Monday, 19 March 2018

Elhan Emilia Part !

We enjoyed to spend our time together. Chilling out, hanging out and talk about anything regardless race, origin country but the same faith. I feel enjoy. Because? Because I love to be friend with Elhan.
Muhamad Elhan Irsyad Emran, is the best friend to Emilia. Elhan is from a country that is not local while a future tv presenter enthusiastic, Emilia is a sweet girl from here, Malaysia. They both study in the same university in northern region of Malaysia. 

It has been three months since this young souls knew to each other. Despite the language barrier whereby Elhan is not that fluent in English yet is trying his best to master the language for easy to communicate with everyone here. In fact, he is also desires in learning malay language maybe because of Emilia? Only god knows it.

"Hey you must teach me malay. Please?" Utter Elhan providing a wide smile as usual to Emilia.

"Hey you too, teach me your language to me. This semester, I take Arabic language so..if I did not get an A. You must be dead meat." Emilia responds to Elhan, narrowing her both eyes while look at Elhan.

Elhan's mouth widen smile. There is something about this girl. Her attitude, her style in dressing up. It's not weird but she loves to appear in her own style and be different. Maybe that is the attribute that needed to be as a tv presenter, Elhan supposed.

"You may teach me or not?" Asked Emilia again for a confirmation. 

"Of course! Don't worry. I will help you my lady. Now let's eat the most delicious bread with peanut butter and tea you made for the first time ever for me today."

Once done with breakfast while enjoying the tranquil and fresh morning air at the university stadium, Elhan asks Emilia.

"Would you listen to my recitation of Surah An-Naba?"

"Yes please, go on." Elhan starts read the surah he memorized yesterday. Thus, it is quite not smooth, the reading. 

"Aha! You forgetful kid. Make sure to memorize for real. Now i want to hear from you to read Surah Al-Waqiah."

"But I don't save it in my mind."

Emilia tries to be calm. "What is the use of Quran application stored in your phone?"

"Hehehehe..." Elhan takes his phone then open the application.

"Now it's your turn, read any surah you know." Ask Elhan directly to Emilia.

"Me? Erm...well, ha! My voice is just happened to be not okay today yes. "

Elhan smiles annoyingly knowing that his best friend is lying. Emilia finally takes some moment to start read any surah that she loves and had memorized.  Elhan impressed and suddenly bent his body and makes Emilia worries. 

"You crying or what Elhan? You okay..haha chill man!"

"No...I are know god sends you to me. Incredibly amazing."

"Elhan, do you know there is verse in the Quran claims that 

Image result for baqarah 216

"Please, don't feel impressed about it on me? I'm just a normal human being full of flaws. Maybe now you see the good in me becasue? Because god is covering my flaws from being seen of you. Elhan gives a deep stares to Emilia complimenting this beautiful lady silently in the heart.

Monday, 26 February 2018

Mimo & Moon Rock KL

Yes, we then rock KL for 3 days and 2 night. Qiqi has such a beautiful soul to offer me her place to stay over while Mimo stays at his cousin's place. We spend the day by strolling around the hustle and busy city. We just took public transport and get tired by walking here and there but it was such a good experience in my life. It taught me to be brave, to be believe in my self that I can take care of my self, the art of convincing my beloved king and queen of life (mom and dad) to travel without them.
Apart from that, my good 'stick' friend cum my elder son, thanks for coming to Temerloh and accompany me while being in KL. I hope you will never regret to jalan-jalan with me again. If Mimo feels regret too, Moon doesn't care hihihi. Sabar Mimo sabar...Okay let's view the photos.

Yeah we rock the busy city - Kualalala Lumpur 

Just touch I swear

First day in KLCC

Found the piano stairs be like (over excited of course!)

Piano stairs and the jelly foot step in Times Square

Value buy!


from Masjid Negara to Pasar Seni by walking yes walking 

The Chinese New Year ornaments at KLSeeSee

Last time Qiqi And Moon Rock KL. But since Qiqi is now a working lady, Mimo is the next Moon's victim LOL

KebabG restaurant in Bukit Bintang. The food were so super scrumptious!

Send Qiqi to office before jalan-jalan 

First time being here, a picture must be shot

Seriously the arabic cuisine was so awesome!

National Mosque at the heart of Kuala Lumpur 

So many beneficial information about Islam 

The ceiling- is stunning right?

National Mosque or in malay Masjid Negara is opened to foreign visitors 

too captivated by the mesmerizing archictecture

Finally my wish to visit National Mosque is big checked!

Let us go to the next place!

Kuala Lumpur Station

China Town, Pasar Seni

Mimo tired face be like hahahaha

live the moment, don't forget do good and spread love okay?

That face when you are about to walk from Masjid Negara to Pasar Seni

The Moon Road 2

Again KLSeeSee Day 2

Do you know what can I eat to get a height like this dude in the photo? 

I change my mind. I am grateful for my current height now. God has created me perfectly. 

You have a dream? No? Hey, DARE TO DREAM!

To have a good and high impact photo, doesn't matter how the position to shoot okay get it?

KLSeeSee again Day 3 hahaha

Fuel up the stomach 

There was interesting untold story here with that security guard. Regarding this fountain.

just one word- C O N F U S E D

See you again KLSeeSee when I see you!

Finally, found the Bayyytaaa shop and I was dragged to get a new sneaker too. This is all because of Mimo. He influenced me.

Bless them

Hritik MimoShan is in the town yo!

KLSeeSee Park 

I did not snap but Mimo 

Mimo's Malaysian grandmother and grandfather and his beautiful foster mother hehehe

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Mimo Visits The Moon

 There was once upon a time, a tall dude visited his friend's hometown
Firstly first, I am sorry for not update for quite some times. A lot of things I wanna write up here but you know when the laziness plus the forgetfulness of me that I have a blog to update? And end up pile of untold remained untold. It is just basically, by writing up here will help me to keep track my life event and the bittersweet of my life. So yeah now is still struggling to start with the main topic.
Stop droning on dear self!

Semester break is just about to end soon and Mimo tell that he is coming to visit Moon in her hometown for sure? Time is ticking on the clock. Maybe he will not come. Moon assumed.

Few days later, Moon received a message from Mimo the 'stick man' (he is 180cm++ by the way hahaha) inform that "Moon I am coming! I will come before the holiday end, wait for me okay?"
Guess what? My "Hritik Roshan" really made his promise. He pays his visit to his "Malaysian mother" eventually. Well by the way, I have a lot of name for this cool Yemeni born guy and as long as he is enjoying his moment during the trip, I am happy too. He is like my 'son' yes i repeat again my son though we are the same age, he is like my eldest son and there is the younger brother of him that I call "my son" too. Crazy I know, how this happened? Long story be short, I care of them and I blabber or droning on non stop exactly like a MOM. It just I did not give deliver to them and yes they are from other side of the world and we seeking knowledge in the same university.

Alright, Moon is so excited to have her 'son' visits her and share the news with her mother which happen to be the 'grandmom' to Mimo. Mimo travels all the way alone from Johor to Temerloh,Pahang. My brave son! I fetch him with my queen of life at the bus station at early in the morning. Even the chicken are still sleeping soundly in its home. But again, anything for my lovely tall son that has a look alike that famous bollywood actor, Hritik Roshan. But this morning we had a breakfast with Hritik MimoShan!

*Big grin*

Super delicious Sandwich made by Moon's mom and Mimo seems like shy shy and controlling and also struggling to adjust himself at the dining table.

"Is it okay the sandwich or too spicy for you?"

Mimo nodding shyly and keep enjoying the food.

"Eat eat some more... don't be shy if shy you will get hungry."

Again, Mimo nods his head shyly LOL.

Related image
Mimo being shy hahahahahhahaha (kidding)
Well basically this is an appreciation post and my feeling of gratitude for my "elder son" for coming visit me in the hometown.  Not to waste any time, let's view the photos!

Walk in the Temerloh Town, heading to Pekan Sehari (morning market)

Mommy Moon brings her elder son to the lake called Temerloh Lake. Mommy sangat haha

Mom uses to be over dramatic isn't son? 

Mom in her own W O R L D 

Not only in Perlis but in Pahang too we have Kubang Gajah alright

When Chinese New Sales kick in be like

flower adored by moon

when your foster kid make a meaningful smile, that he wants something from his mommy. 

lalalalala land!

We were so amazed by the greenery at here, so cantik!

Heading to Tunas Manja Moon as Mimo says cause Prime Minister came by the morning for an official launching by holycopter

Happy kid with full of teeth 


May The friendship bonding grow like this big branch to infinity

what a waste to print the discount paper

playing the swing not that mood swing okay nonono

again, a mom has to be dramatic.

Mukala vs Temerloh

Temerloh will win!

We are going to jalan-jalan to..where? Stay tune!