Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Running Nineteen

assalamua'laikum and hello people!

this year of 2014 is far different compare to last year which i have really too much free time
well.. and more meaningful is i have the opportunity to go through being nineteen-year-old girl in my hometown and have mybfffff (mother) to be by my side..
how realizing it is!

indeed, i have nothing to ask for the presents or gifts
the most important is i have people that i love so much around me
that's it

all of all i am so thankful

if need to be mentioned all the deeds for all my living in this world since nineteen years old
that mybffff needs to sacrifice and showers her love, cuddle me, persuading, hugging
damn, so many!

never can be repaid
even with the pile of golds and diamonds

in conjunction of being nineteen.. i want to thank you mother
for giving birth to me..
if compare the things that i have now..
indeed i have nothing in terms of love,education, knowledge, money to support my cost since be born all this always be there for me..
she's my honey sweetheart boom boom no matter what even after we had a 'war' mhehehe

maturity is functioning ---- that's what im trying to say

"what  am i going to achieve? is it enough this amount? (which absolutely a big NO) How about with my deeds? (too little in the eyes of Allah)"


in being nineteen... the last year of 'first' series..
better than late
***sorry for my scatter head** dear self..get yourself be synchronized and well planned..
and please don't feel so sad to be nineteen
it's just a number

in short, let US together reflect back and find some moment being lonely
you know..just ourselves and the god
think..think..and think..

better than late and Allah is never forgetting us...but we sometimes ?

nahh think !

happy nineteen to me


have a nice day y'all!