Friday, 29 November 2013

Haa mai2 pakat mai !

Assalamua'laikum and hello 
Well, i'll try to make at least one new entry a day if possible
so, tonight i just wanna share about an event that will be held in my college
kinda interesting and intriguing 
oh, before that the title means that "Come! Come everybody must come" something like that..
so, this weekend my college will be organize a Career Carnival
There will be many Universities will come and promote their uni to us
basically, they find us not we find them
that's good XD
actually, the event had started this evening
then proceed on tomorrow..
besides, i attended one of the talk this night in lecture hall 1 
which is under Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)
wow.. i really impressed with the fees of the courses T.T
not so much and affordable thought
for sure it would highly cost if you take private uni 
UKM is one of the best uni in Malaysia and Asia besides University Malaya (UM)
both of these had really attract me 
so, i prefer to attend the talk
it's typical when promoting the university, they will let us know about the history of the establishment,
the courses being offered, the fees, requirements etc
and during the talk, i've made a new friend with someone who was having the same course interest with me
she is Shaqinur Aisyah T.T
well, nice to knew her..and she is kind 
to make an end, wish all my dear readers enjoy this weekend with your beloved one 
bye2 xoxo

nah gift from me to you hihi ^^
some more.. meowww aww T.T