Sunday, 29 May 2016

Beautiful reminder

Having read this hadith is enough to make myself freaking trembling.
I really wish
in silent and with great hope
that my prayer will be granted
even it would risk my life.

This hadith remind us to keep maintaining and sustaining the relationship among family members.

Having said about this is enough made me remind of one particular incident since I was pretty young.
The most I HATE
cause it caused me to suffer deep down till now.

Trying hard to avoid to hate the person
instead hating the THINGS.

credit to here

Shed of tears

Somehow Let it always be Sparkling motivates me to always be happy
keep revive to hang in there
while it last
though behind of it, poured with rain and thunder
shaking roughly the boat

Thought it could be bear and handled 
but unexpectedly is not.
O dear self.

It was terribly suck
yet strikes me again
the most terrifying thing- ruin my mental state

the rebel me
the sorrow
the emptiness 
the longing
such everything was not falling into its place
such that 5-year-old me stuck in the present body

why me?