Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Byebye my darling Azaliah

Assalamu'alaikum and hello peeps!
On Monday this week just started semester 2
oh! puhhhlease be kind and go smoothly 
well, so far so good 

When came in the hostel,met the roommates,class mates and wing-mates 
miss them so much as our bond had been closer like the arrangement particles in solid state 
It's quite sad and shocked that one of my wing-mates wanna go out of the college
she got another offer which is in her state in Kedah
it's her choice and desire course
so, we can't stop her

So, in this entry i would tribute to her 
sobs :')
after tomorrow, the room that she stayed will be just two person instead of 4
Lately, i often go to her room than before
just because on last Sunday i knew that she's got wifi and my internet connection is quite bad
On Sunday we still doing nothing and what ever we could do if not watching movie
so, we watched Princess Diaries and Princess Diaries 2 Royal Engagement 
until yesterday while watching the second one.. the wifi reached its limit
and before that i asked and persuaded her to stay until Friday or Saturday
but when wifi exceeded the limit i spontaneously asked her to leave asap
just kidding

Ya..we had not knew for a long time..just within a few months but we could built and create the friendship
even though we came from different background
Today is the last day she's staying in matriculation
i wish and pray for her success in new college
and proud to knew you Azaliah..

p/s: thanks so much for the ISP (internet service provider) service 

i'll upload picture later on okay! have a blessed XD