Sunday, 23 February 2014

Hectic hectic.. but i love it babehhh!

Assalamualaikum, hello 
ah so miss to write something over here
well, when there is something or topic that i wanna share, 
at the same time also there will always have barrier here and there,
but hey! i love it
have you heard a saying like this 
"experience is a kind of things that you can't buy at everywhere"
mhehe tired is tired
of course!
by the way i've participated a competition...
ehem! its quite challenging 
look at the title also gives me a  challenge already.
catch out this short drama
my very first time of producing this :))))
basically, this thing is easy to be done because i have the concept and idea
and me also had prepared the script
and with a few actress this short video can be made successfully.
To make things clear, be confidence to do whatever you want to do
and do it all out or in malay say "buat dengan sepenuh hati"
ada paham? vahvahvah
lastly, enjoy and have fun doing what you all are doing !
love from bumi melaka : )

sawadikappp! we are tourist from thailand hahaha

Erna my roomate that awesome

the actress (not in the pic was hajar)

my roomate which the is the camera girl (pink scarf) for this  vdeo..
she was holding a box of orange and me were lucky to be her roomate hahaha