Thursday, 14 November 2013

Visit my Ma

Assalamualaikum and hai

Today, almost the whole day i spent my day outside the house
early morning around 10 am my mum and me went to the hospital
to send the blood sample
i had taken a blood test by my beloved mum at house
not so hurt, but just a little like bite of an ant
i also had a urine test
then i drove the car to the hospital with mum
at hospital, my mum also took a blood test to check everything especially cholesterol level
still not finished yet, i request to service my ears
means clean my ear, get out all the unwanted wax
hehe luckily had my mum's friend from ENT department to make it reality
thanks mak cik Sal!
Later, i drove the car heading to Mentakab at the same time pay a visit to my ex-babysitter 
i called her Ma
it's normal because Kelantanese people use to called mother 'ma'
i were taken care by her since 5 years old till standard 4
so, why not i visit her while i'm still on holiday right
before we went to her house, we had our early lunch at Rahim's Restaurant
How pity ma just stay with ayah at the house
since all their children had made their own path 
and the youngest one was same age as me but he is boy
currently studying in USM Kubang Kerian for Nursing
haha how funny when throwback our memory during kids and innocents time
i went to school everyday with him sent by ayah
eat together fed by ma before went to school
same class when standard one, I Merah
we argued,played, laughed, recite the Quran, bought chocolate and went to fardhu ain class 
all were together-gether 
such a bittersweet memory that can't be get back
and priceless 
To my surprise that ma had a newborn 'children' 
so sweet and gorgeous 
it's cute kittens which belongs to Adib
hahaha actually ma doesn't allow he brought any cat to the house,
at first, he had to hide them under the house 
finally ma figured it out and accept with an opened heart
we had some chit chats for a few hours
then off to home 

one of the five lovely kittens