Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Anger and Ego --- please be TAME!

we human are full of emotions right?


if that humble uncle was my father

i perhaps might strongly defending him

it's such like the woman was taking advantage over the humble uncle

with the full of anger and dissatisfaction

in the hot and hustle and bustle city 

what i saw..nothing serious happened to that NEW PEUGEOT

but obviously the old man's car

like seriously

the car nevertheless was not catch my attention at all

it's the attitude of old retired man do catch my eyes!


how really humble and kind- hearted people he was

although he is a Chinese man

no exaggerate intended

let the video speaks itself

whilst that woman with anger and 'bengang'

hope she can TAME her anger and ego even wisely after this

personally, i am literally 'terkena tempiasnya'

due to that her action which i suppose she did not mean of it

just maybe the lady was so sensitive and has problems

(trying to put me in her shoe)

the person that typing this is also undergo and still having control of her emotion

in the Quran itself has told that syaitans were tied during this holy month

so when WE keeps doing the bad and cruel things....

who's the REAL of syaitan is?

muhasabah dear self

(sincere smile)

take care.