Sunday, 2 February 2014

She is my 'adik'

Assalamua'laikum and hello
good morning!!!

ahh currently enjoying and feel the moment of being home
it's very true that 
I can drive
i can cook
i can meet my 'adik jiran'
who else if not Atiah aka semek
well, yesterday i took her home
and yes she slept over my house
and just now i sent her home
because her older sister wanna go back to sarawak
we enjoyed the breakfast before i sent her home
we went to Pekan Sehari (place like market)
bought sate,nasi lemak,pulut panggang
hmm slurrpp
one thing when this lil girl come to my house
is she likes don't want go back
like yeah her mum asked to be at home at 10am
because her sis will be leave to Sarawak 
so its appropriate to meet her to say goodbye
if not, till evening she will be at my home
nowadays its quite hard to meet her 
you know, i'm just busy with college and were not around
so definitely she'll not come to house
she need to be taken 
so, i take this opportunity to meet my sweet honey adik hehe
oh! how time flies..
she's already 12y/o and is going to sit for UPSR 
when i met her, she was just a small kiddo about 3y/o something
and me were 11y/o 
and now we grew up ^.^
still never be apart..means i'll make sure to spend some valuable moment with her
when i were home

i wish our relationship,friendship or whatever '-ship'
will last forever 
okay my 'adik jiran'