
can't stand even with any dirt
but some of them doesn't mind about this thing
even he is never mind with the scattered room
he would okay as long as something did not stop his nostril

Saturday, 23 November 2013


Assalamua'laikum and holla!
who didn't knew this talented singer Taylor Swift??

than go Google now if some of you didn't know her
actually i didn't know about her biography much
now maybe she is 22 years old
just guest because one of her new song is 22 
i really adore this lady 
for her talent
omg! her voice such a spark!
and i love her style and the way she sings on stage
with style and great performances
seriously i love it!
the first song that made me knew her is Love Story
there's many song like Fifteen, Teardrops on my guitar speak now and so on

Drama Review: Playboy itu Suami Aku

Assalamua'laikum and hello
how are you my dear readers?
currently i'm in my college in malacca for the semester2
just now in the morning i had a muet exam
for writing,reading and listening
quite okay 
not so tough and not so easy
hopefully can score well
okay, that's just intro or update a bit of my life 
Today i wanna share about a drama series that is adapted from a novel
Playboy itu Suami Aku
That Playboy is My Husband
i'm never read the novel
just watched the drama which is played on tv3 in the slot Akasia
every Monday-Thursday 7.00-8.00pm
omg! i love that drama
really excited and can't wait what will happened later
now they had been married
an arranged marriage of their parents
firstly, they both refused to marry each other however that playboy didn't want
to lose the chance of being the CEO of his dad's company hence he have to do so
while the girl named Afina Aulia willing and sincere to marry him with full of her heart
It's not such a sweet marriage like other couples
Afina tries her best to be a dedicated wife to Adrian
Nevertheless that King of crocodile mistreat her and doesn't love her 
such an arrogant!
even after they got married Adrian still with other girls
Oh! and Afina had a twin sister,Fisya which is so bad girl
She always being jealous of her older twin
especially when she married to Adrian because King had been her bf before
Personally, i love the acting of the hero and the heroin..and they are suit to act together
i had intended to try to act..but until now still did not get any offer from production
vahvahvah XD
hello, you never know my hidden talent
perhaps much better that Angelina Jolie XD
So, what happened after this? catch up this drama series ..
and i wanna suggest to any of production to make a drama from this novel, Kupersembahkan Hati
uh puhhlease!

Thursday, 21 November 2013

When They Flirting

Assalamua'laikum and hello
wow! just left less than 24hours before i leave my sweet hometown
just to accomplish the mison
but now let me share about something that kinda interesting
It's about when a guy flirting a girl

ya.. now i'm quite adult to talk about this thing 
coz i'm a big girl now..sweet 18
Alright, straight to the point.. basically, if a guy wanna tackle a girl
they will turn like so itchy? 
so annoying?
so busybody?
doesn't they think that they are sometimes or even often make the girl hate him more
In my personal opinion or point of view

why just they confess to the girl straight away
no need to be shy 
be gentleman man!
you are the khalifah man, the leader, imam and so on
you are the person who will be at the front line
be serious and don't play2 with the feeling of the girl
which is very sensitive
look, to make clearer.. please dont beat around the bush
if you like someone, don't shy to tell her directly
no need to wait wait and wait
you still wanna wait if you desire girl taken by other guy?
haa..then act now!!!
seems like i'm a love consultant right now
it's undeniable that someone  flirted me before
the first time was when i'm still at the end of 15y/o
he confessed at me thru message.. quite bold
Unfortunately he's someone's which is from bad to worse
his girlfriend is my friend
omg~ not enough with one?
so, totally rejected
but with the proper manner and acceptable reasons
speak for the truth, i'm not like him so much
just could be friend and perhaps might help each other 
pretty disgusting

later on don't have any that try to tackle me
hello try hard lah!
as my parents said that i'm a 'HIGH MAINTENANCE'  type XD
Sometimes i would say that men are always same
like to flirting
but don't want to be responsible
for instant, there's numerous cases involving the illegitimate child
as the result of adultery 
From my observations, good and pious men are vey rare and hard to find
Lucky if found 
However,i'm firmly with this saying that a good woman is for the good man and in other way around

May The Best Man Win

Word of the day: Dash of Spunkiness

All is about LIFE

Assalamua'laikum and hello 
How are you guys?
Did you all realize that how fast time flies?
Tomorrow i'm going back to college for the semester 2
and this is the first time i will go with my friend Sabarina
all this while my parents will send back
However, things seems don't let them to send me
as my mum have to attend the convocation 
and today she'll leave as tomorrow she's gonna have the rehearsal and to take the robe
how disappointed me 
can't witness the convocation
never mind, my mum will show the photos later
but still bot the same
and nobody i mean the family members could attend
my dad can't go because he's working
this is what we call life
Everybody is busy with their own life
Temporary Life
But Remember! there is still another life hereafter 
that is the permanent one
it's akhirat (for muslim, we have to believe this)
it's doesn't make sense if you just focus only for this life
but neglect the upcoming one
please please and please
this is the remainder for my self especially
So think about it properly
May all of my readers will attain success and happiness always and forever
dunia and akhirat 

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Laughter is the best Medicine

Assalamualaikum and hello !
What's up?
heaven for the school buddies who had started the holidays
Nevertheless, don't forget to do revision for the next year school
time is precious okay
Tonight i wanna share something 
about my 'Cik Nah' i mean my mum
hahha can't stand not to laugh when recall the incident during just evening
i've done something
thought don't have to mention what it is
but it is totally boast the laughter
my mum laughed so badly
i said that "Cik Nah had gone crazy and insane out of sudden!"
So moral of the story, how bad your day is  if you don't laugh in a day
as it is the best medicine
Laughter is the best medicine
in fact it could heal a person that trouble from stress and distraction 

doesn't it funny? HAHAHA

Friends (Throwback)

Assalamua'laikum and gutten tag!
it means have a nice day something like that

Thinking since yesterday what should i write 
for the new entry
then asked my foster sister, Aina
she asked me to write about FRIENDS
i was like humm not bad
last night we were skyping so that's it
hum.. what should i write about it and where should i begin with?

me with Nabila aka bulu XD
Okay, i start since i was in primary school
before that, this are from my point of view and my rights
During that time i considered i had a best friend
her name was Izzati
she is the friend i sat with in  the class
and we were close, that time i was standard four
and now we were still befriend but not as close as before
time has changed everything
there was time we argue and fighting and so on
Then, my best friend changed to another person named Syahira
when i like to friend with someone i would prefer to sit with her in the class
the same thing we had argued and some misunderstanding
and lastly my bestfriend was Nurrul Aqilah and we were still contact each other nowadays
even both of us had made our own path
i started befriend with her since she moved in to my school and we began our friendship till today

Part of us at sweet seventeen
huh! this entry gonna be long
so keep calm and continue reading XD
Time flies very fast and we went to secondary or high school
i met a new friends and one of them was Nabila
she was the daughter of one of the teacher in that school
we began our friendship when we were form 2
At first i thought she was arrogant and don't want to befriend with me
i had confessed to her this and she also said that i was like to show off
what the....hehe
me and Qilah at sixteen
me and her sat together in the class during form 2 and 3
we had a lot of sweet and sour memories
there was once we had a fight
as for me the biggest fighting that we had
never talked to each other for a week
and we finally end up to say sorry on barakah Jumaah
in the classroom when everybody had left
My chinese friends
Oh! When i was form 1 i was in 1 Bestari and met again with my buddy from secondary school
Shamira the fabulous!!!
hahaha we had so many laughed and jokes in the class
she is the reason the class became cherished
then we both went up to new class due to our best result for the final exam
after that, i closed with Nabila
and there we go with the team of Wonderbabes
which consist of 10 members

Complete of us.. taken on  PMR first day
all of us the malay girls in the class
that time was still a good and strong friendship
then all of us made some changes into the group and the friendship was like not so good as before
it was when we went up to form 4 and 5
Qilah went to boarding school in Terengganu, Nini and Nani went to another class as they took slightly different subject like us
so it's like gonna to far far away the friendship
no wonder

Our big farewell form 4
However we were still befriend and contact each other even the WB had gone
we were still friends
always and forever
to me, there's a lot i learned from the value of friendship
ceh! like making the moral value of novel essay XD
but that is obviously true
it is easy to befriend to anybody
but it's not easy to find the true and sincere friend
that always be by your side ups and down