Thursday, 30 January 2014

The clone of Ebby Yus (Part 1)

Assalamua'laikum and hello

Warning: a long entry which will drag you to the middle of sea perhaps

erm... without beating around the bush,
let me just make it easy and simple
About Him
is about a human being which is definitely a guy
who actually be my facilitator 
yeah he's very good in academic
if not, he would not simply appointed as a faci right

bukan sembarangan pihak organisasi jawatankuasa perwakilan pelajar(jpp) pilih
i thought and analysed it
seriously, who have been selected were fall into 'excel person'
that obtained the A solid for each subject
so, no wonder ;)

okay, i was totally had no idea what on earth this PASS (peer assisted study) is
until i made the first meeting with him
basically,supposedly there must be 5folks per group including him
to make the story, me was the one and only that came on that day
oh maiiiii

nervous, plus i even don't know who is it
luckily, the session was going well and smoothly

he even brought his roomate which i thought that the guy who sat next to him 
was one of the member of the group
"asal pandai sangat mamak ni ??"
eh, mamat ...which very good in explaining from A to Z about maths and chemistry
terkesima jap

know what, since i step in the college, i've never ever met malay guys that really good in 
(maybe there were a lot but i didn't know and befriend with em )

yelah, entah dari celah mana datang, muka macam scary je
memang takk la i nak open the conversation
but, what i can say about this faci is he is okay
in terms of explaining, teaching etc

rasa semangat membara bangkit dalam diri 
ingin berjuang habis-habisan gituu

(sorry, malam ni kasi rojak sebab lama x mkn rojak ^^)

sampaikan selalu ckp "ishhh bilalah the next meeting PASS ni "
ehhh! don't get me wrong hokayy
don't worry he's no soo good looking
biasa ajoo
ala2 Ebby yus in the karoot komedia 

the one with blue shirt (frm my imagination) 

so, by the 2nd metting or discussion with this clone of ebby yus, finnaly i've got a new friend
also from the same state as me
a girl
oh! before i went to the venue of discussion, i was so determined to have his number
again, don't get me wrong
senanglah nak contact if ada apa2 nak minta tolong
well, fyi...among the friends that i've knew tak kisahlah yang too excel or just in the moderate class
basically they are likely pandai untuk diri sendiri
yeah i don't blame them for not able to teach me until the last breathe
hoho melampau tuu 'last breathe'
means, it just can be counted those can teach me or person that i can rely on

It was not the same as lecturers as with them they are older than us, so kena ada respect, nak gurau 
bercanda pun kena ada limit-nye
but, with people same age with us, it's more free, comfortable 
not saying that lecturers are all strict, dont know how to be funny and joking 
can you get me?

after the second 'dating' nope the meeting.. i've made a special request later on
wanna know what happened ?
catch up on next entry 

If you notice...

Assalamua'laikum...heyylo everybody :)
how are you doing?
i bet that most of us must be on leave or are on holiday mode
since the Chinese New Year (CNY) is really very around the corner
for your information, this year was the year of horse
which portray the significance of strength and gold (kekayaan)
just for some extra info okay!

well, right now i just can describe my feeling like 
"oh!! there's no best place called home"
mehehehe.. (i'm home for 11days yeayy!)
thought can't put into words that feeling
so, just buat faham2 je okay

alright, don't you noticed something to this blog?
uhuk uhuk.. 
guest guest guest!
it's sooo obvious okay,
ahaa! the blog theme have been changed :)))
from red---->blue + sparks of stars
i love it..aha aha i like it 
basically, it was like the new theme sempena new year 
give the new breathe, more benefit writings
the improved contents insyaa Allah
although sometimes so nonsense (merepek)
well, at least i'm trying my best to work it out right???

Oh i owe something which i promise to write about him right
of course i remember ^.^
ermm, stay tuned!

#kan cuti.. bolehlah sambung merepek-rapu di sini.. sabaq naa 

A not longer secret anymore

Assalamua'laikum and hello hello hello!
errr haaahhfuuuhhhh!!!
well, i have a not so longer secret anymore to tell you guys
okay2 i just want to say that since last sunday till yesterday(tuesday)
i've never turned on my laptop
amazing right??
the best part now is the beginning of midsem break 
soooo enjoy
yet behave the self hehe
may Allah bless all these readers :)

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

From me to You with LOVE

Assalamua'laikum..hello everyone!
nothing much on this entry 
but enjoy these motivational sayings or quotes
hope you all feel excited and happy to do whatever you do
from the bottom of your heart
take care

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Oh.. Pray for me okay :)

Assaalamu'alaikum and hello
how should i tell this
to make simple and concise, i just wanna finnish all this
and get away far far from all this
yes.. if it is my luck to go away far from this
i will
just want to experience the difference
feel the new of the environment 
oh time
that flies fast...
please do fly some more fast than this
i hope really hope..
especially who read this, 
please....pray for my success 
and i'll promise i'll work hard and work smart
insya Allah what you pray for me will return back to yourself 
sooner or later
take care 

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Cintaku padaMu

Assalamua'laikum dan salam muhibah
semoga para pembaca yang sudi singgah di blog yang tak seberapa ini
a very warm welcome i wish to you
well, sebelum my short term memory get lost
biar diluahkan terlebih dahulu di entri ini
moga dapat manfaatnya
ehem.. alkisahnya (cece macam baca kisah sejarah dulu2)
baru sebentar tadi balik daripada surau Ibadurrahman
which is located in my college
apa yang sangat special sangat pada malam ni adalah adanya 1 program yang cukup hebat
It was Dikir Zikir :)
sesiapa yang peminat setia Tv Al-Hijrah channel 114 di astro tu haa.. pasti tahu punya
memang baik punya!
Member of NTP(nadi tarbiyyah pelajar) yang organized semua ni
memang bagus perjalanan Dikir Zikir tadi.. crew2-nya siap guna walkie talkie tu hehe
bagi memastikan kelancaran program ni
aku dengan rasa penuh keterujaan atau excited duduk kat saf depan nuhh
sebelah dengan cik Sabarina yang selama ni aku pergi & balik dengan dia

Ya Allah... betapa sungguh syahdunya alunan zikir-zikir
selawat ke atas baginda S.A.W
sungguh menginsafkan diri hamba yang kerdil lagi hina ini
guest what tetiba crew2 tutup lampu and ustaz Asri masuk berkata2 dengan penuh menyentuh perasaan
hati dan sanubari
tutup mata, letakkan tangan di dada
andainya Rasulullah masih ada, pasti baginda gembira melihat ummatnya menghadiri majlis seperti ini
berselawat keatas baginda memuhi baginda
tanda kasih dan cinta kepada baginda S.A.W
Allah.. tak mampu lagiku bendung perasaan ini
lantas berjurai-jurai air jernih terbit dari kelopak mata
tenangnya hati ketika itu seumpama hanya bicaraku dan Dia
semua jemaah khusyuk dengan kata2 yang sememangnya bisa menyentuh itu
sudah pasti bagi siapa hatinya mudah tersentuh, air mata pasti deras mengalir
tersedu-sedan menangis teresak-esak
memohon doa ..apa sahaja yg dihajati kupohon padaNya..

sekalung ucapan tahniah dan syabas buat crew2 and NTP yg menjayakan program yang
cukup memberi manfaat.. i'm looking forward for the next Dikir Zikir okay!
love, xoxo

#selawat & salam ke atas junjugan baginda Nabi Muhammad S.A.W
Allahumma Solli ala Muhammad..

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Sweet Written Destiny

Assalamua'laikum and hello peeps!
frankly speaking that now i'm writing this entry not from my beloved lappy 
hehe shhhh
i just excited to share something interesting
alright, yesterday was public holiday 
in conjunction with Hari Keputeraan NAbi Muhammad S.A.W (PBUH)
so, i just stayed in the room doing some works
then, while doing blog walking i enjoyed the blogs which told about the life as immigrant 
the marriage of malay and foreigner..aww so fantastic
and then they share their life story in the blog living in peoples' country
a malay who marries a mat salleh (white people) from USA,Australia etc
then blessed with so cute and lovely daughter and son
ohoiiii hahahaha
i mean how impressive their love which both really do sacrifice for their happiness 
a happy familia.

and of course their kids were so cute
mixed half from dad(mat salleh) and other half from mom(pan asia)
well it was their destiny to met and live together 
but one neither mother nor father have to tolerance to live at the country they agreed
for instant, Australia or Malaysia even the vocal end with same sound haha XD
if my soulmate is a foreigner.. indeed i'll feel 'serba salah' whether 
to live in my home country or his country
but that thing we can discuss nice and wisely 
Islam also encourage the people to find future husband or wife from distance relationship
to increase the variation and increase the ummah of PBUH Nabi Muhammad S.A.W
if it is the destiny written by god why not right?
whatever is, hope everyone are happy with their own partner 

Ning Baizura & Omar

wedding of Serena & Gavin

p/s: thanks to computer lab XD

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The short of life

Assalamua'alaikum and hello..
okay, seperti tajuk entri diatas, 
atau dalam bahasa omputeh "life is too short to hate anyone"
lebih kurang macam tulah 
got it?
(malam ni kasi rojak sikit bahasa hehe)
alright, apa maksudnya ?
maksudnya disini, tak ada gunanya jika hidup kita ini penuh dengan kebencian dan dendam
malah perkara sebegini akan menyeksa jiwa dan raga tau
betul! tak tipu 
"engkau cakap bolehlah sbab kau tak rasa"
ye..faham benar anda je yang rasa semua itu
dan ketahuilah bahawasanya anda merupakan orang yang paling disayangi Allah
haa kenapa?
sebab Dia ingin lihat sejauh mana tahap kesabaran anda
sesungguhnya Allah saaangat sayang terhadap hambaNya yang sabar 
haa takkan tak nak kot cinta yang Maha Pencipta
Ujian datang dalam pelbagai bentuk untuk setiap daripada kita
dan pastinya Dia takkan menguji sesuatu melebihi daripada kemampuan kita
that's what me be strong all this while
even masa kita diuji, kita rasa "kenapa berat ujian ni utk aku? knp aku? aku tak mampu!"
so, jangan terlalu ikut emosi sangat okay
nanti boleh consume ubat psy pula lepas ni sbab wire sudah longgar
hehe.. dan jangan disebabkan ujian hubungan kita dengan Allah jadi tak berapa molek (x berapa bagus)
maknanya kita asyik salahkan Dia yang terus menerus uji kita
asyik kita bukan dia
mana aci?! 
jawapannya kat India haha (just joke)
senang je.. why not you follow some tips here

1. take a deep breathe and exhale it out 
2.repeat the 1st step and then say "Allah kan ada..:)"

i found it at the surau a few days ago.. and hopefully sedikit sebanyak membantu
mententeramkan hati yang sedang gelisah gundah gulana dan seangkatan dgnnya..
and talking about hating, walaupun perit mana hati ni sakit dek kerana 
sesuatu benda atau perkara yang susah untuk dibuang dan dimaafkan
cubalah untuk belajar memaafkan 
mungkin dengan memaafkan akan membuatkan your heart and feeling better 
semakin pendam semakin parah
nanti bernanah haa baru la nak menyesal tak ke sudah
look,cuba perhatikan and amati keadaan di sekeliling kita
tengok kalendar, masa, hari ni berapa haribulan
tak terdetik ke di hati "eh cepatnya la masa berlalu!"
"eh! dah pkul 12!"
eh eh eh.. banyak ye cekadak dia kan
jadi, disini betapa jelasnya bahawa 
untuk membenci ,marah,mencaci dan sebagainya.
Allah dan nabi benci pada orang yang memutuskan tali silaturahim 
katanya rezeki pun susah nak masuk 
so,please do have a good relationship with people around us
semoga diri yang menulis ini mendapat hidayah dan pedoman dengan apa yang disampaikan
semoga bermanfaat 
salam maulidur rasul peep$! 
Allahumma solli ala muhammad


Sunday, 12 January 2014

WE never knew until we figure it out

Assalamua'laikum and hello peeps!

okay, well this morning around 10am to 12pm
i went for a program called Peer Assisted Study (PASS)
very special program just for special person
ihiks XD
it was  a group study which we will lead by a facilitator 
mine was absolutely didn't know where on earth he is
but later on i made friends with the guy
he was brilliant, excellent and awesome
so far.
actually there were suppose another 4 person in the group
perhaps they don't know about this thing 
so, just me was there
thought that the boy sat next to my facilitator was also one of the member
but was his friend
i have taught by two person at the same time
hehe (don't be so happy lah!)
frankly speaking, i like both of them teach me
very understand
and they are very qualified to be the facilitator 
we discussed maths and chemistry
after i had my lunch, i called my mom
told about it
mom teased me "is he handsome? if it so, then the more you catch up! hehe"
what the ... 
and honestly, he is not so good looking but he can actually fall in the moderate good looking one
meoow ~
well, i dont know what is going happen in the next episode of this PASS
hopefully will undergo smoothly 
in shaa Allah
coz he said that we will have 10 more meeting ahead 
ok bye.

don't worry..his face is not like this haha  XD

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Special Electronic Letter for you Mom

Bismillah, Assalamua'laikum and hello

Dear mom,
                  I wrote this electronic message while you were sleeping tightly. Hope you enjoy and happy reading of this 'modern letter message' I very hope that you are in the pink of health! And ya me too..i'm fine overhere so don't worry about me ok!

                 Well, actually the purpose i write this letter just to say something..err something very important
seriously... like very very important that i think can't be said until tomorrow or day after tomorrow.
No joking. This must be said right now by hook or by crook. No choice.

                   But before that, i wanna thanked erm.. a gazillion thanks  actually because of your love that you gave and make it grow more and more day after day until i grew up be a big girl in fact im not so big sized person. hehe.. 
                    There were nothing to compare with the love that you gave since i was born until this 2014.
You had sacrificed a lot, your unconditional love make my love for you stronger.You are my best friend forever and ever. May Allah showers His blessing onto you each and everyday in shaa Allah

I love YOU mom (umi)

Selamat Hari Lahir!
Happy Birthday!
Shēngrì kuàilè!
Alles Gute Zum Gerburtstag !

hehe just wanna suspend you
treat me this moist choc when i back home pleaseeee XD


so till then for now, time for bed now coz tomorrow i have lecture 
no matter how many times i say i do love you
but still you never knew how much i love you..

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

You should learn Biology!

Assalamua'laikum and heeelooo!
yuhuu! im here tonight~
to share something 
so enjoy
alright it is about my biology lecturer
H for hahhaha XD
i just wanna share with the readers that he is so sporting,
likes to story about biology and relate all sort of biology things 
with our life
you know, me and some other friend have to make a discussion which
we have to see him on every Tuesday
just to enhance our biology performance 
at first, i felt uhh!!! 
what was my 'luck' to do that 
so lazy..... 
and blah blah bla
but honestly, the first time he entered my class for this semester
after i had listened to his lessons
i can bet that it was so awesome so far
and you will never regret to have him as the lecturer of biology
he is a story teller to me
now on i feel that i can follow the 'life related' subject
today was the 2nd my discussion with him
then had ABC with le friend athirah the fatty 
wait, last week i asked whether "makhluk halus" have vein ? hehe

Sunday, 5 January 2014

You and me are STRONG

Assalamua'laikum and guten tag! 
today i just wanna express my feeling
of what i feel right now
you know that human have irregular emotions 
so am i 


well, it is not easy actually being as an teenager 
seriously! it requires to be smart of making decision wisely and if you 
make wrong choice, face the music.
At positive perspective,i can see that from this thing will make or produce me as a matured teenager.
A lot of things i worrying about
the studies, am i too strong to face the obstacles during seeking knowledge?
the future,what will i be 5 years later
doctor?lawyer?business woman? executive?
ya i knew that all of this are my choice but
i strongly believe of the Qada' and Qadar Allah
i just must keep struggle and work hard
because the 'rezeki' are from Him the most gracious and merciful.
so,don't worry okay!
keep calm and move on :)


Sometimes i just felt that people around me are not love me anymore, they 
were no longer care of me. Hey! it just only you feeling, nothing much
be positive, perhaps they are busy with their hectic schedule and so on
maybe after this they will find and seek you at the moment of they are having problems 
which need your helps and ideas. Well, that's typical in this life right
people get forget easily. Besides, i feel so envy of people around me 
that have lovely and so awesome relatives.
me never ever feel that kind of things.seriously, i mean having fun
and have a good relationship with relatives, having aunties, uncles, cousins and bla blah
however, i still grateful of what i have and feel now bcoz i knew 
Allah will never testing me of something that i can't bear
and i knew that He have reasonable reasons of this kind of matter
even me had never experienced that, He send me another kind 
of happiness which indeed i really grateful for
i still have my mom and dad :)
and oh ya! haha talking about love, i still questioning of
how my love partner's face? hehe
how much the difference of our age
what are his characteristics 
who is he?
will figure out XD

okay, here are the tips if you have madly in love with someone
in a talk, there have said that if you are in love, it is better to break the
relationship as if you think there are more and lot of nonsense instead of goodness
however, if you think you can have it control, doesn't wrong keep
on the relationship BUT make some changes in it
for instant, reduce the communication between you and him means, 
do less calling each other or hanging on the phone saying nothing
and you and him together make change okay
good change
behave yourself
discuss nicely and slow talk
if you are really serious of the relationship, very sure he is the one
then, carry on and discuss with parents of both sides
but, for the time being like me and maybe some of you same age as me
better focus on study first alright XD

3. Sick

Sick of what? 
i'm sick of all these!
nooo im fine, my body is healthy alhamdulillah
but in other words, i'm sick of being like this
being lazy, being play-play
being bla blah
hello Munirah!! wake up!
don't keep dreaming
even there is one saying that dreaming is the 1st step to success
ya i do agree with it
but to make it happened, you need to wake up
and struggle, nothing will come by itself
you have to chase them
you must be hardworking
not just by doing nothing
please! stand still
don't give up
please honey
i can do it!
prove to them
you can do it!!!!!!!

Saturday, 4 January 2014

The unexpected Day

Assalamua'laikum and heyloo !
how are guys?
well, today i went to Johor Matriculation College
which was in Tangkak
just for the Carnival of Science and Innovation held by the college
mine is going to conduct on February in shaa Allah
so, it was actually a last minute announcement about this 
but my pleasure to have this chance 
to go and have fun yet feel the precious moment of the activity
and the best part was about the special guest 
that was Mejar Dr.Faiz Khaleed !!!

a very educated person and friendly
me insist to snap photo with him 
and i was telling my friend Wada that 
"we're not going  to let him go until he snap pic with us ok! hheehe"
yup..we waited him at the front of the main entrance 
wow the crowded ruin the plan little bit
however still we succeed! hehhe alhamdulillah
just for 'kenang-kenagan'
then, met my Kak Gee (my mom's cousin)
she still the same like this before, nothing change
what the pic! haha candid zzzzz

Frankly speaking im happy to see her !
okay bye!

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Very Special Entry if you Read

Assalamua'laikum and hello everybody!
 Say hello to 2014!!! 

Well, there were a lot bittersweet throughout the year of 2013
that's typical as a human being living in this world
must be happy and sad
but happy happy also..
please do remember that we are getting older and older
the number of our age will be up to 1
if me was 18 in 2013 then i'll be turned up to 19 the next year
and know what?
we are closer to death
(not intend to scare you all)
however, there was a verse in Quran said that
every living things will die someday
so, i remembering myself especially 
to enhance my good deeds
my behavior or attitudes 
or perhaps to reach my goal 
you know, move on to another better life
instead keep going with same condition
hello! be spirit plz

The life hereafter will be the permanent one 
and there's no worth if we just only keep chasing things in this definitely temporary world
got it?
well, think wisely okay!
Love xoxo 

may Allah ease everything for all my dear readers
to one who is still single, i pray that you will be married soon!
to one who is studying, all the best!
to my mom, i love you forever ever ever and ever XD