Saturday, 8 February 2014

My Midsem Summary that ohhsemm :')

Assalamua'alaikum and holla
well, it kind of sad to be back to college tomorrow
sobs :'(
but life must go on and not turning back
my <3 (mother) said that 
"you have to go back so that you can attain a degree"
wahh! so my 'semangat' accelerate after that

So,recently since i'm home for about a week 
there's always something i wanna do
always go here and there
of course i am the driver 

once i got home, on the day after that i visited 
the newborn of atiah's niece 
wahh !congratulations semek for being an 'auntie' at the age 12 
kalah kakak tauu

on the next day, i made a visit to hospital
visiting atiah's brother 
how pity he was which he have to been dialysis due to his kidney problem
he looks so pale and loss of appetite 
that's means Allah sayang dia kan..
ehh doesn't mean Allah tak sayang kamu, kamu dan kamu semua
tapi, bukankah ujianNya datang dalam pelbagai bentuk 
ada faham?
hopefully apik have a speedy recovery ok
pray him well being.

okay, next routine was being a 'driver' to my ma'am 
what i mean is i have to you the car to go to the bank and settle few things
so, i have to sent her to the hospital early morning
that's it

then i invited Nabiha and Afif the senget to the home
cook them for lunch
wahh i terror dah masuk uoolsss hehe
promote sikit
mana taknye Afif kasi 8/10 for the rating

then the next day again we mingling together to the star mall
we enjoyed the bowling
and of course i were not the winner wakakakaka
just fall on the 3rd out of 4
okay whattt hehe

on Thursday my mother drives herself to work
and also on friday
yeayy she took half day of work on that day
as i requested he to do so
well, i planned to meet my teacher so
that's it.. (can refer to the entry of A saved the date with her)

Last but not least, before i leave to malacca i went to my village
meet Qaseh,Haziq and others
she has grew lahhh! more naughty nowadays 
and hyperactive 

think thats all for now, gonna have a 'romantic dinner' with my <3 hehehe