Saturday, 23 November 2013

Drama Review: Playboy itu Suami Aku

Assalamua'laikum and hello
how are you my dear readers?
currently i'm in my college in malacca for the semester2
just now in the morning i had a muet exam
for writing,reading and listening
quite okay 
not so tough and not so easy
hopefully can score well
okay, that's just intro or update a bit of my life 
Today i wanna share about a drama series that is adapted from a novel
Playboy itu Suami Aku
That Playboy is My Husband
i'm never read the novel
just watched the drama which is played on tv3 in the slot Akasia
every Monday-Thursday 7.00-8.00pm
omg! i love that drama
really excited and can't wait what will happened later
now they had been married
an arranged marriage of their parents
firstly, they both refused to marry each other however that playboy didn't want
to lose the chance of being the CEO of his dad's company hence he have to do so
while the girl named Afina Aulia willing and sincere to marry him with full of her heart
It's not such a sweet marriage like other couples
Afina tries her best to be a dedicated wife to Adrian
Nevertheless that King of crocodile mistreat her and doesn't love her 
such an arrogant!
even after they got married Adrian still with other girls
Oh! and Afina had a twin sister,Fisya which is so bad girl
She always being jealous of her older twin
especially when she married to Adrian because King had been her bf before
Personally, i love the acting of the hero and the heroin..and they are suit to act together
i had intended to try to act..but until now still did not get any offer from production
vahvahvah XD
hello, you never know my hidden talent
perhaps much better that Angelina Jolie XD
So, what happened after this? catch up this drama series ..
and i wanna suggest to any of production to make a drama from this novel, Kupersembahkan Hati
uh puhhlease!