Sunday, 10 November 2013

Hijab and Me

Bismillah and Assalamualaikum to dear readers
and I wish you all a warm welcome to my blog mmuahahahaha
So before i go to bed, let me post a new entry regarding
 "Hijab and Me"

this is Wardina not me hehe

What we especially the girls,ladies or women know about hijab?
Is it everybody must wear hijab not only the women?
how about the men? Do they need to wear that kind of things?

Okay, this is my personal point of views about it
For any muslim girls who has reached puberty they are obligatory to cover their head with hijab or veil
Nevertheless, there were many out there muslim girls who neglect this matter
Some might take it easy
Some might take it serious 
and we could hear these kind of typical answer everywhere 

"What?! it's very hot when wear the hijab.. i can't stand with it! HOTTT"
"Maybe it's not the hijab time for me right now, maybe one fine day"
"NOOO!! I'll looked old when i'm on hijab !" and etc
and logically, i could answer to that statement and complain like these

"Instead we feel the hotness of the hell fire just because we can't bear with the hotness of wearing hijab, it's doesn't make sense, even the hotness at the hell will far hotter than now that we feel"

"How about your death is just really around the corner? your time is just arrived? There is no time to wear the hijab anymore"

"Wearing the hijab supposedly not make you older or ugly but make you more beautiful
even far beautiful than the sexy super models in the fashion show"

Look, as for me when i'm wearing hijab there is something special that i feel
something that i can't put into words
like i gain confidence, feel protected and so on
and oh ya! i can feel that Allah is looking to me happily that i abide his order or errand
hence kinda feel of blessed like that..

There was once I still in not stand still of  my principle 
when i had started wear the hijab after had the period 
and out of sudden feel lose and don't want to wear it
feel like never mind and bla bla bla
i fighting inside me 
"solat is the most important, cover the aurat is the next and Allah the almighty is the most forgiven and rahim"
i always said to myself
once ago..

so sweet 
until one day, the day such like he opened back my heart to wear hijab
i was like given hidayah by Him
it happened when my mum bought me a tudung 
very nice one and i gave it a try 
feel i want to wear hijab and don't want to take it off again
so, starting from that moment i wear hijab till today ( :
not hesitate anymore

The conclusion is, whoever we are in the past
please know this one thing
that Allah will always there to forgive our sins no matter how much we had commit it
He is the Most Forgiveness and the most ar-rahman and ar-rahim
always muhasabah ourself whether what we do now is in the righteous path or not
is Allah bless, redha or not?

To keep me motivate to put on hijab on my head is by find someone that can be an idol 
or someone which can inspire me
for example Wardina, Heliza and Catriona etc

While we already wear the hijab, please bear in mind to take care of what kind of hijab we wear
you know, the material used and the fashions
make sure that we follow the real that god ask
for instant not wearing the transparent one and something kind of it 

Well, that's from me and goodnight Malaysia 

Happy wearing Hijab!!! xoxo
beautiful yet gorgeous