Thursday, 21 November 2013

All is about LIFE

Assalamua'laikum and hello 
How are you guys?
Did you all realize that how fast time flies?
Tomorrow i'm going back to college for the semester 2
and this is the first time i will go with my friend Sabarina
all this while my parents will send back
However, things seems don't let them to send me
as my mum have to attend the convocation 
and today she'll leave as tomorrow she's gonna have the rehearsal and to take the robe
how disappointed me 
can't witness the convocation
never mind, my mum will show the photos later
but still bot the same
and nobody i mean the family members could attend
my dad can't go because he's working
this is what we call life
Everybody is busy with their own life
Temporary Life
But Remember! there is still another life hereafter 
that is the permanent one
it's akhirat (for muslim, we have to believe this)
it's doesn't make sense if you just focus only for this life
but neglect the upcoming one
please please and please
this is the remainder for my self especially
So think about it properly
May all of my readers will attain success and happiness always and forever
dunia and akhirat