Friday, 4 August 2017

Happy happy birthday always!

(22nd July 2017, Sat)
So we celebrated a day earlier than the exact date which is on the 23rd July. Fascinatingly, Mama Jaz and I we both share the same birth date. Sweet right?

Okay chill..

What? I know what’s on your mind who’s the hell is Mama Jaz coming from? Okay, she’s actually one of my mom’s upper six friends that until now they are still in touch. So, wan is Mama Jaz’s mother and she’s like my own dear grandmother. Literally, we are a family that sparks in our own version. Is it clear?

So Mama Jaz was the one who really into this celebration a day earlier cause she needs to go to KL by tomorrow to pick up one of her staff from airport. At first, she asked me and my mom about where would we go out to eat for lunch. Frankly, I have no idea guys. Nowhere!
After few suggestions here and there like Patin Tempoyak, Centrepoint and etc..
So Where?

Home. Yes babeh home is where we had our birthday celebration. At my home to be exact and tell you what it was awesome and fantabulous yet one of the modest but I can sense it was filled with feeling of grateful and thankful. With wan had her speedy recovery, and we had given longer live to breathe on this world. Thank you God.

The more the merrier was what we called when the party was also had Wafiy in the house! Yup my new pakwe (boyfriend) haha you got me kidding he’s just a ten-month-baby-boy uoll!
Also, Kak Yaya and Amer both were young parents to Wafiy, who else? There was Amar, my mom and of course the birthday girls!!!! My mom and me cooked a lot of special dishes and Mama Jaz had also brought a big bucket of KFC with Double Down burgers to the house. It was actually a double celebration which we celebrated majorly all those July Babies including Kak Yaya and Wan too! Wan's birthday is on 27th July so yeahh

Rich of delight and scrumptious food buddy! Everyone eat like a horse I guess. I’m happy to see daisy wan ate so a lot and Kak Yaya seems can’t help from stop eating Ikan Wan Tasek masak cili api (cooked with chilies and coconut milk). Baby Wafiy had also behave so good I can’t stop from bite this lil chick LOL. This lil human was just okay and adaptable with anyone who takes him to carry even he was so generous with his melting and sweetest smile on the earth that might stole each and every girls in this town! No he’s my pakwe okay? Okay.

Once this small family left, then came to the house another family from Putrajaya. Guess who?
They were our ex-neighbour, not my ex bear that in mind. Okay not funneh. So yeah there were them in the house just drop by since they moved for about 4 years ago. Sweet also right? Okay then, we were together went to their son’s babysitter who was also my acquaintance by walking distance from my place.

During the night, my mom has to catch up her bus going back to Kuala Terengganu for working and here I am being twenty-two without her by my side sobs.But but but… there’s something waiting coming on the next day! What is it? Check it out on the next entry alright?




Patin masak tempoyak the best ever in town! Had early dinner at house of Mak Cik Sakinah

Wafiy the victim of me

Ago what?


agoda is the name of the website that will give the best offer and discount for any hotel just by end of your finger!

If you love to travel and looking for hotel or appartment just name it, AGODA is the one that could give an awesome and incredible one!

Yes Agoda! That catches my heart the most so far. It was during my birthday on 23rd Jul on last week Mama Jaz and me we went up to KL. So she booked at Agoda for this very satisfied stay at a service appartment just by walking distance to lovely KLCC. Where?

MALAYSIA tanah airku absolutely!

We stayed at the Vortex Home Victoria which was a fully furnished appartment with very high security from G level I tell you. You wouldn't able to go up to the house if you don't have its special card. Die.

So sophisticated to me but could adjust to it once did the back and forth of walking round inside the building. I was dizzy just like that oh god!

Then not to mention with that lift doesn't want to go up even I had flash that so-called-special-card. Urghh!  Finally succeed to get to level 17 where we were staying phewww! Only after changed and confused with their lift!

Okay cool.

But I must say that I had fell in love. Yassss!
In love with the Home Victoria Vortex KLCC. It was simple decorated but has its own style and elegance and everything! You have to try it.
It was truly located at the heart of KL which you can see and witness the beauty of the city day and night oh myyyyyy!

"Since no one celebrates our birthday, let's just we celebrate ourselves hahaha!" Says Mama Jaz while we walking to Suria KLCC.

Cheers babeh!

Happy birthday to the both if us xoxo

Hello darling babeh

In front of Vortex Home Victoria

Evening stroll to the Suria KLCC

Birthday twins

So overwhelming by so Korean autumn eh?

Dot dot dot

Cant help stop from adore this skyline!

In laffff

One of the bedroom that is so comfort and cool 


22 & 48

Vortex that situated opposite by the Shangri La lalalala

Admire with everything in this Home Victoria!
Thanks for drop here


Thursday, 3 August 2017

My Daisy Wan Zaiton 2

(Saturday,16th July 2017)

Cardiac Congestive Failure was what happened to my daisy wan. It was where her heart was so-called suffocated by overload of water in her lung and surprisingly her blood pressure had increased too. That’s why swollen feet and thigh came. Lucky, Mama Jaz act quickly to bring her to the hospital. My mom had also called emergency department (casualty) and asked favor from her ex-colleague to help with wan’s matter. 

I then called Mama Jaz at night just to know how was everything and tell her that I was there any time if she need anything. So, for once in a lifetime wan has to over night at the bed of hospital until she’s very okay and get green light from doctor to discharge.

(Sunday, 17th July 2017)

“I want to see wan please bring me to hospital?” I told Mama Jaz on the phone. She was at the laundry and then I came to ward of Kenanga 14 to visit my daisy wan. Mama Jaz told me that since last night wan didn’t really sleep. She was so busy chatting with fellow folks around the bed that were admitted at the ward. Wan has knew each and every person in that ward. Cool right? That’s my daisy wan. So friendly hahaha!

In just one night can you imagine? She is now knew what that aunt is suffering from and that woman was just came out from ICU and had been transferred to here from last night. I was like..WOWWW
Her such strong spirit made her looked not sick. Meanwhile, I honestly is not ready to lose her for forever. Just not yet, not now please…

There was one of relatives called thru the phone and wan just simply said she will be discharged by today. I looked at Mama Jaz and Mama Jaz just smiled and shake her head no idea with what her mom says. So confident to discharge today huh wan? Even doctor has didn’t say anything. So excited lol.

But it was right. After been checked by one of the doctors and doctor had explained about her condition and wan was permitted to check out by today yahooo! Guess who was the happiest one in the world? Of course la wan she even was so impatient to change clothes and pack everything to go home after doctor has leave within minutes. Seriously!

Once done with packing and changing, wan went to the opposite bed to talk with this one patient that said just came from ICU. That woman looks so weak and pity for her. Wan talked to her and then moved to another bed just to greet them and not enough with that. She had also walked around to the other side of the ward. Such a doctor that do the round I tell you!

In short, we all were so grateful and happy and relived to have wan be fully recovered again. Lucky that Mama Jaz act super quick. It’s better than late. I know, sooner or later the time shall come and we have to accept but God makes wan live longer. I hope wan could see and witness my convocation in few years to come insyaa Allah.

I love you my daisy wan


One of Your sweetest granddaughter,

On the right were happy faces once discharged alhamdulillah

My daisy Wan Zaiton

Now that I have some free time to update here so enjoy reading dear peeps!

(14th July 2017, Friday)

I went along together to accompany Mama Jaz to Kuala Lumpur (KL) for an Annual Grand Meeting regarding tourism thingy at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) to be specific. But before went up to that super busy city, I met my daisy wan (grandmother) at her place. After so long didn’t meet and this soon to be 75-year-old-lovely-woman in the universe was so happy at to see me during the evening just before we head to KL. 

While Mama was busy packing her stuff, wan told me about her swollen feet and I saw them. Both feet were swollen for no reason and only me and wan herself knew about this. We thought it was not that serious, maybe got bitten by some kind of features and insects and would be better by days.

Then I told about it to Mama Jaz when we checked in hotel in KL. She was very surprised cause wan didn’t tell her anything about her swollen feet. Well, I can’t keep it secret when involving my dear daisy wan’s health. Now, we all just have her only after atuk (grandfather) has passed away two years ago. So she’s like gem and everything to us.

When Mama Jaz knew about it, she was pretty worried and if only she can just leave right now and back to Temerloh to make sure that wan is okay. I even told my queen (mom) on the phone cause she was working away from home at the moment and maybe with some sign and symptoms that I mentioned might be helpful to help wan to relieve her swollen feet. Nope my mom is not a doctor but she’s a nurse and my life time doctor and nurse. Sweet uhm?

Mom asked wan to put her feet a little bit higher than normal position during sleep. Can imagine? Okay good! So it did help literally but the swollen feet were still there and the thigh were also got swollen. Weird right?  Mom then just randomly said maybe this was related to heart problem since wan was never did regular check up and she’s healthy all this while so yeah.

By tomorrow, we rushed home and mom asked Mama Jaz to not postpone  to bring wan to hospital instead of clinic. So she sent me home first and brought wan to the hospital. Way earlier mom told mama Jaz to be prepare few stuffs to bring just in case wan will be warded.
Guess what? Yes, wan was admitted.

To be continue…

Wan and me once upon a time

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Thanks but thank you

So here we went to this particular fast food restaurant named McDonald where I ordered one set of spicy deluxe chicken, a large cup of coke and fun fries and also choc top (or whatever it is called hahaha too hard to say it). Oh did I mentioned with whom I went out with?

It's Ajay Devgan you all! Ok I lie. But yet to me is Ajay Devgan of Malaysian version which is this guy is actually a dear brother to me where we used to have and share our childhood together because we were good neighbor before both of our families moved to our respective new house. Even until now they come to the house during eid. I and three of them the Varma's siblings we were always together like cycle the whole area of our residence with our bicycles, running, chasing, playing ball just name it oh I miss those carefree moments!

Well, back to McD. It was like not that shameful but still I feel shame because when I was in the middle to take out the money from my casing, this gentleman had paid without me noticed it! Yeah I was so focused on taking out the money that time. When I gave the money to the cashier, she just refused to take it and said that the guy had paid for it. I was confused a second and looked at him.
(Can I just go hide under that table right now? )
That cashier lady just smile friendly to me.Behind me there's few people queued up waiting to be served.Don't want to waste any time, I brought the tray and sit with him. I tell to myself that I must pay back to him for the food. We talk and catch up about each other life things like that until it's time to go home.

This is an appreciation post for you my Ajay Devgan, thank you so much for the treat today. It is nice to have you accompany today and for the time today.

Till then, Love

p/s: Not to forget whoever who was so kind-hearted and generous that had treated me with scrumptious food you know who you are. Thanks from me!
Related image
Famous Ajay Devgan 

Monday, 3 July 2017

It's July Already?!

Yes it is to be true.
I guess it's not too late to wish Eid Mubarak taqaballahu minna waminkum
May Allah accepts all our good deeds.

Raya 2k17 oh I mean 2017 this year considered as full house and blissful one than last year which was totally not raya due to me is not that very well even no raya cookies and everything. However this year, so much grateful with the happening like come back to mama! HAHAHA.

Ok not that funneh.

No words can describe but utmost grateful to God cause of Him this all happening and loads of people coming to our house. Thanks guys for coming, really appreciate it! Surprisingly, some of my primary school girlfriends came to the house. I was like shocking because we had long time didn't catch up to each other everyone was so busy with our own business. That's normal right?
But it was great to see them again and I'm happy to have them in the house. Not to mention our ex-neighbor I repeat EX-NEIGHBOR not ex-boyfriend. How dare if my ex coming to house if  he really wants my side kick? Just kidding (even x, y and z I have NO!)

Additionally. the relatives that came with loads of kids 10 small kids ranges from 1 to 13 years old I tell you would be enough to cheer up and make havoc in the house but lucky you guys kakak love you all ! Raya is such a bless that would able to gather us all and catch up among another only once a year.

Put aside about raya, so I've really decided to change this blog's background and trying to make it interesting to be read (well is there anyone who reads this?)
If yes, thanks so much for your time dear you. I'm really looking forward to update about motivating and interesting kind of stories as well as to sharpen my writing skills here. If you noticed, I have no more used my pen name that is 'Miss Sparkler' but instead my name. I guess that's what maturity has done to me (hopefully) after few well-reflecting advice from my friend (you know who you are) . I appreciate you man, I'll never forget all your nice words to be honest.

Hence any kind and motivating comment are so welcomed from all of you.

Now that semester break has started and here you go my special song just for you who come pay visit to here.


Part 1

Part 2

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Exam was Done, Eid is coming

It's already in the last corner of ramadhan of this year. How time flies until we didn't realize it directly or indirectly. Seriously, so fast until it finish this semester for this academic year of 2016/2017.
What is wonderful I managed to go through until sitting the last exam of this semester.

*blow nails*

Indeed, it was so an amazing and exciting experience this time with specially new environments which staying in a other new hostel rather than the same like last one. Living here is so mobilize where we travel from here and there be it attending the class or lecture, tutorial and all.

So it is within 24 hours after I finished my last exam this morning on the barakah Jumaah before going for good for semester break. It's kinda a mixed feeling actually. I don't know how to put into words. It's like i'm gonna miss my routine walking every morning from hostel into main campus area Pauh until Pfi2 (hostel in the main campus) and take the bus from there back to Bumita.
I'm feeling happy well not that happy to be exact but that kind of feeling of freedom to see the view, out of the building and seeing the blue sky, bird chirping like singing songs and etc. Although walking alone, it makes me tranquil to get the fresh air of the evening.

So during this holly month, never did I go for walking like that except this one day which was to draw money from ATM in manufacturing school but sadly and exhaustively the machine was out of money.


This time, I made not that much but few new friends which is nice to get to know to each other. There's this one of my girlfriends who I thought weird in her own way but seems so naive and lonely and did not I expect that we became click and close like now. Maybe chemistry between us is so strong so that we became close and break fast everyday either at her place and nowadays at my place since i'm staying alone. She will brings her own green plate, spoon and knife sometimes to make orange juice.I used to encourage her when she feels down and feeling almost gives up in study because we were just gone through the critical time of facing the finals. It's an overwhelming and crazy and dizzy and everything i tell you!

It's my last day before off to hometown so we spend the time together since she's going back to her country abroad and we might not see each other like we use to do. This has literally makes me a bit sad and i'm acting cool outside but inside, god knows everything. Once done with iftar, we went to mango tree in the main campus checking out for mango to be picked from. Yes, we are craving for kerabu mangga! The three of us including one of her course mate we plucked the mango I guess nothing is left to be taken by others anymore. Others were still not ripe and you should wait baby!

Then. ate kerabu mangga made by her- so yummy!

The night is still on by we went out with this one another friend of us since he made us promise to treat us because we gave him the tips for final exam and notes to study.
It's maybe the last time before this friend going abroad to his hometown that is thousand miles from here for good. He's on the road to final and has finishes all. Good for him.

At first, he treated us pulut mangga and any other foods that we would like to eat. In the meantime, this friend talk talk talk and basically more to story telling that was very totally super funny I SWEAR! He's talented and gifted in story telling and for sure lots of kids even us the young adult is engross to hear him telling his story. The mimic, the use of voice to express, and body language hahaha was super duper hilarious and we would like want more more and more. Feeling also like a daddy bringing two twins outing coz mommy is on night shift wakakaka.

"Tell me if you want to go back. Don't throw the plate to me." Says him which is not finishing with his never ending story board.
One to another and another and we laugh so loud when the part he was doing a 'stand up comedian' in front of his language class. It went like this when he went up on the stage saying (something like this the conversation was)

"Hi you 'gays"" which made people laugh even the teachers themselves.

So when the teacher corrects him to pronounce the word be like

"What did you mean by saying that word?"

"What's the difference ? I think it's the same."

"No it's not! It's the difference of the G-U and G-A. What did you said just now?"

"You GAYS"

Me and my girlfriend burst straight away at the moment didn't care the people surround us anymore!

The conversation went on and on from topic to topic and until we done with it to go home.

Guess what?

We in fact straight away went to Kuala Perlis instead went back just to see the city on the night.
Beautifully sharing of insights that I inspired and got through this journey.
Somehow to push ourselves to continue doing in what we are doing now.

Talk to yourself. Find in your inner self that sometimes being misheard. Check ourselves if we are okay or not? Along the driving, rave musics were turned extra loudly which is we enjoying the night in return as the treat of struggling with exams. He then, treated us ice cream of pisang manis-manis from Mc Donald before went home.

In short, in this area of age people might come and go. It's natural things and normal. The most important is, cherish the moment while it last.

We are just for temporary in this world.

Happy sahur dear readers, sending you all my love :)