Saturday, 9 November 2013


AssaLaMuaLaiKuM and heyy

After the last entry within few hours
another topic come across my mind
it is about MAN
Man,guy,male,brother and father
I didn't have neither big brother nor little brother
but i do have father
he is my man,my hero and enemy
Sometimes he angry
sometimes he funny
sometimes he is annoying and irritating
but one thing that i truly know about him
that he loves me
and he knew that i love him
however he never knew how much i love him


besides my beloved father, i have some of boyfriends
they are Afif,Akil,Adib and many more
they are a lot from my class
for instant, Cheong Soon Kit,Tan Yin Sheng,Alister and etc
they were okay and fine to me so far
now in matriculation, there are 3 boys in my class
all malay and they are Afiq,Hazwan and Izzudin
there are times that i don't like them for no reason
maybe because of their attitudes or behaviour


Since I live for 18 years 4 months 15 days 7 hours 23 seconds
i had seen many kind of them everywhere
in terms of attitude, physical appearance and characteristics
as for me, like other people have their own desire man or prince charming
although if you ask crazy people they also have their desire man hahaha

So let me tell over here some of the criteria of my Mr.Right

Nice and has a strong pillar of iman (religious) 
This is the first criteria that i will look for inside the man that will become my other half someday
This thing is really important as he will become the leader to me and my children after we married
Not only nice but he will firm to me and children regarding religious matter
he also can be the imam and conduct the prayer to us 
told and teach me what is right and what is wrong
what the dos and dons so that we could build our baitul muslim (marriage) till jannah (heaven)
as it is the mission of a marriage right

your type?

Good looking or Handsome 
It is considerable if the man is handsome or not..Depend on his attitude or behaviour
Doesn't make any sense if he is handsome and good looking but have bad or even the worst on earth of attitude. Or just a moderate good looking and have a nice and good looking attitude
2 in 1 ..
For example he is a bold person, will face any big or small problem or
a descent man whom is very respective and courtesy and at the same time handsomeeeee
so,which one will you choose?
ask your heart...

or this one?

Rich Man
If money is the only reason you marry to a man then your marriage and happiness doesn't last long
You can't buy everything with money
You can't buy happiness,love and something related to that with money
Even the purest love that come from the bottom of heart..
For me, it's enough that he is working and could support me and family
enable provide the necessary things to me that are  shelter or home,food,drink,clothes and 
extra money to buy jewellery haha just kidding
but he insist to give why not, just take it heehehe
oh by the way, straight away reject mr.arrogant because he just useless


Accept who we are
Ya definitely! My partner should accept who am i
no matter what
even i am fat, big or real shady
He also must accept my weaknesses and strengh
always by my side when i at down or up
always be there to be my shoulder to cry
and doesn't insult me for who i am
Besides my partner must also accept my family whoever they are

hahaha is this gonna be accepted?

I think enough of my mr.right's criteria
so if there is anyone that have these type of criteria
please do not hesitate to call me
okay, till then