Tuesday, 12 November 2013

When i'm gonna married

Assalamualaikum and holla

When i'm gonna married

i will invite all people especially relatives both on my mum's and dad's
no matter who they are 
rich or poor
beautiful or ugly
close or far
that's is their right to be invited 

Next is my friends
old and new
from kindergarten,primary school,high school,college and university
Even my mum's and dad'd friend i'll invite 
welcome them to my big day 
to make my big day more cherish with these people

Perhaps one day, i will be invited by them to their children's event
who knows

My point here is to stress about how really important to invite all our acquaintances 
to our any kind of big or small day that we are going to do
this will show our appreciation towards them
show that will still remember them
no matter what it is
nowhere there are
at least we invite them
it's up to them whether they want to attend or not
just invite
got it?

How disappointing their heart or feeling if they knew that they were not invited
to our event that we held or organize
It's understandable if we were busy to handle this and that
but please care of their heart and feeling
especially the old one

Imagine when someday you are not invited by them to their event
how your feeling that time
ask yourself
Look, we human live in a community not in the jungle with the monkeys and so on
It's very important to have a good relationship with other people around us
treat them good if you want to get good back
besides it do show our respect to them

You know, this is the time when you organize an event or party or wedding event
you could make your relationship closer with the guest 
the one who had an argue could end up their argument and get along again
the one who still do not know each other
even they had a relationship could know at the event
see? magic can happen!

To make it simple, please check and recheck your invitation list
maybe there is someone or more people that still not invited
you know, human being are not perfect

so,happy weeding to anyone who will get marry this year!
don't forget to invite me ya!

#wait 7,8 or 9 years more to get wedding invitation from me hihihi