Sunday, 13 July 2014

Lucky--- oh really?

i have no sisters neither brothers
true---- the only one child

how lucky you are !
oh really?

**errr not really actually**

but why?


"hey big sister! i miss's been ages not see you lol"
"don't be silly..i just went home last week stupid"
"mom! look she called me stupid!"
"you both settle yourselves..aah but massive aggressive fighting okay" --- sigh***
"hey you bitch!"
"what!?and you f**k! haha"

see? the chemistry,biology,physics also blend together as a mixture
lovely right?
bak kata orang Tanah Melayu gaduh-gaduh sayang adik beradik

and now tell me how can i having such kind of moment ?
it is not the same when being with some people not related
not growing up along us

got it?


all of all--- who am i to cross the line and upset of what had Allah has created for me?

well.. there's must be a reason

good reason.

for example? ---- He sends me his servants... good and kind-hearted all around me insyaAllah
in conscious or subconscious definitely

subhanallah alhamdulillah allahu akhbar