Saturday, 1 February 2014

It's Marathon but no running

Assalamualaikum! hello....

for your information
i am staying up right now 
it just 3.24am 
people are sleeping 
eager to know what i'm doing by this time?
i ammm watching ...

Ariana Rose 
The Wedding Breaker

just started watched it yesterday night
(you know, i don't have time to do this kind of thing in college)
and now is going to watched for the episode of 13
yes, it's a marathon 
well, it is a drama series adapted a well known published novel if not mistaken
by Evelyn Rose
what i can say, i never knew about the novel
but i knew the drama
which on aired on every monday to thursday at tv3 for the Akasia slot
from 7 to 8pm 
and thought this coming weekdays is going to be the last week for that drama
so i can have a 'heaven moment' to catch up the ending
yabedabedduu ^.^
okay..chill..relax..take a deep breathe 

what is Ariana Rose all about?
well, its basically about a beautiful lady namely Ariana Rose Bt Hussein that has crashed 
on Tengku Adam Kamil's wedding
just to help her BFF, Tengku Juwita ruining the wedding 
because she knew that Adam is actually not the best man for T.Juwita
as he is also a player
which was not serious with any women he met
so,as for Rose she thinks that T.Juwita deserves better than that 'player'
so, the plan was succeed and the wedding canceled
both of the family faced the shame 
you know, Rose was willing to help so much like that because she feels 
that T.Juwita has sacrificed a lot to safe her life 
there was once she nearly went fatal  because of been snatched theft 
luckily T.Juwita be overthere right the moment and saves her
so it's something like 
"hutang budi dibalas budi hutang nyawa dibawa mati"
means the meaning of sacrifice of life can't be simply be forgotten like that
hence it's the time for Rose to help T.Juwita .
think until here only, will continue later on
stay tuned!