Tuesday, 7 January 2014

You should learn Biology!

Assalamua'laikum and heeelooo!
yuhuu! im here tonight~
to share something 
so enjoy
alright it is about my biology lecturer
H for hahhaha XD
i just wanna share with the readers that he is so sporting,
likes to story about biology and relate all sort of biology things 
with our life
you know, me and some other friend have to make a discussion which
we have to see him on every Tuesday
just to enhance our biology performance 
at first, i felt uhh!!! 
what was my 'luck' to do that 
so lazy..... 
and blah blah bla
but honestly, the first time he entered my class for this semester
after i had listened to his lessons
i can bet that it was so awesome so far
and you will never regret to have him as the lecturer of biology
he is a story teller to me
now on i feel that i can follow the 'life related' subject
today was the 2nd my discussion with him
then had ABC with le friend athirah the fatty 
wait, last week i asked whether "makhluk halus" have vein ? hehe