Thursday, 21 November 2013

When They Flirting

Assalamua'laikum and hello
wow! just left less than 24hours before i leave my sweet hometown
just to accomplish the mison
but now let me share about something that kinda interesting
It's about when a guy flirting a girl

ya.. now i'm quite adult to talk about this thing 
coz i'm a big girl now..sweet 18
Alright, straight to the point.. basically, if a guy wanna tackle a girl
they will turn like so itchy? 
so annoying?
so busybody?
doesn't they think that they are sometimes or even often make the girl hate him more
In my personal opinion or point of view

why just they confess to the girl straight away
no need to be shy 
be gentleman man!
you are the khalifah man, the leader, imam and so on
you are the person who will be at the front line
be serious and don't play2 with the feeling of the girl
which is very sensitive
look, to make clearer.. please dont beat around the bush
if you like someone, don't shy to tell her directly
no need to wait wait and wait
you still wanna wait if you desire girl taken by other guy?
haa..then act now!!!
seems like i'm a love consultant right now
it's undeniable that someone  flirted me before
the first time was when i'm still at the end of 15y/o
he confessed at me thru message.. quite bold
Unfortunately he's someone's which is from bad to worse
his girlfriend is my friend
omg~ not enough with one?
so, totally rejected
but with the proper manner and acceptable reasons
speak for the truth, i'm not like him so much
just could be friend and perhaps might help each other 
pretty disgusting

later on don't have any that try to tackle me
hello try hard lah!
as my parents said that i'm a 'HIGH MAINTENANCE'  type XD
Sometimes i would say that men are always same
like to flirting
but don't want to be responsible
for instant, there's numerous cases involving the illegitimate child
as the result of adultery 
From my observations, good and pious men are vey rare and hard to find
Lucky if found 
However,i'm firmly with this saying that a good woman is for the good man and in other way around

May The Best Man Win

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