Sunday, 28 September 2014

Terus Melangkah Melakar Arah Yang Tak Pasti

bagaimana harus diluah rasa yang menghantui
sekali lagi menyapa tanpa diundang
diulit resah gelisah berteman tak keruan

apa bodoh diri ini
pendirian tiada tetap
mengorak langkah seperti tak bertujuan
atau dalam erti lain tujuan itu terpesong dari landasan
dan kini hilang arah terumbang-ambing

apa bodoh diri ini
tidak berani dalam mengetengahkan diri di khalayak
tegas dengan pendirian
cekal berprinsip
demi masa depan

jangan dirasuk kesal lima tahun akan datang
kalau usia masih ada di bumi tuhan yang satu ini
kesal atas apa-apa yang tidak dilaku pada detik ini
kesal tidak mahu berubah berusaha membanting tulang
dalam bidang ilmu

tetaplah wahai pendirian diri
jangan mudah goyah
terus tetap

Saturday, 27 September 2014

I need your hug mybffffff please...

salam and holla everybody

huh what a hectic and tiring this life
and sometimes when mental been torched
due to surrounding environment

expecially when far away from beloved ones
mybfffffff of course

**tears gonna drop fast**

ya Allah..

i can say that always i will say to other "don't worry, everything's gonna be ok, you can do it for sure!"
and when it happened to me
yes, now i know..
it is hard and not easy to deal with our inner self

well, hate to admit

i'm homesick.

Friday, 12 September 2014

This is the life man

Salam alaikum and hello everybody

kinda been busy lately due to orientation week which is super duper awesome hectic to the maximum

yeahh currently in the the world top most university among the best of university
creme de creme
uhuk huk huk
but over everything i am thankful and grateful for what i've got now
like ya Allah pleaseeeeeee

seriously, let's reminiscence back about how wonderful the life when at home
such a heaven on the earth
do whatever you wanna do
sleep,eat,watching tv, singing, rambling etc
and suddenly everything turns 360 changed
just at a glanced!

oh my goodness

like "whatttt! this is my room !?
no kidding?
for all this coming years ahead?

but on top of that, believe that it is the best from the god to us
only He knows what we deserve for
cause He knows what is in every heart.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Love of it

salam alaikum and hello everybody

i love acting
yup really mean it
such "acting" and me are good to together

how i know i really like acting?

it's all about enjoying the moment!
be in the certainly character based on the director

thought have no more reason after that one

the most scene i would enjoy to do is the funny part
like my goodness 
such a satisfaction enable to make people laugh like mad XD

one of the scenes in Patch Adam

experience in acting bukan tak pernah, pernah
cuma.. haishh

takat high school je la
sobs :(
due to certain unwanted problem
i was damn sick then finally not be able to even attend for the casting session
already bear and noted the date but all of all everything just not in my control

so to any director that accidentally visit to this blog
well hello! welcome
(takkan tak tau kot wahahahaha)
never say die before you try
and i am strongly believe that hujung belakang parang kalau diasah lagikan tajam right?

tahap kecomelan yang tak keterhingaan 

Wondergirls like jimbo XD

tahu dak dress pink tu utk budak budak around 7 years perhaps?

aku tak nak kat kau lah sengal bahahaha
(that time felt so cepat lah habis part ni! geli gelemai mak kauu)

you belong with me by taylor swift

the Saodah Britney

well, the story adapted from Camp Rock 
google for further info

Friday, 22 August 2014

We Together as One

Finally you're home
finally we could meet up
finally the time that have been waiting has come
just to see of one another

but this time is not like usual
not anymore..

you're back with no breathing at all
so hard to accept and embrace
eventually have to
but forgetting you is never happened
together our bittersweet and walk of life

always be there on my ups and downs
even no matter what
blowing the spirit, calm words and things suppose to do
whereas other are neglecting and flinching

All of all, you're back home
just living in another world
and yet i'll be joining you sooner

just wait ya!

note: empathy of the only one daughter losing her beloved single mother

May they be blessed and showered by Allah's rahmat and love forever.
The whole nation are sharing the sorrow
The whole nation pray for MH17

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Yes You Steal My Heart

Assalamua'laikum and heyloo!
how are you all doing ?
Wednesday, the middle of the week days
so keeeeep it up of whatever things you are work on
and why not just come and 'cuci mata' from the bustle of busyness or perhaps stressful work

See what i got to share -------Sony Xperia !
okay have to admit that i fell in love with it
damn so madly in love
among the other products
just name it
Sony is still in my heart wherever i go to

best friend in capturing the moment
best friend in never forgetting of every single scene
best friend in enhancing my life surrounding with stupendous folks

the walk of life is just bring by Sony

that's how can i express about when talking about Sony smartphone

so excited and amazed of the tech like 'mak mertua lalu tak pandang dahhh gituuu'
haaa kauuu

which one catches your eyes???


semoga ada jodoh kita bersama

in fact, all the pictures posted over here is from my sweetheart honey Sony Cybershot TX10 
which is superbly awesome and satisfied enough to own it
amazing color intensity, fabulous brightness that can't be challenged by any brand
unless having said owning DSLR mhehehe 

in short,
Sony tetap di hati ^______^

credit to Sweetheart Sony

or perhaps can pick me as the young ambassador of Sony 

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Old is Gold - Kolej Matrikulasi Melaka

Assalamua'laikum dan salam syawal untuk hari yang entah ke berapa 
**muka takde perasaan**

pertama sekali, sejuta kemaafan lama tak up new entry 
aah betul tepat sekali! dilanda wabak mim alif lam sin

benda ni bukanlah common pada abad 21 ini wahahaha kerana percaya kebanyakan blogger2 di alam virtual juga sering dilanda wabak ini.

ok cut the rambling

Entri kali ini, khas untuk menjawab petanyaan adik comel kita di atas  Ili namanya.
Junior sekolah muda 2 tahun daripada si penaip ini. Maaf ya lambat balas, 13 Jul tanya 16 Ogos baru nak menjawab soalan sorry honey!

**SPM jangan buat macam ni tau!**

akak amik sains ke akaun? 

Kakak ambil sains modul tiga. My experience and for your information biasanya bahagian pengambilan akan refer pada result SPM untuk masuk matrikulasi. Sains di matrik terbahagi pula pada modul 1,2 dan 3. Akaun ada sejenis sorang dia je mhehe. 

Selain itu, matrik akan bagi siap2 jurusan apa akan kita ambil masa check matrik mana kita dapat nanti. Jangan gabra kalau dapat sains modul berapa bagai sebab di matrik nanti akan bagi chance pada students untuk tukar modul, nak masuk akaun pun boleh. Biasanya awal2 masuk in the middle of settling down all sort of things. All of all, it's your decision.

haa di matrik ada PST dan PDT --- jangan tercengang XD
PST ialah program SATU tahun manakala PDT ialah program DUA Tahun 

apa bezanya? PST lebih padat dan macam fast and furious kauuu hahha ok tak klako
semua nak kejar silibus, dengan kuiz bagai 
mental fizikal kena cekal kebal utuh bak the Great Wall kat China tuu kiki
and you'll be just only for 10months over there--- happy? akak uihh terkinja! ^_________^

Meanwhile PDT- lebih mendalam pembelajarannya macam pergi jauh ke laut dalam 
cuma kurang terkejar2 masa awal tahun atau semester 1 dan 2 
dan akan tinggal lebih lama di matrik --- oh ini akak tak sanggup! 

oh ya.. masuk matrikulasi di mana2 negeri akan diberi angpau LOL
suka dak?
elaun lah! 

akak rasa kat mana okay eh?

**evil grin** ok ini bersangkut paut dengan hati ni hahaha XD
jujur cakap, kalau ikut rasa akak tak tahu Ili.
it's not fair if i tell the place i stayed is the best of all. 
masa isi matrik mana nak pergi dua tahun dulu.. puas juga menanya senior2 yang mana ok bagai
siap tanya macam mana trick nak minta supaya dapat apa yang nak.

believe me or not, it's not working! Even lots of my friends who get offered pursuing in matriculation did not get out of the three choices they asked .. haa scary kan haha! tapi jangan risau still in our home country
takde sampai ke Hawai pun XD

just in case, Matrikulasi Melaka adalah matrik yang pertama dari seluruh matrik.. Senior gituuu mhehe
jadi.. kiranya matrik legend lah kan?
nasihat akak, jika matrik pilihan Ili maka tak kiralah dimana Ili akan berada sekalipun, apa yang penting score gila habis ok! since in matrics there'll be a  big competition among all of students, yang Cina dan India masuk matrik semua SPM semua straight A's dan tak kurang juga the Malays yang result yang gempak.
We called it a healthy competition :)

okay habis sudah menjawab pertanyaan Ili yang comel lagi gebu mhehe 
just extra that i wanna add on, wherever you are for studying locally or globally,
do take care of our own self. 
precise and concisely which is it's mind over matter
i have to admit that there's gonna be lots of barriers and tests along the journey of seeking knowledge
hence, we ourselves must be very strong and build the immune system to stay in the right path.
you know, people do change and it's good to change in term of goodness 
but how about from good become bad and to worse? 
very badddd 

this is especially to me myself 
cause i am a human being
so and you all right?

(except the ones that are reading this entry is a cat) T_T

have a nice weekend!

the four of us - roomate!

stunning view - Malacca Matriculation

classmates - coincident purple

Muet team buddy

baju blok yang ohhh hahaha - putih itu suci kan? XD

harry potter?? lol - kat melaka je ni tau 
picturesque really- Tanjung Bidara which a few minutes from matric 

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Hello Sembilan Belas

Assalamua'laikum and hello!
hari ni hari raya yang ke sebelas

***dancing ber-background let it go***

raya---- sederhana sahaja
takde sampai pengsan wiwiwiwi
tahun ni tahun yang dahsyat penuh dengan kejutan


awal tahun dengan insiden MH370 yang sampai sekarang masih dengan tanda tanya besar
kemudian, kematian walaupun yelah tiada kaitan langsung dengan aku namun masih kami bersaudara

sudahhh?? --- saudara sesama Islamlah

**senyum mesra**

perginya biduanita Datuk Sharifah Aini pulang kepada sang pencipta di bulan mulia Ramadhan mubarak..
allahu akhbar  serius cakap aku jealous
jealous tu je.

Seterusnya, masih dibuai dalam bulan barakah ramadhan dan negara dikejutkan dengan MH17.
Banyak air mata ditumpahkan baik dari tubir mata aku mahupun yang lain.

kejutan lagi bertambah dengan perasaan sedih pabila dikejutkan dengan perginya pensyarah matrik science computer  aku Cikgu Aziz yang disayangi ramai. Pun pada bulan ramadhan..

hidup penuh dengan kejutan kan?

barulah best ??


kejutan untuk nombor yang entah keberapa adalah


yang mana semestinya melibatkan jasad dan roh ini..

**merenung langit**

check it out on this coming week on 12th Aug 2014 ok !






cukup cerita kejutan
hari ni sebenarnya yang utama entri ni ingin ditujukan khas buat seseorang ni
jadi..saya sebagai sahabat kepadanya dengan berbesar hati,paru2 bagai 
ingin mengucapkan 

                                        ALLAH SELAMATKAN KAMU 




semoga awak sentiasa dalam rahmatNya
dalam lindungan dan kasih sayangNya
dimurahkan rezeki dan berjaya dunia akhirat insyaa Allah
seronok kan officially nineteen??

**menari balet**

apapun wahai sahabat, hidup harus diteruskan 
menggapai dan merealisasikan misi kehidupan di atas bumi tuhan ini

insyaa Allah i'll never miss 78 cause it does means today
your birthday lahhh 
ni kalau markah exam sikit lagi nak A kot haha

apart from that, the significance of our friendship all this while which i really value 
well personally it has its own sentimental value
we befriend since 2007 when we were both at standard six(12 y/o)
then until presence

kaulah satu2 sahabat sejak sekolah rendah sampai laa ni aku masih engaged with 
gaduh baik semula
tak bercakap duk sebelah bila angin tak bertemu
satu2 macam slideshow dalam kepala ni 
masuk nasyid tak pernah dibuat orang ada 2 orang je ahli
kau dan aku hahahahahaha!

"kan ku utus kan salam ingatanku dalam doa qudusku sepanjang waktu..." --- haa ingat dok mung weh?

ingat masa trip ke Terengganu masa darjah enam?
yang dekat masjid masa kita berhenti solat maghrib

**innocent face**

masihkah kau ingat sahabat?

yang sebenar-benarnya gambar board besar tepi jalan masjid besar tu bukan kereta F1
tapi MAYAT berbungkus kain putih
yang mata aku ni pula sekali nampak nye boleh kata macam ni

Dia: wehh nampak tak apa saya nampak??? tuuuu!!!
Aku: lahhhh kereta formula one lah!
Dia: tengok betul2 !!! gambar mayat lahhh
Aku: gulp

biar kita tak sekolah sekali lepas form 3 (siapa suh gi SAHUT hahahaha)
aku setia pada ABS wiwiwiwi 
namun our friendship still boleh dikatakan maintain sampai sekarang
dan mak2 kita pun macam kawan lama pula mhehehe
rancak berbual bila bersua kauuuu

semoga ukhuwah ini tetap teguh untuk selamanya 
berpaksikan kerana Allah 

sekali lagi, selamat hari lahir NURRUL AQILAH  MOHAMED SABRI
welcome nineteen wiwiwiwiwi 
welcome maturity 
welcome love for future

from me to you.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Sempadan Alam - Tok Ayah

Assalamua'laikum tok ayah,

Hai..kami datang melawat tok ayah ni...harap tok ayah gembira keberadaan kami ke rumah abadi tok ayah
sembilan belas tahun berlalu berdetik tanpa henti hingga saat ini..
perasaan di hati sungguh terlalu dekat walau sesungguh mana ingin menggambarkan dengan kata-kata.
sungguh dekat dalam meniti usia hingga ke hari ini

bagai tok ayah hidup dalam hati ini
bagai tok ayah memerhati tanpa jemu
bagai tok ayah tersenyum senang (mungkin gusar)
melihat cucuanda di bumi tuhan ini
merentasi hari-hari mendatang tertunggang terbalik
jatuh bangun tersadung terjelepok
waima tok ayah pada logik minda jasad tak terkelihatan
namun tok ayah tetap ada hidup di dalam hati

bisa jadi kita 'bestfriend' menjalin ukhuwah
seperti cucu dan atuk yang lain
rapat dan akrab bagai isi dan kuku
tawa hilai mengisi ruang tamu rumah
meneroka alam bersama berkongsi suka duka
berusrah melengkap ilmu dunia akhirat
menegur yang mana terlebih kurang

kuasa maha pencipta lagi maha penyayang
mahu tok ayah pulang menghadap semula
kali ini di rumah abadi
tanpa penat menghadap segala kesibukan duniawi
tanpa kita berdua bersua berempat mata di alam dunia langsung
berehat buat selamanya di rumah sana
menanti anak cucu cicit mengirim doa
mengirim untaian pahala tanda kasih tak terhingga
tanda ingatan tak putus
walau jasad telah berpisah daripada roh

tunggu disana ya..kami menyusul :)

Selamat Hari Raya tok ayah dan mok(nenek)

note: Al-fatihah kepada allahyarham tok ayah Mohd Lazim Awang Ngah..


Friday, 25 July 2014

Ramadhan--jangan pergi boleh?

bismillah.. moga setiap yang membaca satu persatu kata huruf ini dalam keadaan sihat sejahtera hendaknya.
dalam terpelihara iman bersama niat

ramadhan akhirnya bakal pergi juga
berlalu meninggalkan harapan membisik di hati
moga ketemu tahun depan
dalam perasaan berbaur--- sedih pilu sayu mendominasi
haruskah kau pergi juga
encik ramadhan kareem ?

kerana belum rela ingin lepaskan engkau pergi
kerana belum puas bersama dengan engkau dalam dakapan
kerana banyak malah terlalu ingin diisi bersama kau
kerana sungguh cinta aku akan kau

masih belum puas berasmara memburu rahmat tuhan
masih belum puas menangisi keinsafan pada tuhan
bertemankan engkau ramadhan
mengorak seribu langkah beribadah
tanpa jemu di dada

belum pasti dan tepat apa masih bisa kita bersua lagi
belum pasti

syawal mengintai menampakkan diri
engkau pula bakal melabuhkan tirai
sebak di dada hanya tuhan yang tahu
betapa aku akan merindui engkau

betapa aku cemburu membuak di hati
ramai antara mereka menghadap tuhan yang satu bersama engkau ramadhan
indahnya kembali pada sang pencipta di bulan paling mulia
tiada azab dan masuk pada mana2 pintu jannah
saat indah tak terbayangkan

waima, hidup perlu dikemudi
menongkah arus di bumi sementara
selagi hayat dikandung badan
selagi belum mendapat 'call' daripada tuhan

mahu syahid di bulan barakah
bisik hati memujuk rindu pada tuhan
namun terkesima pabila dosa bergunung
malu teramat untuk bertemu Dia
apa diri layak?

semoga kita berjumpa lagi encik ramadhan

I'll be missing you!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Running Nineteen

assalamua'laikum and hello people!

this year of 2014 is far different compare to last year which i have really too much free time
well.. and more meaningful is i have the opportunity to go through being nineteen-year-old girl in my hometown and have mybfffff (mother) to be by my side..
how realizing it is!

indeed, i have nothing to ask for the presents or gifts
the most important is i have people that i love so much around me
that's it

all of all i am so thankful

if need to be mentioned all the deeds for all my living in this world since nineteen years old
that mybffff needs to sacrifice and showers her love, cuddle me, persuading, hugging
damn, so many!

never can be repaid
even with the pile of golds and diamonds

in conjunction of being nineteen.. i want to thank you mother
for giving birth to me..
if compare the things that i have now..
indeed i have nothing in terms of love,education, knowledge, money to support my cost since be born all this always be there for me..
she's my honey sweetheart boom boom no matter what even after we had a 'war' mhehehe

maturity is functioning ---- that's what im trying to say

"what  am i going to achieve? is it enough this amount? (which absolutely a big NO) How about with my deeds? (too little in the eyes of Allah)"


in being nineteen... the last year of 'first' series..
better than late
***sorry for my scatter head** dear self..get yourself be synchronized and well planned..
and please don't feel so sad to be nineteen
it's just a number

in short, let US together reflect back and find some moment being lonely
you know..just ourselves and the god
think..think..and think..

better than late and Allah is never forgetting us...but we sometimes ?

nahh think !

happy nineteen to me


have a nice day y'all!

Monday, 21 July 2014

Cinta tak keterhinggaan ~ MH17 in memory

Bersabar wahai hati
bersabar menyapa ujian ini
tanda kasih dari ilahi
mencekal lagi hati
memuncak pahala buat akhirat nanti
penghapus dosa tak terperi

"la tahzan...jangan bersedih...innalllaha ma'na...Allah sentiasa bersama..."

kuat semangat
tabah cekal wahai diri
teruskan melangkah di hari muka
kebalkan tekad di hati

hanya tuhan sahaja yang tahu
betapa jujurnya cinta kita
walaupun berbeza diri kita
cinta ini milik kita

tinggallah segala kenangan mengabdi di bumi ini
berlinangan air mata
takkan pernah kembali
masih dekat hati

kini tuhan sayangkan diri kau
tenanglah di alam sana
diri rela berteman pasrah

tangisan bersendu beriringan kalamullah
menemani engkau disana
tenanglah disana
kerana tuhan pernah berkata

"setiap yang bernyawa pasti merasai mati"

siapalah aku hambaNya untuk menentang kehendakNya...
menyejuk jauh di lubuk qalbu

moga engkau dikalangan mereka yang beriman dan beramal soleh
diantara yang terlepas azab seksaNya
sempena bulan sungguh mulia

dan...tunggu aku disana ya
kita akan bersua kembali

jaga diri di rumah abadi sana.


note: takziah buat ahli keluarga penumpang & anak kapal MH17.. terima dengan lapang dada...gagahkan semangat untuk teruskan kehidupan yang masih bersisa di bumi sementara...

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Anger and Ego --- please be TAME!

we human are full of emotions right?


if that humble uncle was my father

i perhaps might strongly defending him

it's such like the woman was taking advantage over the humble uncle

with the full of anger and dissatisfaction

in the hot and hustle and bustle city 

what i saw..nothing serious happened to that NEW PEUGEOT

but obviously the old man's car

like seriously

the car nevertheless was not catch my attention at all

it's the attitude of old retired man do catch my eyes!


how really humble and kind- hearted people he was

although he is a Chinese man

no exaggerate intended

let the video speaks itself

whilst that woman with anger and 'bengang'

hope she can TAME her anger and ego even wisely after this

personally, i am literally 'terkena tempiasnya'

due to that her action which i suppose she did not mean of it

just maybe the lady was so sensitive and has problems

(trying to put me in her shoe)

the person that typing this is also undergo and still having control of her emotion

in the Quran itself has told that syaitans were tied during this holy month

so when WE keeps doing the bad and cruel things....

who's the REAL of syaitan is?

muhasabah dear self

(sincere smile)

take care.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Rindu--- betul!

Rindu pada bumi Kota Bharu
rindu yang obses
rindu pada penduduknya

***tarik nafas**

entah bila masa yang tepat dapat bersua semula
mengerat menjalin tautan kasih
hanya doa dikirim bersama angin rindu

tak dikira rindu pada bumi pulau mutiara
Pulau Pinang indah di utara
betapa tuhan saja tahu rindu di dada
ada rezeki jumpalah kita

***ahhh that kind of belonging and too much of missing***

tuhan..bawa kami bersua berempat mata
mengukuh tali silaturahim
biar langsung tiada pertalian darah
mengimarah jalinan terbina lama tak terkira

terlalu indah

alhamdulillah Allah.

note: there's sometimes we feel so missing damn so much like crazy of whoever (especially those who are very dear to us)...the realization occurs somehow when that kind of feeling we tell and ask from the Almighty Allah s.w.t


Just July

Salamu'alaikum ya July!

i just wanna say that..
ermmm..nothing but i love you!


seriously i madly in love with you
you know?
so long i've been kept silently deep in this heart
you know?
you must wondering what is all about that made me loved you

kind of belonging of you
ohh my July!

i'm begging you to be kind and please to me
and make my day for this time

just july in a modesty.

note: 23rd July i am nervous to meet you this time....

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Lucky--- oh really?

i have no sisters neither brothers
true---- the only one child

how lucky you are !
oh really?

**errr not really actually**

but why?


"hey big sister! i miss's been ages not see you lol"
"don't be silly..i just went home last week stupid"
"mom! look she called me stupid!"
"you both settle yourselves..aah but massive aggressive fighting okay" --- sigh***
"hey you bitch!"
"what!?and you f**k! haha"

see? the chemistry,biology,physics also blend together as a mixture
lovely right?
bak kata orang Tanah Melayu gaduh-gaduh sayang adik beradik

and now tell me how can i having such kind of moment ?
it is not the same when being with some people not related
not growing up along us

got it?


all of all--- who am i to cross the line and upset of what had Allah has created for me?

well.. there's must be a reason

good reason.

for example? ---- He sends me his servants... good and kind-hearted all around me insyaAllah
in conscious or subconscious definitely

subhanallah alhamdulillah allahu akhbar

Saturday, 12 July 2014

I know you always be there

salam alaik dear readers,

again,that kind of feeling appears back
damn i hate it
the down that sheds my tears 
breaks my heart deep inside

be embrace dear self
be embrace
this is life
has ups and downs 
no matter what 
less or more
just a life ---- which is temporary eventually

"i want to test this little servant whether she could stand with it and bring back to me..indeed i miss and longing of her doa "

oh so kind of you 
how so sweet and lovely of you 


Friday, 11 July 2014

Cooking---- First time ever without the help of mybfff

Assalamua'laikum and hello peeps! apa habaq?

semoga kalian dalam redha dan barakah Allah s.w.t hendaknya

***dancing lenggok lentok liuk sambil nyanyi let it go...let it go...ooohhhh***


lately i felt so not into this virtual thingy just because the hell of my broadband

herhh soooo bloody nyek nyek (extremely slow)

mengalahkan si kura2! ---- bayar tujuh puluh hinggit kot


(perempuan dan bebel memang dah bestfriend since forever)

so chill and cool dear readers

look...there are somethings rare i wanna share over here mhehehe lol

something extraordinary ---- yeah i really mean it!

psssttt--- ni kalau mak pak mertua...usahkan mertua...mak pak sendiri pun dah tak nampak laluuu ni!

haaa... curious??

betul ni?

hemmm karipap! yeee betul pandaiii

alah senang nak mampuih buat---lol hanya individu yang punya adrenaline dan metobalisme terlajak tinggi yang ingin membuatnya.
look...i am not praising my self ---don't get me wrong please haha

what i meant was a woman may knows very well how to cook this and that 
just name it what ever the dish 
spaghetti? macaroni? laksa ? nasi dagang? nasi ayam?
but due to NO TIME to cook..they prefer to buy itself 

damn---aku dengar orang jual kuih mana ada sehinggit dua for 3 or 4
malah mati untuk dapatkan 5 seringgit
mahal kan?
gila kan?
so..siapa yang ada masa esp budak lepas matrik maciam i ni... haha very good to make a head start :)

nevertheless---- apa aku rasa bila buat dengan tulang empat kerat aku?
P.U.A.S hahahahaha
**gelak kembang kempis hidung***

dan bukan manusia dalam rumah aku je yang boleh rasa..jiran kanan kiri boleh rasa...
well worth!
ohhh kinda feeling good

inti karipap tuu aku buat siap2 malam semalam
this technique was called---- time efficiency mhehehe
potong siap2 mr.potato bentuk dadu comel2 gituuu 
nak mengimarahkan lagi bau..masukkan bawang kecil besar ptong nipis
(aku guna bawang besar sebab bawang kecil merah dah habis)

then..tumis bawang atas kuali setelah minyak dah panas
apa lagi---- masukkan mr.potato yang dipotong dadu dalam kuali
masukkan serbuk kari babas + air 
taruk garam + gula = sedap

oh yee! sebelum tu...siang2 lagi aku perap isi ayam potong halussss2 
lada hitam+kunyit+garam dan goreng dengan girangnya!
***sambil mulut ngap2 rasa ayam tuu**

back to frying the potatoes!

masukkan sekali ayam tadi dalam tuu---gaul sebati
tambah air 
biar sampai kering 

sampai kering okay! (tak mau lembap2 tauu) 

okay done with the inti..

now time for KULIT KARIPAP! 

*** terujaaaa***

aku punya style--- buat ikut perasaan hahahahahaha XD

tepung gandum+air bancuh dengan garam (secukup rasa & perasaan)+ margerin cairkan atas kuali

gaul...gaul...sepenuh perasaan cinta gituuu hahaha

dah sampai doh tu tak melekat....sesi untuk meng-kelimmmm !

keliaaaaaaa gituuuu mhehehe

okay...dan kerana aku buat mengikut perasaan kan...ahhaha! rasa pun perghhhh tak tertahan gelak nak terabur usus ni... kulit karipap tu need to improvised 
bapakkk teballllll! HAHAHAHAHA!

but---- inti thumbs up!

keripap punya kisah tutup


ituuu berminggu lepas punya ceritera
dannn hari ni?

haaa.... lagi power!
semangat membara menjiwai diri kauuu wiwiwiwiwi
senang sangat dan sekejap nak mengaul guli bagai

persoalannya--- yes or no

that's it.

and i am really happy to share and extend this kind of cooking 
i mean my first try and error with cooking 
bereksperimen di dapur (btw mybffffffff was at work so... no arguing! haha)

on top of that,this moist choc cake ...........
kak maya (well most of all i made it for her belated birthday 1stJuly hari tu..tu eksaited terlajak)
aunt nor & family..the cool right next door neighbor  
makcik nor & family...the left next door neighbor 
kak pijah

dapat merasanya wiwiwiwiwi
***menari balet background music let it go...let it goooo**

ahhh that kind of feeling---- puas !

mencuba dan meluaskan rangkaian kasih wiwiwiwiwi <3

trying yet spread the love!

bffff... i bet you must be proud of your scatterhead daughter (broad smile)

biasanya kan...aku just join mencelah tolong tengok daripada 'put effort from A-Z' buat sampai habis

sebab--- aku 'rely' or bergantung pada mybfff (my mother) semata2 to do all that kind of things
like seriously!

aku dah matang---- ye itu perkataan yang tepat.

and now..time for me to explore and learn to stand with my both independence
not hoping and relying on other people
yes.. time is leading me to that
i can see it

and when mybfffff  (mother) was home....she was so amazed to know that i made it

hahhahaha! yeahhh i made it!!!

***yeayy dah boleh berumah dan bertangga***


ok...till here for now.. thanks for visiting and reading my rambling  :)

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

knock knock---- jangan baca ok!

knock knok

ye siapa tu?


***blurr sambil pergi ke hadapan pintu***

ye? cari siapa?

masamu sudah tiba..aku datang untuk memenuhi tuntutan tugasku..yang diamanah dari tuhanku dan tuhanmu

hah? apa maksud kamu?? saya langsung tak kenal kamu! siapa kamu sebenarnya ni?

***peluh membasahi seluruh tubuh**


***aku telan liur dengan susah payah***

arghhhhh!!!! ------ adik! kenapa ni? shhhhh adik mimpi je tuu shhhhhh kakak ada kakak ada ye...istighfar

adik mimpi!!!

***air mata deras mengalir teresak-esak***

dahhh2 mimpi je pun tuu.. mainan tidur kan dah tidur2 baru pukul 3.30pagi nanti sahur kakak kejut ye sayang...

note: mati itu pasti...bila? itu semua dalam pengetahuan Dia saja...just BE READY okay :)
dan yang masih bernyawa di bumi penuh sementara ini...panjatkan Al-fatihah buat yang selangkah dulu dari kita.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Ini tentang KITA

Assalamua'laikum and hello buddy!

how you guys doing?? --- hopefully all of us are in the best of health

**senyum pejam mata kepala dongak keatas wiwiwiwiwiwiwi**

okay tak kisahlah bagaimana hidup semenjak dua menjak
biar emosi naik turun
biar nafas naik turun dihela puh puh puh haha
biar diuji dengan berbagai-bagai ujian sehingga teruji iman dan akidah--- biar
namun cukuplah segala pengharapan dan kebergantungan kepada Dia yang maha Esa.

pernah dengar hasbi rabbi..jallallah yang membawa makna "cukuplah Allah bagiku"


apa kata bait itu kita jadikan pegangan dalam menjalani hari-hari di bumi ini
(menari belly pusing2 )

yeahh aku boleh bet---- tak mudah nak menjalani liku2 di zaman serba canggih mangih serba moden
zaman langit terbuka gituuu

(oh sungguh mencabar)

oleh itu, dengan adanya IMAN ---eh! no no not you the one who named Iman
(yeah including you too, cause this is intended to all of us)
especially to the person who is writing right now
dengan adanya iman..insyaaAllah or god's willing kita akan selamat
iman--hmmm apa rasanya?bentuknya?
well-- it's something like a person being pious, when he is doing a lot of good deeds and things like that
therefore the iman will become increase up and up
but watch out--- it (iman) could be drop drastically or gradually
you know---- by what are the things that we always doing

solat (the obligatory and sunah if possible)
recite Quran
read the tafsir (for better understanding and to practice in daily life)

and one more thing
majoriti kita--- yes i mean US or KITA gemar menunding jari untuk perkara2 yang tak enak dilihat pada mata pandangan kita. Walhal sering terlepas pandang bahawa empat jari yang tertutup itu sebenarnya menunding hala ke kita

" tuhh tengok dia tu.... dah lah..... ish! ......." --- contoh

see--- selalu kan KITA berbuat begitu? umpama pabila lidah berbicara saat dan ketika itu kita sudah sempurna malah jauh lebih baik dari orang yang diperkatakan itu.
padahal diri yang bercakap pehhhh ---- dahsyatttt !

why not daripada kita duk sibuk mencari dan mengaibkan sesiapa sahaja gerangannya
ace cuba try muhasabah diri sendiri
cermin diri
refleks diri

bicara dengan diri sendiri " apa aku ni dah berkelakuan molek dan baik?"

ok--- bayangkan kita keluar daripada badan kita lalu kita berupaya melihat diri dari sudut pandang yang menyeluruh

boleh bayang dak? (ke aku duk syiok menulis suh membayang?)

ah pedulikan..

(aku yang menaip ni pun menggigil nak cakap lebih takut tersalah cakap nanti membawa padah)
but  i do hold with "LEARN FROM MISTAKES "

**lompat bintang **

hence,everything start with imagining ! wiwiwiwi

sebab--- kita hambaNya yang takkan pernah sempurna daripada kesempurnaan.

moga ramadhan bulan yang lebih baik daripada seribu bulan ini membawa satu dimensi baru buat kita semua.

salam ramadhan!

aku rindu padamu duhai RAMADHAN.
syukur kita bersua lagi kali ini
moga kali ini lebih membawa makna yang teristimewa
sayang kalian maciam ni tau ?

Saturday, 21 June 2014

hmmm betul2! (suara upin ipin lapar peha ayam)

Assalamua'laikum and hello guys.

someone has told something that really open my mind even wider
someone who is indeed quite important towards my life
someone who wanna me to be successful in life
someone who wants me to be able to stand on my own feet one day
never hoping to anyone 
except the Almighty Allah s.w.t


**huh maciam berat je kan bunyinya **

tapi itulah hakikatnya dan realiti yang harus ditelan dicerna bukan di lingkaran usus kecil
malah di kepala hotak

alahaiiii **take a deep breathe and never exhale... eh!**
(u got me kidding XD)

yessss definitely that person has the point that i really must be very FOCUS in seeking knowledge
and must know what i want to be---- and he for sure really wants me to be a SOMEBODY

set a goal ----- shoot for a victory! make them proud and WOWWW! 
nah! let their eyes bulging for the sparks you made!

ILMU itu penting
tanpa ILMU hidup tunggang terbalik,kelam,hanyut,mati lemas
dan dengan ILMU yang dapat pelihara dan melindungi diri 
hebat hebat...

***pung pang pung pang*** 

of course i felt a bit being challenged or "tercabar" 
and in the mean time ------ buat aku terngiang2 sampai laaaa ni !!!!!!

oh gosh.

" tak yah sibuk nak jumpa dia tu dia ni dulu...sibuk mana nak pursue and what are you going to take after this okay sayang..believe me if you have succeed they the one who will find you and perhaps have to make an appointment to see you"

gulp! --- deep inside to the bottom generating the hard core of my brain to synthesis and analyze each and every sentences.

bila difikirkan lagi dan lagi---- hey! how many people would dare to say so hohohoho

***joget zapin rock**

kan?? ---- of course kena batang hidung aku but wait a minute.. the person said it because of what??

because ----- he or she LOVES you!!!! 

you know what...hanya orang yang betul2 sayangkan kita akan cakap dan ingatkan diri yang sememangnya lupa bahkan alpa walaupun inti bicaranya dushhhh! ---- memeritkan dan merobek hati bagai ditusuk sembilu


itulah cinta dan sayang yang tulus or we called it LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY 

cinta tanpa syarat.

wahai diri
gagahkan dirimu
kebalkan semangat jayamu
reset semula dan recharge energy
bangkit dan terus bangkit
selama tuhanmu ada
takkan engkau tercela.

happy weekend ^___________^

heyyy you naughty! 

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Jimba le Miss Sparkler

Assalamua'laikum and hello peeps!


semalam punya ceritera...

alkisahnya hehehe
aku dan mybffff (mak aku) jalan2 sambil hirup udara di petang hari gituuu

**lompat bintang terkinja2**

kami pusing2 sampai pening sekitar rumah perumahan
dan dengan laju je kaki melangkah masuk ke pavillion  TF Mall berhadapan main street atau kata orang Tanah Melayu jalan utama

** menari barbie fairy tale **

masuk kedai kak Tikah (wahhh KEDAI KAK TIKAH kauuu)
walhal kedai tu namanya FARISHA HANI Collection
siapa dapat nama?---- kak Tikah juga

well kedainya sebelah dengan kedai kak ayam Maya je pun
aku dengan mybfff masuk kedai baju tuu just try2 baju kurung yang meroyan dengan manik2

**hati berbunga try out a green leave baju kurung sarat dengan manik yang berat totalnya mencecah jutaan biji**

(sambil badan liuk lentok feeling lagu mohabbatein and other lagu hindustani yang dimainkan di dalam mall itu)

mujur ada tukang gelok ---- mybfff and of course kak Tikah and kak Maya

(huh lucky)

maciam2 ceritera aku ke kak tikah --- dan mujurlah hati jiwanya mudah selokk (terburai ketawa)
sebab jujur bicara----- aku HAPPY GILA bila aku cuba buat something funny plus with sound effects orang tu gelak dan ketawa naturally ^___________^

**uihhh boleh jadi penghibur cenggini ye dok?**

(pay me wiwiwiwiwi XD)

cerita pasal kisah aku ambil dan belajar memandu kat tetttttt hahhaahha
tettt----- mewakili institusi memandu laaa

aku yang duk cerita pun sampai terduduk2 ke lantai
dengan gelak yang dah tak tertahan
kak Tikah apatah lagi


kak Maya pun join the club and also with le mother aka mybfffffff

by the way--- terribly SORRY sebab habiskan nasi goreng yang umi buat tu and yeahh saya dah tebus balik dengan masak lain kan kak Maya


just LOL for yesterday

cuma kak Pijah je tak ada semalam --- kerja tapi katanya dia rasa masakan chef Miss Sparkler ni XD

well we ended up with sesi berbalas pantun 2 kerat cetoet

trend aku dengan kak Maya haha XD

dan aku akhiri juga di post untuk kali ini dengan----

masak lomak ikan tenggiri,
kita jumpa lagi di next entry !!

and short blaka

(geleng kpala)

oh sebelum tu...would you guys do a favor for me please?
(malu tapi mahu)
can you guys have a visit and click "like" at this Bangun keranamu !
thank you thank you thank you very much
appreciate it.
moga kalian sentiasa dimurahkan rezeki.

have nice and wonderful day !

ni la kat tikah yang COOL like ice blog 
kak maya and entah laa dengan siapa  la tuu XD

kak Maya and kak Tikah gelok gini --- sebijik LOL