Tuesday, 25 February 2014

When We Met each other ...

Assalamua'laikum and hello

wahh hahaha XD
okay cut the crap.
She was actually my old friend since our primary school at Mentakab 
truly we were not so close just a so-so friend something like that.
She was a weird type to me that time (10 years ago punye story ngeee)
well she was not like other friends who loves to talk or chit chat and laughing 
she was a bit introvert, not talkative and it quite obvious that she tries to isolate herself in the class
me that time was little bit naughty like to tease her (but she thoughts that everybody bullies her ^^)
and now she reveals that i was like to bully her 
ish! how dare you babe! is i am not kind huh? hehe 
was..she likes to bring he big sharpener and me was the one who very intriguing about that stuff hehe
and Adib (my babysitter's son) teraburkan hampas dalam box of the sharpener haha!
how funny to remember all these childhood moments 

We try to recall all of our classmates during our primary schools 
and i almost forgot all the boys except a few neither the girls
sorry, my RAM is not enough strong to store all of your face and name : )
but in case you all still remember me, congratulations and thanks dear.
yelah, i studied at Sk Abu Bakar Mentakab since standard 1 till early standard 4 
then moved to Sk Bandar Temerloh till standard 6
haha it still fresh in my mind that all the children of  staff of hospital need to moved to another school
just because the hospital mentakab will be shifted to a big and new one in Temerloh
yahoo! hahaha
and this things really make our headmaster pening kepala because he will be missing
a lot of bright students including me cewahahah
hey, that's the reality okay.

It is so happy to see you again friends di bumi Londang ni hahaha
so happy and funny to talk to you
and today we had made a bookmark and may be wrote in 
our diary of life 
coz we had talked and chit chat from one issue to another
couple...cinta...jodoh.. friends..politik..kangkung...etc 
almost 3 hours!
really pecah rekod beb
by the way i wish may our friendship will be last forever dear Beah (not the real name)

"Kita boleh buat club single forever tak mcam orang lain, nak couple2 then clash bagai tapi kita..
terus kahwin je silap haribulan takde couple triple ni hehehe" -

To those that have any relationship, it's not wrong to love him , but behave yourself, if it seems did  not give
you nothing or any benefit in doing so, better you move on. If  you really love him or her,
and don't want to clash or move on, it's ok but.. improve yourself from time to time
in becoming good husband or wife, learn the knowledge of marriage. 
Lastly, do pray for the best and let Allah do the rest.

thanks Allah for this awesome moment <3

Monday, 24 February 2014

Sobs.. nak nagis kat sini boleh?

Bismillah.. Assalamua'laikum and hello everybody
to the new visitors, a warm welcome to you : )

oh my day.. frankly speaking, too much things that beat around my head right now
i feel like
hohhhh aiyaaa!
Ya Allah! omaigod... please lend me your strength so that i can go through all these with ease
hidup pada zaman sekarang tak sama hidup pada zaman era dulu-dulu
zaman parents atuk nenek kita
well, masa tu mana hadoo teknologi canggih manggih macam sekarang ni
so they have no choice which have to read books books and books
their life are all the day with book
(correct me if i am wrong)
i mean, zaman mereka mana lah advanced compared to nowadays 
dengan ipad, tab, all sorts of gadgets you just say 
pap! all you can get at the pasaran

and no wonders, zaman sekarang tak seperti zaman dahulu
dimana tahap kestresan penduduk di Malaysia especially students (a point of view from a students like me)
semakin tinggi dan berada yang mungkin pada kiranya berada pada
tahap yang membimbangkan
i had read this matter in newspaper long time ago   
the whole big page the writer wrote about this issue and maybe 
we are realized or not regarding this things
seriously really scary.. 
yes i admit that living in this modern and globalization world have it pros and cons
as long as we are able to handle or manage rightly 
aku juga tidak pernah terlepas daripada diuji dengan rasa stress and tekanan
especially when talk about study
with the tough subjects, yeah i am just an ordinary students no more or less
that's it
and i am still waras to think which one should i do and other than that when stress come to me
yet, i am a normal person which have and full of emotions
sometimes i cannot bear with stress, and that moment i feel really want to give up
tak terdaya dah wehh, lantaklah and things like that
i bet you all pun begitu kan?
oh come on.. kita bukannya robot 
it's different letih otak dengan letih badan.
Look, as for me,when we tired in terms of brain, it is the tiredest okay!

yess it is no doubt that there is no short cut in attain success, we have to struggle
work hard and do it all out
insyaaAllah the success is ours 
what i'll do when i feel stress or tension is
i will whisper motivation words to myself ,smile and get rid all whatever negative thoughts
that for sure will affects our self

and haha it's funny sometimes i lost to maintain the positiveness 
lucky, i have mom to give and deliver the kata2 semangat to me
mana ade mak nak biarkan anknya lemah2 tak bsemangak ye ke idok? 
kalau ade maknye kena refer psychiatry ler gamoknye haha

well, just evening..i had skipped lectures and tutor class 
came back from the morning class at 1pm really made me dizzy
and make me down.. rasa arghh! macam mana aku nak catch up semua subject ni ??
Maths,Kimia,Sc computer and Biology bla bla bla
during the tutorial chemistry, ohmaigod the teacher asked all of us to stand up
and we can't sit as long as we didn't answer the question she gives.
i was like.. arghh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
luckily, i borrowed a novel and doesn't mind with it
but..i do really mind what am i going to answer quiz later on??? and the final exam????
oh the quizzes for all subjects!
bloody stupid of my head hahah
tulah siapa suruh masuk pertandigan itu ini..gejoloh! (greedy)
hey, suka hati akulah asalkan aku bahagia, which i really comfortable to do that things
because i am interested and passionate with the contest thingy

eh mau dah berjela-jela aku punya entry kali ni 
haha sorry peeps! thanks to whom yg sudi jejak kat sini
and sudi2lah click2 kat iklan kat header top ,kanan and bawah okaay,
jasamu hanya tuhan yg mampu balas,lastly please i beg your doa
pray for my success in this world and hereafter
semoga doa itu berbalik pada kalian semula amin...


Sunday, 23 February 2014

Hectic hectic.. but i love it babehhh!

Assalamualaikum, hello 
ah so miss to write something over here
well, when there is something or topic that i wanna share, 
at the same time also there will always have barrier here and there,
but hey! i love it
have you heard a saying like this 
"experience is a kind of things that you can't buy at everywhere"
mhehe tired is tired
of course!
by the way i've participated a competition...
ehem! its quite challenging 
look at the title also gives me a  challenge already.
catch out this short drama
my very first time of producing this :))))
basically, this thing is easy to be done because i have the concept and idea
and me also had prepared the script
and with a few actress this short video can be made successfully.
To make things clear, be confidence to do whatever you want to do
and do it all out or in malay say "buat dengan sepenuh hati"
ada paham? vahvahvah
lastly, enjoy and have fun doing what you all are doing !
love from bumi melaka : )

sawadikappp! we are tourist from thailand hahaha

Erna my roomate that awesome

the actress (not in the pic was hajar)

my roomate which the is the camera girl (pink scarf) for this  vdeo..
she was holding a box of orange and me were lucky to be her roomate hahaha

Friday, 14 February 2014

Kindly Special Entry just FOR YOU GIRL

Assalamua'alaikum and hello ^_____^

"HPV (human papillomavirus) is a sexually transmitted virus. It is passed on through genital contact (such as vaginal and anal sex). It is also passed on by skin-to-skin contact. At least 50% of people who have had sex will have HPV at some time in their lives. HPV is not a new virus. But many people don't know about it. Most people don't have any signs. HPV may go away on its own-- without causing any health problems."
credit to HPV
That's just the introduction
well, i bet that most of us had knew about this thing right
some might take it easy and some are not
but, for the best it is kindly suggested to take the injection
hoho ( please don't be scare to be injected) 
seriously, not painful at all
trust me.
Courage escpecially for teenagers out there
starting from 13y/o and above 
heyy! its free for school people as the government sponsor for the vaccine
For folks which not in the category have to buy herself for almost RM 200
grab this opportunity
PREVENTION is better than CURE 

Basically, it require to take 3 times of injection within 6 months 
Just like you have been bitten by the small ants
and personally, the ETT(kancing gigi) injection was the terrible injection i experienced
soooo painful,well not after the day of the injection 
but the day after that and onward
the difference was the number of injection
compulsory complete with 3 dose of injection
okay dear 
chill...relax..calm...and take a deep breathe
selawat and bismillah before you will be injected
all the beshhh !
p/s: alhamdulillah..mine was done with this kind of thing yeayy! a big thanks to mother and auntie Jue !
Public campaign awareness from cik moon haha
saya sudah anda bila lagi?

Monday, 10 February 2014

Speak of my HEART

Assalamua'alaikum and hello
uwaa i had a monday blues today
after had a super awesome holiday 
so today kind of blurr in the lecture and tutorial 
well, just this week perhaps to warm up myself
and adjust to normal routine again 
oh puhhhleasee i cant wait to end all of this
i want go and step into the unversity ASAP
so that i can get a better job 
to serve the community and my family 
yet all people all around me insyaa Allah
good deed intended.
Ya..i must be strong and patient to go through all these
hey! Allah is always be by your side
you sometimes lalai and leka from remembering Him indeed
oh my iman
well i wish especially to those the readers of this blog may be blessed and showered 
with His rahmat and love 
and may you all success in whatever field you involved in
as long as you keep trying and work for it


Saturday, 8 February 2014

My Midsem Summary that ohhsemm :')

Assalamua'alaikum and holla
well, it kind of sad to be back to college tomorrow
sobs :'(
but life must go on and not turning back
my <3 (mother) said that 
"you have to go back so that you can attain a degree"
wahh! so my 'semangat' accelerate after that

So,recently since i'm home for about a week 
there's always something i wanna do
always go here and there
of course i am the driver 

once i got home, on the day after that i visited 
the newborn of atiah's niece 
wahh !congratulations semek for being an 'auntie' at the age 12 
kalah kakak tauu

on the next day, i made a visit to hospital
visiting atiah's brother 
how pity he was which he have to been dialysis due to his kidney problem
he looks so pale and loss of appetite 
that's means Allah sayang dia kan..
ehh doesn't mean Allah tak sayang kamu, kamu dan kamu semua
tapi, bukankah ujianNya datang dalam pelbagai bentuk 
ada faham?
hopefully apik have a speedy recovery ok
pray him well being.

okay, next routine was being a 'driver' to my ma'am 
what i mean is i have to you the car to go to the bank and settle few things
so, i have to sent her to the hospital early morning
that's it

then i invited Nabiha and Afif the senget to the home
cook them for lunch
wahh i terror dah masuk uoolsss hehe
promote sikit
mana taknye Afif kasi 8/10 for the rating

then the next day again we mingling together to the star mall
we enjoyed the bowling
and of course i were not the winner wakakakaka
just fall on the 3rd out of 4
okay whattt hehe

on Thursday my mother drives herself to work
and also on friday
yeayy she took half day of work on that day
as i requested he to do so
well, i planned to meet my teacher so
that's it.. (can refer to the entry of A saved the date with her)

Last but not least, before i leave to malacca i went to my village
meet Qaseh,Haziq and others
she has grew lahhh! more naughty nowadays 
and hyperactive 

think thats all for now, gonna have a 'romantic dinner' with my <3 hehehe

Friday, 7 February 2014

A saved the date with HER

Assalamua'alaikum and hello you all !
how you hve been doing??
hope everything's gonna be fine

Well actually i really miss someone
i really have no idea whyyy
hum.. maybe this person has sacrificed a lot for me
even this person really and truly don't have any relationship with me
since i'm home, i keep remembering of this person
until today that we met
having some eating in a star mall
we did story mory, talking etc 
almost 2 years we had not meet
it still fresh in my mind that this person cooks for me,
this person took care of me when my mom is not around,
like she's my second mom after my biological mother hihi
and coincidentally me were sick terribly hoho
yeahh what i can say is this person was so patient with me
this person serves me as her own daughter
provides all my need when i were with her
she's definitely one in a million
she is a responsible person
never take something for a granted
she is dedicated to her work and duty
a loving mother to 3kids
a smart person yet diligent 

just now we met released my belonging to this person

who is she?

guest  it

she is...


ex-class teacher Rohana Hussain ! : ')

cikgu, terima kasih sudi meluangkan masa dengan saya pada hari ni..
walaupun cikgu ada 'date' nak naik motor besar dengan cikgu Sazali,
tapi ckgu tetap luangkan masa utk sya..
Thanks for everything cikgu, segala pengorbanan cikgu tak mampu
saya balas, hanya Dia yang dapat balas.
Semoga ckgu dalam redha & rahmatNya..
Sayang cikgu! hehe

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Super Special Thank You!

Assalamua'alaikum and halluu semua!

Hari ini merupakan pertemuan semula kami 
setelah setahun membuat haluan masing-masing
yelah, sorang ke timur, sorang ke barat, sorang lagi ke tenggara
tapi syukur..dengan izin dan rahmatNya 
dapat kami bertemu kembali pada hari ini
sebenarnya, akulah yang paling senior dalam kalangan mereka
senior yang diapit oleh dua junior
alah..cuma beza setahun je pun
tak ketara mana ehh
tapi, apa yang ingin aku tekankan disini adalah...
hum.. persahabatan kami :')
biar dimana kami berada, biar jarak memisahkan kami,
namun,kami masih dan tetap berhubung 
well, sekarang ni kan zaman 'langit terbuka'
internet kan ada, handphone bagai 
skype lagi, wechat whazzup apa semua tu
terima kasih tak terhingga buat creators bendalah tersebut 
you guys are awesome!
bak kata orang, yang jauh menjadi dekat yang dekat bertambah erat
kalau nak diceritakan memang cecah lantai la berjela nak cerita
maybe in the next upcoming entry okay dear readers!

they all are like my sis and brother
yeahh i dont have any siblings 
but Allah sends them to be my brother and sister right
remember, His plan is better and the best from our plan
that's the medium..

frankly speaking and writing, i am happy to see them again
i am happy to chat and laugh with them

What i really really and really hope is
that our friendship will last forever ever and ever
insyaa Allah kakak sayang kamu semua kerana Allah ta'ala :')


Keep Calm and Don't worry lah!

Assalamua'laikum and hello everybody!
hey, just i am intriguing and exciting to 
share something insyaa Allah will benefit not only to me 
but you all as the reader as well.
okay, but before i summarize that kind of things 
please do watch this video by click at this below blue link alright
forward it to the 15th minutes the conversation scene of
Tengku Adam Kamil with an ustaz (a man that teach religion)

Really you click that link? (with raised eyebrow) hehe

okay, i just want to stress that part 
which T.Adam was so frustrated of being lost getting the love of Ariana
he also regrets of his before attitude which is so terrible and horrible
and now he has been the new of T.Adam
and like he is in misery to get back Ariana Rose
the most very stunning woman that had steal his heart
but...how very surprise and sad to know that that beautiful Rose
had engaged with someone 
oh! broken-hearted right if i am in T.Adam's shoe
and the most that attract me was what the ustaz says to T.Adam

"Seawal air mani berada dalam rahim lagi,segala-galanya
telah ditetapkan..Berapa umur kita,berapa banyak rezeki kita,berapa anak kita,
dah ditetapkan oleh Allah ta'ala.Tapi Dia bagi kita peluang jalan mana yang kita nak pilih"

Adam replies "Jadi ustaz jodoh saya pun telah ditetapkan?"

"Betul Tengku..segala telah ditetapkan oleh Allah ta'ala.Semuanya telah
tertulis di luh mahfuz. Jodoh,ajal maut, rezeki dah ditetapkan dah tertulis segala-galanya"

"So macam mana saya nak tahu jodoh saya dengan siapa?

"Jodoh itu rahsia Allah Tengku..Semua orang tak tahu siapa jodoh dia.
Kalau Tengku nak tahu,Tengku kena tanya Dia mohon petunjuk daripada Allah ta'ala."

So, what is so significant this script to me is about
the qada' and qadar that had been fixed from the very beginning of we 
be in our womb 
regarding of our destiny, sustenance or fortune, death and life
all were already prescribed by Allah the most almighty creator 
there's must be the best reason from Him to set our destiny like this and that
so, it is on us to accept it sincerely with redha..

you know, this such kind of sentences had always made me myself
felt relieved and calm
and 'everything's going be fine' always pop into the mind
so, dont so panic and worry about our 'jodoh' or destiny or 'takdir'
because He always has a better plan than we do okay (smile)

have a nice day !

Is Rose is be destined for T.Adam? catch up till the end of the series 

Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Clone of Ebby Yus (Part 2)

Assalamua'laikum and holla
i know i owe something
it's the part 2 of The Clone of Ebby Yus 
hahaha :D
okay, i said that i had asked for a special request to him right
so, yeah i've made it
and he was okay with it
so, i asked Nadia to join along
well, as i guest he brought along his loyal friend as well as roomate
they taught me and nadia maths
good,bravo,wow,impressive etc
they were understanding when i understand of what have been taught or not
it's my face expression!!!
its the normal of me when someone explaining, there will be wrinkle at my forehead 
and i will nod to show that i got the point
when i dont get it, it's automatically my face turn blurr and be like a errrrrrrr
so, hahah they noticed that
then, a day before midsem examination 
again i asked him to teach chemistry 
but straight to the point, the session that i go through was not
kind smooth like before, 
no idea 
and at the moment, there was a girl came to the table 
thought was my faci's girlfriend
seems like so close and something special

hopefully his gf not get me wrong
or misunderstanding of me
i'm just want to focus on my study
not her bf
hope everything will go with ease
insyaa Allah
okay, just looking forward of the next meeting 


ebby yus with the light pink baju melayu (3rd from left)

She is my 'adik'

Assalamua'laikum and hello
good morning!!!

ahh currently enjoying and feel the moment of being home
it's very true that 
I can drive
i can cook
i can meet my 'adik jiran'
who else if not Atiah aka semek
well, yesterday i took her home
and yes she slept over my house
and just now i sent her home
because her older sister wanna go back to sarawak
we enjoyed the breakfast before i sent her home
we went to Pekan Sehari (place like market)
bought sate,nasi lemak,pulut panggang
hmm slurrpp
one thing when this lil girl come to my house
is she likes don't want go back
like yeah her mum asked to be at home at 10am
because her sis will be leave to Sarawak 
so its appropriate to meet her to say goodbye
if not, till evening she will be at my home
nowadays its quite hard to meet her 
you know, i'm just busy with college and were not around
so definitely she'll not come to house
she need to be taken 
so, i take this opportunity to meet my sweet honey adik hehe
oh! how time flies..
she's already 12y/o and is going to sit for UPSR 
when i met her, she was just a small kiddo about 3y/o something
and me were 11y/o 
and now we grew up ^.^
still never be apart..means i'll make sure to spend some valuable moment with her
when i were home

i wish our relationship,friendship or whatever '-ship'
will last forever 
okay my 'adik jiran'


Saturday, 1 February 2014

It's Marathon but no running

Assalamualaikum! hello....

for your information
i am staying up right now 
it just 3.24am 
people are sleeping 
eager to know what i'm doing by this time?
i ammm watching ...

Ariana Rose 
The Wedding Breaker

just started watched it yesterday night
(you know, i don't have time to do this kind of thing in college)
and now is going to watched for the episode of 13
yes, it's a marathon 
well, it is a drama series adapted a well known published novel if not mistaken
by Evelyn Rose
what i can say, i never knew about the novel
but i knew the drama
which on aired on every monday to thursday at tv3 for the Akasia slot
from 7 to 8pm 
and thought this coming weekdays is going to be the last week for that drama
so i can have a 'heaven moment' to catch up the ending
yabedabedduu ^.^
okay..chill..relax..take a deep breathe 

what is Ariana Rose all about?
well, its basically about a beautiful lady namely Ariana Rose Bt Hussein that has crashed 
on Tengku Adam Kamil's wedding
just to help her BFF, Tengku Juwita ruining the wedding 
because she knew that Adam is actually not the best man for T.Juwita
as he is also a player
which was not serious with any women he met
so,as for Rose she thinks that T.Juwita deserves better than that 'player'
so, the plan was succeed and the wedding canceled
both of the family faced the shame 
you know, Rose was willing to help so much like that because she feels 
that T.Juwita has sacrificed a lot to safe her life 
there was once she nearly went fatal  because of been snatched theft 
luckily T.Juwita be overthere right the moment and saves her
so it's something like 
"hutang budi dibalas budi hutang nyawa dibawa mati"
means the meaning of sacrifice of life can't be simply be forgotten like that
hence it's the time for Rose to help T.Juwita .
think until here only, will continue later on
stay tuned!