Monday, 14 April 2014

Congratulations you've made it !!!

Assalamua'laikum and hello dear myself

how are you?

how are your heart?

how you feel?



hope you are in the good of health when reading this

and in a happy mood --smile---

really hope while you reading this, you are at home already

and have met you lovely mother and of course the cheeky ukulele that you really wish to have

it must be very beautiful and amazing one

and oh ya! you must meet Bella the cute girl next the door  and greet aunty Nor and uncle Zali

they are the awesome neighbour that i ever met

well, congratulation dear myself upon your graduation from Malacca Matriculation

hope happiness is always be by your side honey :)

love my self ..

remember, whatever happened ..

you will never walk alone

Allah is always be by your side

remember that.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

That kind of feeling~

Have you ever feel sad?
yes sad,misery or whatever the same meaning to these word?
(today..i feel that feeling)



well it's just a small even the tiniest matter


rather than i 'mengadu' or tell about it to people surrounding me
better i story over here (besides speak to Allah)
because here is my territory
remember my previous entry that i tell? --doesn't matter what the story is,just write-- 


friends, sometimes they never knew that they have hurt their own friend surrounding them
to be husnuzon which means bersangka baik or assume the good things 
just to avoid your heart from being dirty 

so that's the best to do always 


ahhh maybe they just did not on purpose
just only my instinct and feeling literally 

nevertheless, that is life is all about
there's ups and downs
happy and sad


Monday, 7 April 2014

Super special from Icheon Korea mhehe

Assalamua'laikum and heeelo!

*big smile*

oh i missss damn so much to write over here
nevertheless...hoho at the moment when the ideas popped out

**ting!!** --- sound effect sikit aihh hehhe

there will be clash between doing my study thingy and so on
al maklum laaa i am going to sit for the really final exam before ciaww cinn cawwww

so, apart from being passion to write anything about
to share or whatever
writing is like a kind of something that i can express my heart
truly from my bottom of heart
let just the words flow
flow and flow like water at river that will never run out
~ ~ ~ ~

doesn't matter of what is the story is all about

and yeahh it really help even relieving me to express about what i feel at the moment

(besides cry and mengadu to Him the Almighty)

like seriously --- when i say like that
means i really mean it T_T

literally kinda feel tensed as heading into the week of exam preparation

dear people, i beg your doa and prayer

may your prayers return back to you yourself

last but not least, feel free to enjoy my pic to Korea during the Spring season

wow it's soooooo amazing ! haha

*just kidding*

well it's just somewhere on this earth

called LONDANG --where my college is located

the motive is how stunning the creature of Allah right??
He is the creator
that's it

Allahu akhbar

p/s: ( x korea londang pun bolehhhh hahaha)

oh indahnya Korea.. mhehee
apemacam? style ?

ok ni tak tau nak  cakap apa..hahha (childish kott)

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Plz be Nice to me mr.APRIL :)

Assalamua'laikum and hello April
nice to meet you! :')


it's my greeting towards APRIL hokayy
please don't be jealous people

oh puhhhlease!

(happy and excited plus tensed mood)

happy & excited because April is the month which will be my last staying over here
in this likely 'A Famosa' building yet unique mhehehe

(ridiculous to curse the place you study hahaha)


feel pretty tensed due to the final exam that really really around the corner
so, have been busy in coping with the revision and bla bla bla bla
this is why we call

bear in mind that

feeling of that kind of feeling (stress) do indicates that we are normal human
i repeat NORMAL human
so keep calm & don't worry

(padahal dalam hati punyalah lub dab lub dap jantung ni lahai hahahaha)

emotion easily get distracted affected by certain matter especially from surrounding
so, make preparation to harden a little bit of your and my heart

(kebalkan hati)

don't easily to put drops of tears for unnecessary thing
you and me must BE STRONG

yeahh we are strong


what to do is


may all my readers are all in the best of health and Allah bless you guys

p/s: do pray for my ease to undergo the very soon final sem exam smoothly,moga semuanya lancar & dpemudah insyaa Allah..