Friday, 19 May 2017

That hanging of explanation

It's been more than two weeks from that misunderstanding and there are the hanging of unclear and some explanation in the air I indeed personally to clarify with this guy called Yousef Hekma.Yes till now we haven't meet up properly though many times postponed. It's just him the one who is the most busiest person in the whole wide world. It's him.

*loud scream*

If you want to talk, come to Kangar I'll be there untill 11pm. Bye

*block me from whatsapp again*

Just back from Kangar next time BYE.

When are you free?

Pick and choose the date, place and time I will confirm

At lake

Friday morning, if i wake up early.


Lets make it in evening after I done with Unimap fm. 4.00pm at library
My bike broke down I might be late

*Ive ready and went to library to meet up just fu*ck*

How long late

*on the way to library met Sophia(Lovely and sweet and sour oh thats the mangoes haha sorry!)
We agreed to walk then once I wait at the library and she went up to change her clothes.

Wait wait and wait patiently and suddenly there was whatsapp voicenote from this big messy 'panda'  saying that

*nothing! I mean he recorded nothing man nadaa!*

Not hear anything, im here at library now btw.

*another voicenote came in*

Im otw to Kangar (or Arau something like that coz there was so much noise at the background) to buy some stuff for program and im not sure when im gonna free

Faqqqqq just faqqqq

Doesn't he did it on purpose? Or really is true of the fact? Whatever.

So, the adventure of me and Sophia for plucking those awesome and scrumptious young mangoes! God bless this place name of Pauh.
We were so thrilled and excited to have a full plastic bag of mangoes oh it just finger licking good!

*ditch Yousef aside like kick him like football*

Free now?

Im not free this weekend maybe later.

I saw you walking alone to pf2 

*wow just wow hah!*

Free now?

I just woke up 

*He is dumb isnt he?*

Free now?
Busy im in Kangar enjoy with Ganga

*Ganga is his quite cool housemate from India*

Free  9pm
Never mind
Will see you on usual day

*cant get what is usual day mean by him? Week day? Walk like before?*

Why every entry recently is all about him? Because Ok

First, he used to said that one day " I will fight with you " while he's unwrapping his corneto ice cream which that was during our early of friendship (see how bad is your mouth we have fighting over and over again)
Secondly, I swear he would never get a better sleep every night until he befriend with me like we used to before and after hear my explanation.
Third, i want to prove that you are the most ever fucking sucking kind one who easily give up on me your friend (idk the rest of ur friend). And i dont simply wanna you do wanna hear me talking or explain for the sake of my mom. I.dont.want. Ok. Let alone you yourself are sincere to open your ears for it.
Forth, should i say that i miss you my brother?

You are just a brother a brother a brother
Coz God knows you are way not good enough for me for beyond that friendship.

*But god knows what deep inside me that*

Still you are just my brother from another mother hahaha

But dont dare the power Of Him Al-Kabir (The Most Almighty) you might take back your word. Cause every words is a doa.

It might be twisted.

Over the moon
Precious ummm yummeh
Eeew look at his teeth! Yucks.

Monday, 8 May 2017

A Row With Yousef (again)

It was Multicultural Night and the event organized by international students mostly. It’s been few days since the row. I saw you Yousef from far when walking with my gorgeous gandma (Alaa). You looked so smart and if I can say handsome with that black blazer and green shirt. It can be felt the sense of your charisma and charms even from distant. It is your DNA.

I knew you must be there for the event cause you are Yousef, must be participating in such organizing program and events. The one who always says yes to this kind of things.
So I was truly enjoying the performances while seating at the most in front of the stage. At interval, I turned my head right and left just to at look you but when I walked just in front or near you to get the food, I just pretended to not look at you and pretended to acknowledge your absence yet still felt I don’t know. Empty, angry, none of these maybe.

Alaa said that I was looking shocked like seeing a ghost before we both entered in the hall. My grandma just can’t stop laughing at me saying that I’m clearly have fallen in love with someone. Oh please don’t be so ‘perasan’ (silly) dear Yousef if happened you read this. I actually wondering if you saw me or not during the night but my guts said you saw me and you really don’t care with it. Cause.I.Am.Not.Your.Friend.Anymore.

**Feels like jumping from a cliff**

Once the event ended, I and Alaa sit at the ground floor for the wife wi-fi.
And suddenly you showed up out of nowhere at the cafĂ©! Clothes has changed no more blazer on the body. You gave salam to Alaa and I just like *bone stuck* and turned my back to you. Feeling ‘bittersweet’ and have no desire to see you. In the meantime, you sit near us and I can clearly your voice talking with your girlfriendsssssss. Heard about the technical issues you guys faced just during the event.


I just don’t know, why I end up write on here cause I have no one to hear me rambling and babbling rather than here in my territory. Even Ganga seems like fade up listening to me rambling about you.

**tissue please**

When this happened, I straight away remember of you asking me a favor to represent you as MPKK to the Majlis Gemilang Siswa award ceremony on that Friday and I did it from the bottom of my heart, and you did what? Not even a single ‘thanks’ been wished for me.

**Tissue more please**

I do also spontaneous remember of the moment you are really down with your fuck problem (you know this well) and I tried the best to calm you down, feel that I always be there to support you whenever you are in easy and hard times.  I don’t know If you still keep my lengthy messages on instagram or whatsapp full of courage words and I didn’t give up. I keep on sending it no matter what is it by having you blocking me.

**Seriously you such a sucks at blocking me when we are having conflict, you too have to be GROW UP boy.**

Remember the promises?

“I promise. We will be friend till death do us apart.”
“I will be you brother when you need me..remember that.”
Do you remember?

**Unless you dumb head has loss the memory cause being too arrogant**

Honestly, I love you. As my big brother. Period. That’s it no matter you didn’t trust this statement. When thinking about who you are to me, day by day it becomes clearer and I can see the big picture that you even are nothing to me. You are just a stranger and be friend that just part of the chapter in my life that might come and go. It is just I am so adore with you in terms of your charming, the way you talk, charisma and things like that. You are so right that I am searching the POSITIVITY out there. I just too tired of feeling losing and down and miserable with myself literally thus I always try the best to twist it into positive and be the optimistic one.

My support and your support is totally different can’t you see? I don’t simply block you when we are having row. I don’t give up sending you the motivation and good words to you though you blocked me instead I find another way to reach you so that you will read those words at the end. But when I’m feeling down? What did you do? Just very short words and simply and easily get give up.

I am not that desperate one who would act like a bitch if that’s you are thinking man. I respected you in general, proud to see you mingle with local and the witty and kindness in you makes people love and perhaps misunderstanding about those such friend relationship.

You are the one who should be blamed you know. Your stiff heart, your ego everything.
It is you.
Now, I’ve ruined or we both ruined the friendship.

Now, to Allah I turn and rely to asked for this to be fixed again

A Row With Yousef (again)

Do you know who to refer if something urgent happened?
Tak faham
Clinic is closed, who can be contacted to get help?
Dr.Hlaing contact’s number
Hey, I just reached can you call back?
Call me pls
What is wrong?
Call again
Do you anyone who can rent motor bike?
I know this one guy he rents superbike 80 per day
Nonono not superbike just normal motorbike
May I know why you wanna rent motor?
I want go on ride just around here with Jannah
Let me see if I can rent mine. Is there your friend have motorbike?
What is wrong? Your mum worried about you why didn’t answer her call.
Had called her
Mun pls call me
I have event now
I’m worried about you
***Pretty liar***

Why called just one ring
Talk to me
Seriously why didn’t you tell me, when and how
R u ok now
For god sake talk
***Whatsapp call***
Sorry I was asleep last night

**Whatsapp Voicenote **
Moon, listen up. I have this enough, you made me so stressed up with all this thing. You made me worried and wondering about you.Come on, when I asked to talk you didn’t talk. At first, you asked for clinic’s number then rent for motorbike and you made me startled with suddenly just one ring when I was sleeping. Then, why did you posted on story that “ooh I miss me and Ganga…” If you miss me, tell I can come meet you now, be grow up. Please, if not just go away okay.Go.Away.
Hey, can you help me I have no one to ask for help but you. Can you find me some limes like this( picture showed) please I don’t have any more chance to postpone my study after this please.
Happened what
Listen up
Goodbye my friend.
I will tell you but not through here please

**Calling Ganga**
Ganga hello?
Hello? Call on my Whatsapp now.
I’m Yousef not Ganga
Where’s Ganga?
**Face palm**

**Whatsapp call ringing nonstop from Yousef, heart thumping crazily, hands & feet freezing like hell**
Call me now
Either we meet at restaurant or Bumita now. I give you two choice before 2am.
I’m going to take shower and go eat outside after cleaning the house.

**Whatsapp voicenote**
Please…not now huh it’s almost 2am NOOO. I hahh.. I don’t know how to tell you what it feels like it’s’s like…okay..remember you did tell me about when you feeling that ‘sick’ you know what I mean? So I’m kinda feel like it but in different way not like that please understand me.

**Whatsapp voicenote**
Listen, when that thing happened I go out okay? I go out. I’m not like someone who yell or slap or shout at your face no I’m not that type. I just don’t trust your words, so I ask to let’s face to each other so I can see with my own eyes your body language are you speaking the truth or not. I believe this is not yourself or this is the real you but I knew you are not that act like this. Don’t act like bitch or people call it slut okay.

I’m not going to sleep with you, I don’t love you, you are NOTHING to me so yeah if it’s not because your mom’s kindness I don’t do this.So I want you to meet and hear your explanation. I love this friendship more than anything I would never give up on my friends if you really wanna know. I don’t care, if you are worried about security, there is guard down in Bumita and again I’m not going to slap or shout at you. No.

It’s already 2am and I have failed to save this friendship. Never mind it’s okay I need to be strong.
Goodbye my friend
I will blocking you everywhere.

**Facebook Messenger**
Sorry and Munirah we are not friend again

What happened dear? Is that she has problem in explaining what is she herself feels until you feel messed up?


People if sick there is evidence based from the hospital showing the illness but she’s different there was not like that. It’s indeed really hard to make people understand about this. So please I hope you can give her some time to explain, for the moment let time heals okay? Hope you could understand Yousef.

**Facebook Messenger**
I have gave her lot of time and chances to explain but she didn’t do explain. If there is who would understand the most of your daughter it would be me ibu..I guess she has her own life and I don’t want to involve with her life in anyhow.

Herhh he thinks he is so great? So cool? The F*$k he is! How come asked to meet at 2am in the morning ok in the morning with my hands and feet were freezing and shivering like hell.
Such a non tolerate man at all! Such a liar fatty pig who says "oh I won't easily give up on my friends, never" nanananana!

He is so dumbasssobastardandarrogantandeverything.

This is for what he has done to me for breaking my heart and made me pissed off with him for not so tolerate until hear my explanation not at 2AM in the morning see how soooo 'drop dead gorgeous' this man and sorry Ganga you are affected and stuck in the middle and I also enjoy to doodle your new hair hahahaahaha! 


Friday, 21 April 2017

From The North To East With Yousef 2

So Yousef spent over night at the home after been convinced by me like gazillion times. It must be tiring to riding the motor non stop and with sleepless sleep more and everything. Oh god...

When he arrived, my mom who was the one welcomed him at the door and I like lightning went up stairs to change. There were come my dad babbling I shouldn't run upstairs.

Okay, he is now in front of me and both my parents sitting at dinning table having food and drink served by us while have some chit chats until we had a break cause he and me went our for this certain shop called Mr.DIY by what? Of course the bike. 

Then I brought him to the Pahang River and we sat there for a while and trying hard to convince him to stay tonight before proceed the journey to Kuantan and Terengganu. In fact he accused me in disrupting the plan for that day and made him return back to Temerloh, just to come to my place. 
He thought that I live in Kuantan, like seriously he never pay attention when I speak. 

So, he stayed! He even met my Syrian neighbor who is a not so young anymore teacher just next two doors from my house. They were talking for quite long until maghrib and he came with red face cause of crying! A lot of heart touching that man had told him it must be. 

Then, we had dinner at Centrepoint by having the scrumptious big Bawal fish bought my dad. Before that, we had some shopping at TF to buy my stuffs before going back to Perthlis by tomorrow. So we went all together. At first, Yousef said to my dad that he had stop from eating fish once had a bone stuck in his throat and you can't guess who was going to add second plate of rice afterwards! 
That man ate so eagerly and happy to have that fish entering his mouth even request for second plate of rice. Awesome dinner!

After dinner, we have a really long conversation and loads of things we talked. He was the one who talk a lot actually and I was the one who listen a lot. He has his that ability in interpersonal communication and always has something to say. Not forget to mention that sweet dimple showed everytime he is smiling. Ah melting~ 

We talked about our family, past, present and future, 

"Hey, please don't fall in love with me ok?" 

"Excuse me!"

"Moon look at me, into my eyes..." 

I looked and within second moved my face from looking into him. 

"See I don't believe you, until now I am not sure who am I to you. It is so hard to read you."

And the talk went on on and on even we felt so so sleepy and couldn't take it anymore and went for bed at almost 2 am. He asked me to wake him up at 4 am to continue the journey but yeah even me over sleep and luckily awake at 5am and straightly wake him up. 

My parents were already woke up before he left and he said this to my mom

"I'm going to called you ibu and I will consider this is my malay family and for sure I will come again to here." :)))

And off he went to Kuantan and Kemaman.

From The North to East with Yousef

"What will we do if I come to your place? I have no money, there's a lot to think about transportation and accommodation and etc."

"Just come and you will be staying in my house and we could go back to Perthlis by car. Just come ok?"

"No, I am sorry I can't."

Fuck this boy. Just go to hell. I mumble alone to let the dissatisfaction out. I eat a lot to let my anger go inside me while hoping he would change the mind. But no, he is not.

Two days later, there was a post on Facebook stated that he's going to travel by motorbike state by state and I just simply text him how come that you said you have no money and now is travelling by that motorbike. Such a liar.

"I'm gonna sleep by the street."

"Where are you now? Where are you going to sleep tonight?"

"Maybe I will have a night over at my girlfriend's place."

Feels like a big stone hitting me.

Then, on that week on Friday this human text me "See you today, now at Karak..maybe in the evening."

Whhaatt! Is he crazy? From The North, Perthlis to be exactly, coming to here in East? He is really out of mind. At the end, yes he did it and he came to the house with the green motorbike together with his backpack. I was speechless. Feeling happy and all mixed up. Yousef Hekma is in the house!

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Cinta Untuk Jasmin 6

Qistina terburu-buru menuju ke tandas setelah tekaknya terasa loya sebelum memuntahkan segala isi perut. Kepalanya terasa pening bagaikan berpusing-pusing namun digagahkan juga untuk melangkah.

Belum sempat dia menarik nafas lega tekaknya kembali mual ingin memuntahkan segala yang terkandung di dalam perutnya. Hari tersebut terpaksa dia ambil cuti sakit kerana lesu akibat muntah berkali-kali dan kehabisan tenaga. Dia kuatkan diri untuk ke klinik demi berjumpa dengan doktor bimbang ada yang tidak kena dengan badannya.

Setelah diperiksa oleh Doktor Jess dengan teliti, kini dia duduk di hadapan doktor cina itu bagi mengetahui lanjut tentang penyakit yang dia alami. Doktor Jess hanya tersenyum setelah meneliti laporan pemeriksaan yang diserahkan oleh jururawatnya itu. 

“Kenapa doktor? Saya sakit apa sebenarnya?” Soal Qistina penuh kebimbangan.

“The report indicates that you are healthy, no any health problem. It’s just there is small seed inside your womb Qistina, congratulations you are pregnant!” Ujar doktor tersebut yang gembira untuk dirinya yang disahkan hamil.

“W-what?” Bagaikan hendak luruh jantung apabila mendengarkan dari mulut doktor tersebut.

 “Yes dear you will become a mother, and your are now seven weeks pregnant. No worry, it just morning sickness and early symptoms of pregnancy. I’ll prescribe vitamins for you okay?” Qistina tidak memberi sebarang respon dan masih tidak dapat menerima akan apa yang baru sahaja yang didengarinya itu.

Pulang dari klinik seharian dia berkurung di dalam rumah memikirkan nasib dirinya yang kini sudah terlanjur melakukan satu dosa besar yang mengakibatkan benih yang tidak berdosa ini berada di rahimnya. 

Sesungguhnya dia buntu dan tidak tahu harus berbuat apa. Akhirnya sampai lebam matanya kerana menangis mengenangkan perkara yang akan dia hadapi di kemudian hari kelak.
Tak akan mungkin dia membunuh janin yang langsung tidak berdosa ini. 

Dia akui dirinya sendiri yang berdosa dan dia sedar. Lantas, dia gagahkan diri untuk ke bilik air untuk berwudhu sebelum menunaikan solat taubat dan tenggelam bersama doa dan air mata yang berjuraian menemani malam sepi.

            Imran kembali ke pejabat di Entigo demi tuntutan tugas yang digalasnya sebagai Ketua Operasi sebelum mengambil alih tempat daddynya sebagai Ketua Eksekutif. Justeru baginya dia perlu menimba sebanyak mungkin ilmu dari semua bahagian kerana tanggungjawab yang bakal dipikulnya kelak bukanlah ringan dan boleh diambil mudah. Kelihatan Qistina berjalan keluar dari pantri pejabat kelihatan pucat dan tidak bermaya. “Qistina, are you okay?” Tanyanya prihatin melihat wanita itu seperti tidak sihat.

Qistina sekadar menjongketkan bahu. “Pening sikit.” “You sure boleh kerja hari ni? If not, I send you to clinic and get MC?” Imran mempelawa ikhlas bimbang dengan kesihatan pekerja syarikat daddynya itu. “No, thanks I dah pergi clinic semalam.”

“Then, what doctor said?” Soal Imran tidak puas hati. 

“Demam biasa je, nanti okay. Thanks for concern bos!” Ujar Qistina sekadar menyedapkan hati. 

“Look, kalau you betul-betul tak larat it’s okay just go home. Kesihatan lebih penting dari kerja Qistina.” Tegas Imran mengingatkan wanita itu sebelum berlalu masuk ke dalam biliknya untuk sambung kerja. Qistina sekadar mengangguk dan cuba bertahan untuk melakukan tugasnya.

Irwan Edrus lalu di hadapan meja setiausahanya, Qistina sebelum masuk ke dalam biliknya tanpa sedikit pun menoleh dan menyapa wanita itu. “Irwan wait. We need to talk!” Panggil Qistina namun lelaki itu buat dek sahaja. Qistina lalu memberanikan diri untuk bertemu dengan lelaki itu di dalam bilik. “Irwan.” Irwan sekadar memandang sekilas lantas kembali melihat di skrin komputer.

“We need to talk. Please.” Qistina menahan diri daripada melampiaskan marah bengang dengan sikap dingin lelaki bernama Irwan Edrus. “Go on, I’m listening.”

Qistina lantas mengambil duduk di hadapan lelaki itu sebelum mencari kekuatan untuk memulakan bicara. “I pregnant. And it’s with your child.” Terkejut Irwan mendengarkan kenyataan dari Qistina. 

“What did you said? You jangan nak macam-macam, that night you yang perangkap I and it’s all your fault!” Tinggi nada suara Irwan cuba bertenang.

“Kita berdua yang salah! Now, I’m begging you please…kita kahwin? For the sake of our child?” Tumpah jua air jernih dari mata Qistina yang ditahannya sejak tadi.

“What! You memang dah plan macam ni kan? For what? For you to have all my treasures hah well done Qistina Diana!” Irwan memperli Qistina tanpa belas kasihan.

“No. I memang cintakan you Irwan Edrus. Sejak pertama kali you muncul di Entigo, lima tahun I pendam perasaan ini. Atau sebab tamakkan harta dah tak ada langsung rasa cinta dan sayang dalam diri you ?” Semakin tinggi nada bicara Qistina dan berkurang rasa hormat pada lelaki ini.

“Gugurkan kandungan tu.” Spontan ayat tanpa Qistina duga meluncur laju dari mulut Irwan Edrus, bapa kepada janin yang dikandungnya ini.

“Never. Okay fine Irwan Edrus, it’s okay you don’t want to take responsible of your own flesh and blood but HELL NO would I give abbort to this baby! Sekurang-kurangnya I masih lagi ada rasa kasih dan sayang untuk bayi tidak berdosa ini.” Lantang dan tegas bicara Qistina sebelum bangun meninggalkan ruangan bilik tersebut.

Add caption

Salam, dah masuk beradu ke orang di sana? – Imran

W’salam,hi! Belum masih berjaga. Orang di sana pula?- Jasmin

Sama seperti orang di sana. Tak boleh tidur.. – Imran

Kenapa tak boleh tidur? – Jasmin

Teringat orang kat sana, rasa rindu. –Imran.

Kalau rindu cepatlah hantar rombongan masuk meminang, tiap malam mudah tidur hahaha! I’m kidding – Jasmin

            Setelah berbalas Whatsapp  lantas telefon bimbit Jasmin berdering menunjukkan nama pemanggil yang amat dikenalinya, Imran. Sengaja Jasmin membisukan suara membiarkan jejaka itu yang memulakan bicara di hujung panggilan. 

“Hello? Jas? Assalamualaikum…” Jasmin sudah tersenyum malu mendengarakan suara tersebut.

“Wa’alaikumusalam, ya?”

“Betul ke?” Soal Imran tiba-tiba membuatkan Jasmin mengerutkan dahinya,

“Betul apa?”

“Kalau rindu cepatlah hantar rombongan masuk meminang?” Tergamam dan kelu lidah Jasmin serta-merta apabila Imran mengajukan soalan tersebut. Niatnya hanya untuk bergurau sahaja. Tidak sangka sampai Imran ambil serius pulak. 

“Jas?” Panggil Imran di hujung panggilan.

“Err…ehem saya…saya bergurau sajalah Im! “ Ujar Jasmin sambil menggosok-gosok dahinya.

 “Tapi, takkan sikit pun awak tak ada perasaan pada saya?” Sudah. Jantung Jasmin berdegup kencang bagai nak luruh tidak tahu apa harus dijawabnya. Apakah harus dia jujur atau sebaliknya dengan pertanyaan lelaki itu. 

“Do you love me Jasmin Clarisa?” Soal Imran dengan nada paling tenang sekali. 
“Answer me honestly please.”
“Okay, Yeah you are a good man with husband material type. You have your own charm and it is comfortable to be with you. Yes, I do love you.” Akhirnya terbit jua lafaz cinta dari mulut Jasmin secara ikhlas dan jujur pada malam itu.

 “Seriously? You are not joking right?” Imran bertanya inginkan kepastian.

“Marriage is not a thing that to be played around with. It’s a serious matter to me Mr. Imran.” Jelas Jasmin menegakkan prinsipnya.

“Okay, then what if by end of this week Im hantar rombongan masuk meminang? Or it is too soon to you?”

“Jas discuss dulu dengan mama boleh? Nanti Jas confirm balik dengan Im yes?” Jasmin sudah dapat membayangkan riak wajah mamanya apabila mendengar khabar gembira ini dan pastinya tiada halangan untuk rombongan masuk meminang pada hujung minggu ini cuma dia sengaja tidak mahu menonjolkan sangat kegembiraan yang sedang dirasainya kini.

“Right cool, so…lepas ni Im boleh tidur lena dan nyenyak.” Kedengaran Imran tersenyum tetapi boleh didengar oleh Jasmin.

“Yelah nanti nak dodoikan macam baby pun boleh no problem ya haha! Okaylah have a goodnight and sweet dream.”

“Jas wait hold on. Thank you…”
“For accepting my proposal, me myself in your life. To live the whole entire life with you.” Hati tolonglah jangan cair sekarang! Jerit di dalam hati Jasmin.

“Thanks to you too for willing to take me to be as your wife and to be your lifetime partner.”

“I love you.”

I love you too. Ucap Jasmin di dalam hatinya sendiri tanpa Imran mendengar kalimah tersebut. Biarlah ia disimpan setelah ijab dan kabul agar lebih indah antara mereka kelak.


            Qistina tidak dapat menahan dirinya daripada memuntahkan segala isi perut dan dia terasa terlalu lemah dan tidak bermaya lantas terduduk di pantri pejabat sehingga Imran masuk ke dalam pantri itu juga dan melihat keadaannya yang membimbangkan.

 “Qistina! Ya Allah…awak okay tak ni?” Pantas Imran mendapatkan wanita itu yang sedang tersandar di tepi dinding dan cuba untuk membangunkannya. 
“Saya bawa ke klinik ya? Dah seminggu macam ni saya tengok. Please?” Tegas Imran.

Akhirnya Qistina akur dan membiarkan Imran membawanya ke klinik untuk mendapatkan rawatan. Sungguh badannya sudah lagi tidak terdaya untuk menahan rasa lesu akibat daripada kekurangan tenaga dan air dalam badan. Setelah diperiksa oleh doktor akhirnya seperti yang dijangka hasil pemeriksaan yang sama seperti tempoh hari akan didengari Qistina. 

“The examination result was shown that you’re pregnant Qistina. Eigh weeks pregnant, congratulations! This is your husband?” Tanya doktor Tee Siew Lim sambil memandang ke arah Qistina dan Imran.
 “He’s not my husband.”

“Oh sorry. So, don’t worry cause it is normal to experience all this at early pregnancy. I’ll give you some vitamins to you and make sure to take it daily okay?” Qistina hanya mengangguk lemah. Imran kelihatan penuh dengan muka tanda tanya menunggu masa untuk bertanya, tebak hati Qistina.

“Thanks Encik Imran.” Ucap Qistina usai mereka keluar dari klinik tersebut dan masuk ke dalam kereta. Imran memandang Qistina tanpa berkata apa-apa.

“Siapa ayah anak dalam kandungan tu?” Soal Imran. Qistina segera tertunduk malu dengan dosa yang telah dia lakukan. Sehabis daya dia menahan dari menitiskan air matanya namun tumpah juga di hadapan lelaki bernama Imran Firdaus ini. “Come on Qistina, tell me who is that man!”

“Irwan Edrus.” Mendengarkan itu, bulat mata Imran bagaikan tidak percaya. Qistina sudah teresak-esak menangis tidak dapat membendung kesedihan hati ditambah lagi keadaan fizikal yang letih dan lesu. Setelah itu, hanya sepi mengisi ruang dalam perjalanan mereka ketika Imran menghantar Qistina pulang ke rumahnya.

“Imran, please…don’t tell anyone?” Rayu Qistina penuh mengharapkan simpati. Imran sekadar mengangguk tak bersungguh sebelum memandu keluar dari kawasan pangsapuri tersebut. Fikirannya terbayang dengan wajah Irwan Edrus sarat dengan amarah setelah mengetahui apa yang telah lelaki itu lakukan terhadap Qistina.

            Sebaik sahaja sampai di rumah, kebetulan lelaki bernama Irwan Edrus berada di ruang tamu sedang senang-lenang menonton televisyen. Entah bagaimana gagal dirinya mengawal emosi mengenangkan apa yang sedang dialami oleh Qistina dan lelaki tersebut masih boleh duduk goyang kaki seperti tidak ada apa-apa. Dicekam erat kolar baju Irwan lalu ditumbuk sehingga berdarah mulut dan lebam biji mata lelaki itu. 

“Kau dah gila ke tiba-tiba tumbuk orang?” Marah Irwan sambil menahan perit tumbukan Imran.

“Gila? Aku gila ke kau yang gila? Kau dah buat anak orang mengandung dan kau ingat suka-suka nak lepas tangan macam tu?” Jerkah Imran dengan nafas naik turun.

“Hey! Astaghfirullah…Im, Irwan! Kenapa ni sampai bertumbuk?” Datin Maimon segera mendapatkan dua orang anaknya itu di ruang tamu.

“Ni…ibu tanyalah sendiri dengan dia ni apa yang dia dah buat sampai buat anak orang mengandung!” Terkejut Datin Maimon mendengar kata-kata Imran.

“Irwan? Betul ke apa yang Im cakap ni?” Irwan sudah menjadi tak keruan apabila diasak oleh pertanyaan Datin Maimon.

“It was not on purpose! It was a trap ibu. Qistina yang perangkap Irwan!” Irwan mempertahankan dirinya.

“Qistina? Your P.A? Ya Allah…Irwan, ibu tak pernah ajar anak-anak ibu buat benda maksiat dan terkutuk!”

“Apa sebenarnya dah berlaku ni? Im? Irwan?” Suara Datuk Iedlan bergema memenuhi ruang tamu itu tanpa disedari.

“Is that true what I’ve listened to just now Irwan Edrus? Imran Firdaus?” Soal Datuk Iedlan menghampiri antara mereka berdua.

“Say it! Is that really true Irwan Edrus?!” Nada Datuk Iedlan semakin meninggi dan keras, matanya tajam memandang tepat ke arah Irwan.

“I am..sorry. It was a mistake and…trap. Irwan tak expect akan jadi sampai macam ni.”

“So really is Qistina now pregnant with your child?” Irwan sengaja diam membisu tahu daddynya itu sedang dalam api kemarahan.

“Answer me!” Terkejut semua apabila Datuk Iedlan menjerkah kepada Irwan.


            Qistina teragak-agak untuk melangkah masuk ke dalam rumah mewah milik majikannya itu apabila Imran membawanya ke situ atas jemputan oleh Datuk Iedlan sendiri. Pelbagai persoalan mengisi ruang fikirannya bimbang dengan segala kemungkinan namun dengan bantuan Imran, dia beranikan diri juga untuk tampil berjumpa dengan bosnya itu di kediamannya itu. Disalami dan disantuni Datin Maimon apabila pertama kali mereka berjumpa secara peribadi begini. Segan menyelubungi diri ketika terpaksa berdepan dengan majikan sendiri.

 “Qistina apa khabar?” Sapa Datin Maimon dengan ramah.

“Alhamdulillah baik Datin. Datin pulak apa khabar?”

“Syukur alhamdulillah.. beginilah umur dah veteran, kulit pun dah berkedut. Qistina asal mana ya?” Datin Maimon sudah menjemput Qistina duduk di ruang tamu dan menghidangkan the dan kuih karipap yang dibuat sendiri olehnya.

“Tak adalah, Datin masih cantik dan menawan. Qistina asal Ipoh, Perak.”

“Tak jauh dekat je… mak ayah ada lagi? Adik-beradik?”

“Mak dengan ayah ada lagi, adik-beradik ada enam termasuk Qistina dan Qistina anak yang kelima.” Qistina jawab dengan tenang sambil menyorokkan perasaannya yang sakit dan pedih ditanggungnya kini. Datin Maimon mengusap-usap tangan Qistina bagaikan mengerti perasaan wanita muda itu. Pening kepalanya memikirkan bagaimana harus menyelesaikan masalah antara Qistina dan Irwan.

“You know why I’m inviting you over today?” Tanya Datuk Iedlan mencelah. Perlahan-lahan Qistina menggeleng dan tertunduk hormat akan majikannya itu.

“Pasal kamu dan Irwan.” Jelas Datuk Iedlan terus-terang. Qistina telah agak sejak dari rumah lagi. Pasti dari Imran mereka berdua dapat tahu mengenai hal ini.

“Begini, saya bercadang ingin berjumpa dengan mak ayah kamu secepat mungkin berbincang untuk satukan kamu dengan Irwan. Boleh?’’ Terkejut Qistina mendengar bicara majikannya itu. 

“Ta-tapi bagaimana dengan Irwan?” Bimbang jika Irwan tidak bersetuju dengan keputusan Datuk Iedlan.

“Dia harus bertanggungjawab atas perbuatan yang telah dia lakukan. Anak dalam kandungan itu anak dia, darah daging dia. So he has to take responsibility of what he has done.Bila boleh saya berjumpa dengan mak ayah kamu?”

“Err…bila-bila yang Datuk lapang?”

“Kalau boleh saya ingin langsungkan cepat pernikahan antara Qistina dan Irwan sebelum perut kamu makin membesar. Kita buat yang wajib dulu, yang lain tu kemudian tak apa.”

Qistina hanya mengangguk perlahan. Lega sedikit hatinya apabila Datuk Iedlan sudi menyatukan dia dan Irwan setelah apa yang terjadi. Betapa rasa syukur dipanjatkan kepada tuhan yang Maha Perkasa kerana telah mendengar dan mengabulkan doa-doanya.


            “Ibu…tak tidur lagi dah pukul sebelah setengah malam ni?” Tegur Imran ketika melihat ibunya masih berada di tepi kolam renang ditemani cahaya lampu yang menerangi sekeliling kawasan rumah mereka. “Ibu risau fasal Irwan dengan Qistina.”

“Ibu, kan kita semua dah setuju nak satukan mereka secepat yang mungkin? Insya Allah niat yang baik Allah akan permudahkan.”

“Ibu tengok baik budi bahasa budak Qistina tu. Tak sangka sampai boleh jadi macam ni.” Keluh Datin Maimon.

“Percayalah ibu, pasti ada sejuta hikmah di sebalik semua yang berlaku ini. Allah itu Al-Alim, Maha Mengetahui. Ibu jangan risau dan fikir banyak.” Imran mengusap bahu ibunya dengan penuh kasih dan sayang.

 “Moga-moga begitulah Im. Im ni kenapa tak tidur lagi? Esok kan kerja?”

“Itulah, sebenarnya Im ada benda nak cakap sikit dengan ibu.” Datin Maimon memandang menunggu ayat seterusnya dari anaknya itu.

“Apa dia cakaplah macam serius je? Nak kahwin?” Teka Datin Maimon main-main.

“Eh belum cakap dah tahu? Wah ada telepati ibu ni!” Imran menjadi teruja.

“Im nak kahwin dengan siapa?”

“Ibu pernah jumpa sekali dengan dia hari tu. Itu pun kebetulan masa di hospital masa Idris accident.” Ligat Datin Maimon memikirkan siapa wanita bertuah yang berjaya menambathati sang terunanya ini.

“Siapa? Oh….yang cantik tu, alah apa dah nama dia..Jas apa entah.”


“Jasmin! Owner Jas Fashion House tu? Yang makin famous tu?” Imran mengangguk tersenyum.

“Sejak bila Im dengan Jas bercinta? Diam-diam cakap nak kahwin?”
“Im pun tak tahu ibu, tapi hati Im kata yes she’s the one! So Im rasa jodoh Im dah sampai and I think I’m ready.”

“I’m happy for you sayang. Finally, after awhile since you were brokenhearted badly with Sarah…”
“Ibu please. That’s was a history and nothing more. Dah masuk arkib pun. I want to start afresh and moving on.”

“Yeah that’s my boy. Nanti kita pergi masuk meminang ya? Now, jom masuk dalam tidur.”

Lega rasanya apabila hasrat hatinya telah diutarakan kepada ibunya dan berharap segala-galanya dipermudahkan demi dia mendirikan baitul muslim bersama gadis idaman pilihannya, Jasmin Clarisa! Ternyata cintanya tidak bertepuk sebelah tangan kali ini.