Sunday, 15 October 2017



That's what bring us together become closer though we just knew for a week except with Y that despite the conflicts we had before, honestly... I don't know Y?

We are back good together as for now. Even, having knowing some other new freshies and etc has made me feeling the such of warm of love and joyful to be along with them.
Maybe this is the so-called-term chemistry?

Mayyybe...But the most important thing is I do feel enjoy to spend my moment with them all the seven including me myself staying up until at the late night even until we didn't had slept the whole night. Imagine, I had endured the pack schedule of classes during the day and by logically I supposedly feeling tired and don't mingle with them all at the cafeteria at night be like an owl.
Before, never I go downstairs to the cafe where there's a lot of tables and chairs available for us to hang out and have the meal. I rather stay at home, singing by using my darling gigantic microphones entertaining my self in my own room.

A week having met and knowing each of these funny cool 'monkeys' had even enlive my life as a uni student. To recall back how we all could get along together was like hmm.. okay
if I can say that this Speak Up Workshop organized by International Entrepreneurship Student Conference (IESC) here in our university. So through this event of two weeks, I met one this so look alike a 'waiter' with a shirt tucked in and was wearing a dark blue cap named Nali the stick boy. He is such a tall man but with gorgeous and sweet white teeth when he's smiling :)
He came late to the event so coincidentally my group was the one that near to the entrance door when this Sudanese guy came in approaching us to join along the workshop.

"Come let join us it's okay!" I uttered with the sweetest smile that I can make. So he joined us and even during the program, Y also being there without me expected it. Okay let him be, I am here to dig as much knowledge as I can while he..ughhh go away from my sigh please.

Nevertheless, deep down in me intrigued about him. I mean how are him doing these days? How's life going on since long time we didn't had a chat. Only we say hi to each other at the end. Whatever.
Few days later, here there I received a message from an unknown number. It's from Nali.

"Is this Munirah..Moon?  Hi, last time you said that you write on blog?"

"Nali hi! How are you? Yes that's true...why?"

So he wants to visit my blog here mannnn. He finds my mobile number from the group just was interested to view and read my blog cause it is the first time he met a blogger for real. I was like, uh uh but have to control myself you know...So yeah I gave the blog url and he go through it. As for him, he just watch a writer or blogger in movie but now, is for sure real!

Can I do star jump now? Hehehe okay chill.. but somehow I felt weird? Don't ask why. Well, it's the statement that I had never ever heard before which is never met a real writer in life but today has got the chance to meet one. this kid uh.

Done with blog, I asked him "How deep is your knowledge about Photoshop? Can you use Adobe Illustrator?"

"Too deep." Replied him. "Okay, why don't we have an evening walk today please? We can talk about it further." I asked him and off we went to had a walk until night. So that's how I knew Mr.Stick named Nali the artist.  While walking that evening, we bumped into with Y with his motorbike and he stopped by the side of the road tend to talk to Nali. So they knew to each other.

At night, do I read message from Y saying "happy to see you walking again." I just don't have idea how to react to that message and just leave it without any reply. On the next day, once back from class in the evening, again this man texted me asking "Do you go walking this evening?"
What the..such an annoying this kid uh!

"Yes" I replied lazily and in few mins he replied back "What time?" I told that at 5.30pm and he was like "Wait for me"

I smile moderately trying to compose myself.

To be continued....

Whisper to the sky
Power rangers!!!!
One with Mr.Stick
What does he eats to get this height uh? 
A flower with two bugs
Cool kids
being nuts!

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Seal with Love But..

Be careful with it

Cause it is fragile thus please handle with care

For I am too, a human with that feelings

In the midst of feeling over the moon

Deep inside my heart is in the shed of tears

Silently unexpressed

Let only God soothes this wounded heart

Though gradually but His cure

is the best

Allah ya Wadud

The All Loving <3

Life's too short, cherish while it last. ENJOY!

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Elis Adores Emir

It was freaking hot during the noon. Elis get down from the bus together with other fellow students.
She strides faster to prevent from the burning sun and the situation at the bus where students hop on and off were pretty busy due to peak hour. Out of the blue, she saw one this familiar face walking heading her with moderately smiling to her.

"Be careful, be careful...hi how are you?" Exclaimed Emir while striding to the bus place.

Awwww that soothing cute! Elis says to herself in the heart. What a day!

"Uh? Oh I'm fine.

" In the mean time, noticed there is a bus behind her to start moving.

And again Emir emphasized not so loudly but enough to be heard by Elis, "be careful, be careful!"

Without thinking anymore, Elis furiously runs crossing to opposite road before the bus start moving almost near to hit her.

"Phewww!" Elis sighs but was feeling so over the moon to see him again.

Elis is so over joy to see that soothing and good looking face of him. That's it.

Point of the story, don't be like Elis that easily feels attracted with the look of her opposite gender. Generally, Elis has only admiring the physical outlook of Emir solely cause as for Elis, she is just enthusiastic to see that beauty creature created by Allah. So Elis returns back the beauty of God's creation by praising Allah a lot.

Ya Khalik (The All Creator) what a beautiful look and attitude that you had created on your this particular slave.


Saturday, 23 September 2017

Cinta Untuk Jasmin 7

        Usai bertemu bersama klien di sebuah hotel terkemuka di ibu kota, Imran melangkah keluar dari kafe hotel untuk pulang ke pejabat dan tiba-tiba bahunya terlanggar bahu seseorang yang pernah dia kenali sebelum ini. Personalitinya masih tidak berubah sejak kali terakhir mereka bersama sebelum masing-masing memutuskan untuk membawa haluan masing-masing dan kini setelah dua tahun mereka dipertemukan di bumi Malaysia ini.

 “Im? Imran?” Tegur wanita berambut perang gelap sambil membuka cermin mata hitamnya. “It’s you Imran Firdaus? Oh my…” Wanita itu sudah mendekati Imran kelihatan teruja terserempak dengannya pada hari ini.

“Zatasha? Hai…” Imran sekadar berbasa-basi tidak berniat sombong. “Babe, thought you are in London! It’s been two years since we broke up and then you lost just like that.” Zatasha memetik jarinya spontan. “Yeah, here is my home back then. You buat apa kat sini Sha? Bukan ke you stay overthere, London?” 

“I’m on business trip so alang-alang balik kampung sekali visit my parents. Well, why not we have a cuppa to catch up of each other’s story?” Imran lantas mengerling ke arah jam tangannya dan bersetuju untuk minum bersama wanita tersebut.

“Im, you know how terribly I am missing you sayang?” Jujur tanpa Imran sangka ayat sedemikian meluncur laju dari mulut Zatasha sejurus mereka mengambil duduk di sebuah sudut di kafe Hotel Royal Chulan. Imran sengaja membisukan diri hanya memandang tepat ke dalam mata Zatasha. “Okay, fine I’m sorry for all what had happened for those years. Just for you to know that after we clashed, baru I rasa satu kehilangan besar dalam hidup I Im. I missed your smile, your laugh, your jokes everything…” Imran sekali lagi diam tanpa bicara hanya membiarkan Zatasha meluahkan perasaannya.

“Hey, say something please? Don’t you miss me hmm?” Soal Zatasha penuh mengharapkan simpati.
“You chose fashion than me. I have lost to your ever dream carrier. I have moved on now.” Tutur Imran dalam senada suara yang sedikit kecewa. Zatasha tertunduk berasa kesal atas keputusan yang telah dia lakukan pada dua tahun dahulu. “Sayang, I am so so sorry…I knew I’ve hurt you and am really sorry. Please forgive me?”

Imran tersenyum ikhlas lalu mengatakan bahawa dia telah lama memaafkan Zatasha dan untuk kembali bersama seperti dahulu besar kemungkinan tidak.
“But why? We can start over you know? Like we used to be before? I love you so much Im…and I don’t want to lose you again.” Pinta Zatasha penuh mengharap.

“Simple,we’re not meant to be together Sha. I’m getting married soon, and I hope you too would move on and find any man out there that are better than me.” Zatasha senyum sinis mendengarkan kata-kata bekas kekasihnya ini. “They will never be the same. I want you. Only you, my desire, my hapiness and my only one. You bohong kan fasal nak kahwin just to avoiding me?”

“I’m serious. Look Sha, between us are nothing now but history. I hope you akan jumpa dengan lelaki yang jauh lebih baik dari I and you both will happy ever after with kids, grandkids and great grandkids.” Imran memujuk menyedapkan hati Zatasha. “Siapa wanita bertuah yang berjaya menambat hati my Imran Firdaus ini?”


 Jasmin sedang ralit meneliti rekaan terkini Qaihara Busra untuk dijual di dalam talian menerusi Jas Fashion House kelak sebelum mendapat kelulusan oleh pihaknya sendiri. Dia betul-betul ingin pastikan setiap perincian rekaan adalah yang berkualiti dan bermutu tinggi supaya para pelanggan berpuas hati dengan pembelian yang dilakukan. Elie yang menemaninya mendekatinya lalu mengingatkan akan temu janjinya dengan seorang lagi pereka di pejabat pada petang ini.

“Jas, dah dua setengah petang ni. You have another appointment with D’Xandra at three p.m. today.” Segera Jasmin melihat ke arah jam di tangannya dan cepat-cepat menyudahkan perbincangan dengan pereka fesyen bernama Qaihara itu sebelum bersedia untuk kembali ke pejabatnya.“So, I’m all satisfied with this lattest collection and soon I’ll ask Tyn to in touch with you about all the procedures and all that kind of things. I really love this blouse, will sure have it for my wardrobe collection!” Ujar Jasmin sambil mengelus blouse merah, antara rekaan milik Qaihara.

“I’ll reserve it just for you then babe. Anyway, thanks for coming and glad you suka with all my latest design. Hopefully customer pun sukalah.”
“Mesti, Qaihara Busra…the top young fashion designer in Malaysia! Okaylah I got to go now, nanti apa-apa Tyn akan contact you.”

Setelah Elie dan Jasmin keluar dari butik Qaihara Busra, ketika melangkah untuk menuju ke parkir kereta mereka ternampak Imran yang amat mesra dengan seorang wanita cantik dan akhirnya wanita itu memeluk erat Imran dan Imran langsung tidak menolak akan pelukan itu. Tak berkutik Jasmin melihat babak peluk-memeluk itu tepat di hadapan matanya. Tersedar dari leka melihat mereka berdua, pantas Jasmin menuju masuk ke dalam kereta dan tanpa sedar air matanya tumpah membasahi pipi. Elie hanya mendiamkan diri takut untuk berkata apa-apa bimbang ditambah kesakitan hati bosnya itu.

“Im, I will be missing you so much after this. Make sure she will be taking good care of you. Kalau dia tak nak you, I’m here okay?” Sempat lagi Zatasha bercanda dengan Imran namun dia cuba untuk berlagak ketawa dan gembira untuk lelaki ini.
“Yeah that I’ll make sure. You too, take care and hopefully you will find your prince charming one day and please cheer up?” Sekali lagi Zatasha tidak dapat menahan rasa sebaknya dan memeluk Imran sekuat hatinya.


            Sudah masuk sepuluh kali panggilan tidak dijawab oleh Jasmin sejak tadi. Mesej pun tidak berbalas. Hairan Imran dibuatnya. Akalnya mencuba pulak untuk menelefon pejabat wanita itu. “Elie, Jas ada kat office tak?”
“Err Encik Imran, Jas ada cuma…I’m afraid she’s busy now?” Suara Elie kedengaran teragak-agak di hujung telefon.

“Please just a minute connect me to her.” Rayu Imran. Elie pulak serba salah takut dimarahi Jasmin jika melanggar arahan bosnya itu.
“Now Elie. Just do it.” Tegas Imran. Tanpa menunggu lama, talian terus disambungkan ke talian di dalam bilik Jasmin. “Hello Jas Fashion House, Jasmin speaking.”

“Jas, where did you go? Im called banyak kali phone kenapa tak angkat?” Kedengaran nafas Imran naik turun.
“I’m busy.”
“Busy sampaikan tak boleh pick up my call just for a minute? Are you akay?”
“Betul-betul sibuk, banyak benda nak kena settle.”
“Did I do anything wrong to you? Anwer me honestly.”
“Anything wrong huh? You ask yourself what did you do yesterday?” Sinis nada Jasmin memerli Imran.

“W-What? How do I know If you didn’t tell me then?” Imran ligat memikirkan tentang apa yang telah dia lakukan pada hari semalam.
“You really don’t know or saja buat-buat bodoh tak tahu? Bepeluk sakan depan Royal Chulan semalam tu apa?”

Imran menepuk perlahan dahinya dan mundar-mandir di dalam pejabatnya. Sekarang baru dia tahu mengapa Jasmin bersikap dingin dengannya sehingga panggilannya pun langsung tidak dijawab.
“Okay, let me explain it. She was my friend okay? An old friend.”
“An old friend that can be hugged and kiss in public? Wow, good reason.” Jasmin hentam cukup-cukup.

“Jas please, percayakan Im? Can we meet during lunch hour? I’ll have you it clear about it.”
“Nak clear apa lagi, dah cukup clear dah semalam. Kalau kawan, takkan peluk cium sampai begitulah Im! “

“Jas…Jas! Dengar…” Belum habis lagi Imran menghabiskan ayat, Jasmin sudah meletakkan telefon. Imran tahu, wanita itu cemburu dan kini dia harus menjelaskan semuanya kepada Jasmin sebelum hal ini diperbesar lagi kerana dia tidak sanggup kehilangan Jasmin dalam hidupnya.


            Pernikahan antara Qistina dan Irwan Edrus telah selesai dijalankan dengan dihadiri oleh ahli keluarga terdekat. Hanya majlis serba ringkas berserta jamuan makan sempena meraikan kedua mempelai diadakan sekali gus bagi kedua-dua pihak lelaki dan perempuan di sebuah hotel. Semuanya diuruskan oleh Datuk Iedlan dan isterinya dibantu oleh Imran terutamanya sementara Irwan hanya menhadirkan diri ketika majlis akad nikah yang telah ditetapkan. Ikutkan hati ingin sahaja dia membatalkan semua ini dan melarikan diri tanpa pengetahuan sesiapa namun, semuanya telah terlambat dan kini Qistina telah sah bergelar isterinya.

“Irwan, sambutlah salam isteri tu…” Ujar Datin Maimon yang berada di sebelahnya. Semua mata tetamu kini tertumpu ke arahnya menunggu untuk sesi pembatalan air sembahyang.
Dengan rasa canggung dia menyambut salam Qistina yang lantas mencium tangannya. Ada suatu rasa yang sukar ditafsir menjalar ke seluruh badan disaat wanita itu menyalaminya.
Kemudian dia disuruh untuk mencium dahi isterinya itu oleh Datin Maimon. Sungguh apa sebenarnya perasaan yang sedang dirasai ini?

Mereka kemudian disandingkan di atas sebuah pelamin yang dihias indah oleh perancang perkahwinan yang telah diarahkan oleh Datuk Iedlan sendiri.

“Senyumlah sikit…tambah satu sudu gula….dua sudu gula…tiga sudu gula…em…pat…” Usik Imran yang berada di sebelah Jasmin masih memujuk wanita itu yang masih dingin tentang dia dan Tengku Zatashah tempoh hari. Jasmin pura-pura fokus dengan persembahan oleh sekumpulan penari yang sedang mempersembahkan tarian zapin di hadapan para tetamu yang hadir.

“Sayang…manis ada, senyum tarak…” Sambung Imran dengan lenggok Bangladesh. Jasmin tahan semaksimum mungkin untuk tidak ketawa namun kalah akhirnya. Mereka akhirnya sama-sama tergelak.

“I miss this smile..that sweetest smile that melting my heart.” Ucap Imran spontan sambil melihat ke dalam mata Jasmin. Jasmin terasa salah tingkah dan tidak tahu apa yang ingin diucapkan kepada lelaki yang segak berbaju Melayu berwarna ungu muda itu. Tak sempat untuk dia mula berbicara ketika lidahnya ingin berkata, nama Imran dipanggil untuk memberi ucapan buat kedua mempelai sebagai wakil keluarga. 

“Just a moment, be right back sayang.”

Gulp. Jasmin terkedu mendengar ayat terakhir dari lelaki tersebut. Pertama kali Imran mengucapkan kata itu terhadapnya dan hatinya berasa berbunga sejujurnya.


Setelah selesai majlis resepsi pada malam itu, Jasmin meminta izin untuk pulang dan sebelum itu sempat dia bertemu dengan ibu Imran, Datin Maimon untuk mengucapkan tahniah.

“Jasmin, maaflah aunty tak dapat duduk borak panjang dengan Jasmin. Nanti datang rumah kita borak-borak panjang bawa mama sekali okay? Cantik sungguh orangnya, manis..tengok dekat depan mata lagi cantik dari tv dan majalah. Pandai Im pilih…” Tersenyum manis Datin Maimon sambil bersalam dan memeluk Jasmin.

“Insha Allah aunty, saya balik dulu ya.” Jasmin meminta diri dengan perasaan malu menyelubungi dirinya.
“Tak lama berbesanlah kita ya Jazwin! Tak sabar saya nak terima menantu kedua. Lagi cepat lagi bagus.” Datin Maimon berbicara kepada Puan Jazwin, mama Jasmin yang turut hadir pada majlis resepsi Irwan dan Qistina.

“Eh saya lagi berbesar hati nak dapat menantu, maklumlah lima tahun lepas terima menantu lama sangat menunggu..moga-moga adalah jodoh kita berbesan tahun ni ya Datin! Umur dia orang pun bukannya makin muda, sepatutnya dah anak lima ni.” Pantas Jasmin menyinggung lembut lengan mamanya, dihimpit rasa segan yang amat. Jasmin cepat-cepat mengajak mamanya pulang dan menamatkan perbualan yang nampaknya semakin rancak jika tidak dicelah.

“Jas! Kejap.” Panggil Imran yang kalut mendapatkannya.

“Nah…” Hulur Imran dua buah beg berisi pulut kuning dan beberapa kuntum bunga telur kepadanya.

“Tadi dah dapat, cukuplah.” Senyum wanita itu.

“Ambil jelah, ada lebih…boleh bagi rumah sebelah kan mama erk sorry aunty.”

“Boleh dah start practice panggil ‘mama’ apa salahnya…” Puan Jazwin tersengih-sengih suka melihat wajah kalut tak keruan anak gadisnya itu.

“Jom mama, dah lewat ni.Kami minta diri dulu.”

Belum sempat Jasmin melangkah pergi, dipanggilnya oleh Imran lagi. “Ya apa lagi Encik Imran Firdaus?”

“I will call you tonight.” Sengaja membalas kenyataan tersebut Jasmin lantas meneruskan langkahnya untuk pergi dari dewan hotel. Imran masih tegak berdiri di situ sehingga hilang kelibat wanita itu dari pandangan matanya.


Friday, 22 September 2017

Blessings Taken For Granted?

Welcome back to school yohooo!

First thing first Im so soooo sowieee
Okay serious.
I am so terribly sorry for being passive on here for a month or maybe more than that.
You know, when semester break kicks in, there is only one in my mind that I wanna do.
E.N.J.O.Y yass guys enjoying to the fullest the off from hectic and dizziness of assignments and exams and etc and end up a pile of entries were postpone to be posted on here.

To be honest, I already wrote on my notebook for what I want to update here to be sharing with the readers whooaapp! Do there people read or visit by here?
Thank you for anyone who dropping by I really appreciate and humbly from the bottom of my heart for you to comment on the comment session below with any kind of words especially in sharing something beneficial okay can you? Right.

So far all is good and I'm kinda starting over a new leaf with my self motivation or self esteem.
I mean who else if we ourselves didn't be strong for ourselves right?
People usually are happier to see you be fall or being in calamity instead be succeed and move forward cause they can't see you are in advance than him. To be frank, people in current era are kinda scary or I'm the one who feeling this thing?

I had promised to myself last time that I'm going to share something here that might bring advice to us all. How it is so special and a blessed to have a good health. Have you ever wonder when you are feeling sick which will lead to affect any other things like important works that need to be done or for sure the mood gets affected and feeling like death is coming to us.

It was pretty frightening when suddenly I felt so hardly to breathe, gasping for air and there times where the heart went palpitation and made me feel "O God, am I going to be dead so soon? What if this is a heart attack? Noooo..."

That moment there were very quite often it happened yes during semester break. Feeling worried about myself I undoubtedly told my mom and quickly she asked her colleague to arrange for an appointment with doctor. That time she was still in Kuala Terengganu (K.T) where has been 1.5 years to served with HSNZ at the heart of K.T. before now alhamdulillah she's been transferred back to our hometown yeay!

Back to the story, so on the day once I complained about being hard to breathe and everything then mom called me and said to get ready to be on for an electronic portable device called Holter.
What the hell is this hahaha okay chill... it is actually a device that records the heart's rythm within 24 hours and guess what you cannot get shower the whole time had that device been stick to the body.

Image result for holter monitor images
Holter monitor device
Once done with that thing, when mom was back for weekend off duty she brought me to hospital for further check up that was blood investigation and Echocardiogram (ECG). On that day we got to know the result which all was okay but...Dr.S said to me that he suspected my red blood cell shape were not in that supposedly like normal one. They were in various shape.

He gave analogy like doughnut. Yass doughnut where there were Dunkin Donut, Big Apple Donut, normal donut and 'kuih keria' (malay traditional kuih) which might showing that I'm having certain blood disease issues here. However, this shall not affect my routine he guess inshaaAllah.. and in order to know further I had to take another blood test just for another one specific investigation. Of course my Queen would draw my blood not anybody else no no no.

As for the Holter's result (all result was fast thank god) it's been detected I've suffering from rapid or palpitation at 7.40pm. Can I say maybe it's you that made my heart been not in order can I LOL.
"Here showing that you are feeling palpitation and..."
"Aha! Yass that's it! You are so clever do you know?"

Like hello...result was in his hand god! That Dr.S was kinda shocked to my reaction that we the one who might get mild heart attack caused by me. Gulp.
But seriously, there is one fine of feeling sensibility deep here in my self "What if I will die soon in few days or few hours suddenly?"

Sighhhhh. That week was a bit stressful to me to had this scary thought until mom said to me "we had did the best to do scientifically and now to Allah we submit everything."

Yes mama, we did our best let Allah do the rest.

My point is, how easily most of us to take for granted the health that we have now?
Do we use it for good?
The eyesight, the taste bud, the sound we hear, tongue to utter words, hands and legs?

Fa bi ayyi alaa irrobbikuma tukazzibaan
(And to which of His blessing do we deny from?)

Let us reflect for a second.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Happy happy birthday always!

(22nd July 2017, Sat)
So we celebrated a day earlier than the exact date which is on the 23rd July. Fascinatingly, Mama Jaz and I we both share the same birth date. Sweet right?

Okay chill..

What? I know what’s on your mind who’s the hell is Mama Jaz coming from? Okay, she’s actually one of my mom’s upper six friends that until now they are still in touch. So, wan is Mama Jaz’s mother and she’s like my own dear grandmother. Literally, we are a family that sparks in our own version. Is it clear?

So Mama Jaz was the one who really into this celebration a day earlier cause she needs to go to KL by tomorrow to pick up one of her staff from airport. At first, she asked me and my mom about where would we go out to eat for lunch. Frankly, I have no idea guys. Nowhere!
After few suggestions here and there like Patin Tempoyak, Centrepoint and etc..
So Where?

Home. Yes babeh home is where we had our birthday celebration. At my home to be exact and tell you what it was awesome and fantabulous yet one of the modest but I can sense it was filled with feeling of grateful and thankful. With wan had her speedy recovery, and we had given longer live to breathe on this world. Thank you God.

The more the merrier was what we called when the party was also had Wafiy in the house! Yup my new pakwe (boyfriend) haha you got me kidding he’s just a ten-month-baby-boy uoll!
Also, Kak Yaya and Amer both were young parents to Wafiy, who else? There was Amar, my mom and of course the birthday girls!!!! My mom and me cooked a lot of special dishes and Mama Jaz had also brought a big bucket of KFC with Double Down burgers to the house. It was actually a double celebration which we celebrated majorly all those July Babies including Kak Yaya and Wan too! Wan's birthday is on 27th July so yeahh

Rich of delight and scrumptious food buddy! Everyone eat like a horse I guess. I’m happy to see daisy wan ate so a lot and Kak Yaya seems can’t help from stop eating Ikan Wan Tasek masak cili api (cooked with chilies and coconut milk). Baby Wafiy had also behave so good I can’t stop from bite this lil chick LOL. This lil human was just okay and adaptable with anyone who takes him to carry even he was so generous with his melting and sweetest smile on the earth that might stole each and every girls in this town! No he’s my pakwe okay? Okay.

Once this small family left, then came to the house another family from Putrajaya. Guess who?
They were our ex-neighbour, not my ex bear that in mind. Okay not funneh. So yeah there were them in the house just drop by since they moved for about 4 years ago. Sweet also right? Okay then, we were together went to their son’s babysitter who was also my acquaintance by walking distance from my place.

During the night, my mom has to catch up her bus going back to Kuala Terengganu for working and here I am being twenty-two without her by my side sobs.But but but… there’s something waiting coming on the next day! What is it? Check it out on the next entry alright?




Patin masak tempoyak the best ever in town! Had early dinner at house of Mak Cik Sakinah

Wafiy the victim of me

Ago what?


agoda is the name of the website that will give the best offer and discount for any hotel just by end of your finger!

If you love to travel and looking for hotel or appartment just name it, AGODA is the one that could give an awesome and incredible one!

Yes Agoda! That catches my heart the most so far. It was during my birthday on 23rd Jul on last week Mama Jaz and me we went up to KL. So she booked at Agoda for this very satisfied stay at a service appartment just by walking distance to lovely KLCC. Where?

MALAYSIA tanah airku absolutely!

We stayed at the Vortex Home Victoria which was a fully furnished appartment with very high security from G level I tell you. You wouldn't able to go up to the house if you don't have its special card. Die.

So sophisticated to me but could adjust to it once did the back and forth of walking round inside the building. I was dizzy just like that oh god!

Then not to mention with that lift doesn't want to go up even I had flash that so-called-special-card. Urghh!  Finally succeed to get to level 17 where we were staying phewww! Only after changed and confused with their lift!

Okay cool.

But I must say that I had fell in love. Yassss!
In love with the Home Victoria Vortex KLCC. It was simple decorated but has its own style and elegance and everything! You have to try it.
It was truly located at the heart of KL which you can see and witness the beauty of the city day and night oh myyyyyy!

"Since no one celebrates our birthday, let's just we celebrate ourselves hahaha!" Says Mama Jaz while we walking to Suria KLCC.

Cheers babeh!

Happy birthday to the both if us xoxo

Hello darling babeh

In front of Vortex Home Victoria

Evening stroll to the Suria KLCC

Birthday twins

So overwhelming by so Korean autumn eh?

Dot dot dot

Cant help stop from adore this skyline!

In laffff

One of the bedroom that is so comfort and cool 


22 & 48

Vortex that situated opposite by the Shangri La lalalala

Admire with everything in this Home Victoria!
Thanks for drop here