Thursday, 14 November 2013

My once in a lifetime experience

Assalamualaikum and hello peeps!

Yesterday was a hectic day for me 
as i went to Kuantan (capital of Pahang)
to settle the air conditioner of my mum's car
the stuff that related to air conditioner can be only got in Kuantan
original one
So, by hook or crook my mum and me have to go over there
and my father waited over there
Since we went there,
we killed two birds with one stone
what is it?
Round the city!
to be exact we went to East Cost Mall in Kuantan
As we reached there, we passed a shop and went in that shop
it's New York Skin Solution 
a beauty skin centre 
I knew that every new customer will be given free trial of the treatment
what we waiting for?
umm, grab the golden chance 
all the staff were chinese and they served clients well
they said that the treatment took just only 3 hours
but it's not true at all
so, i had to wait during my mum did the treatment
read the magazines until fall asleep 

Finally, the staff incharged showed the result before and after
slightly different and my mum was given an offer to buy the product
i knew already meyhh
hoyyy! the purchase was RM 3000,RM 4000 and the cheapest was the student package 
however for me still consider expensive 
it cost RM 788
the staff was really insist to buy the product
asked to pay deposit first,
or pay by installment 
then my mum asked me and i was shocked
if it is like that, for sure we will go 'pokai' or poor
just about the beauty product
what are we going to eat? stone? sand?
then i told my mum to give reasonable answer to avoid from buy the product
still the staff want us to buy it
we end up the conversation like this,
i asked my mum to said that we were in hurry because we had something urgent
need to to back to Temerloh as soon as possible
so, next time okay
At last the salesgirl says okay...
She gave us a set of trial kit inside a case
thank you!

NExt, we head to Guardian to buy toothbrush 
and took a look for beauty product sold in the shop
My mum finally bought a set of Loreal Paris after asked the retail Pharmacist in the shop
Hopefully the result is good and make me pleasant
oh! and the product doesn't cost a lot like the New York Skin Solution
only RM100 and above
still affordable 
LOREAL PARIS..see there still got Paris which is the capital of New York
after that, my father fetched us and we had lunch together
lastly, head to the workshop to take back the car
and went back to Temerloh 
So, that's my once in a lifetime experience drove the car from Kuantan to Temerloh

Thank You