Tuesday, 25 February 2014

When We Met each other ...

Assalamua'laikum and hello

wahh hahaha XD
okay cut the crap.
She was actually my old friend since our primary school at Mentakab 
truly we were not so close just a so-so friend something like that.
She was a weird type to me that time (10 years ago punye story ngeee)
well she was not like other friends who loves to talk or chit chat and laughing 
she was a bit introvert, not talkative and it quite obvious that she tries to isolate herself in the class
me that time was little bit naughty like to tease her (but she thoughts that everybody bullies her ^^)
and now she reveals that i was like to bully her 
ish! how dare you babe! is i am not kind huh? hehe 
was..she likes to bring he big sharpener and me was the one who very intriguing about that stuff hehe
and Adib (my babysitter's son) teraburkan hampas dalam box of the sharpener haha!
how funny to remember all these childhood moments 

We try to recall all of our classmates during our primary schools 
and i almost forgot all the boys except a few neither the girls
sorry, my RAM is not enough strong to store all of your face and name : )
but in case you all still remember me, congratulations and thanks dear.
yelah, i studied at Sk Abu Bakar Mentakab since standard 1 till early standard 4 
then moved to Sk Bandar Temerloh till standard 6
haha it still fresh in my mind that all the children of  staff of hospital need to moved to another school
just because the hospital mentakab will be shifted to a big and new one in Temerloh
yahoo! hahaha
and this things really make our headmaster pening kepala because he will be missing
a lot of bright students including me cewahahah
hey, that's the reality okay.

It is so happy to see you again friends di bumi Londang ni hahaha
so happy and funny to talk to you
and today we had made a bookmark and may be wrote in 
our diary of life 
coz we had talked and chit chat from one issue to another
couple...cinta...jodoh.. friends..politik..kangkung...etc 
almost 3 hours!
really pecah rekod beb
by the way i wish may our friendship will be last forever dear Beah (not the real name)

"Kita boleh buat club single forever tak mcam orang lain, nak couple2 then clash bagai tapi kita..
terus kahwin je silap haribulan takde couple triple ni hehehe" -

To those that have any relationship, it's not wrong to love him , but behave yourself, if it seems did  not give
you nothing or any benefit in doing so, better you move on. If  you really love him or her,
and don't want to clash or move on, it's ok but.. improve yourself from time to time
in becoming good husband or wife, learn the knowledge of marriage. 
Lastly, do pray for the best and let Allah do the rest.

thanks Allah for this awesome moment <3