Wednesday, 6 November 2013

If I'm A Millionaire

Assalamualaikum and hey to my lovely readers

for your information, i will update new entry more frequently these days
as i'm on semester break
so, it's blogging time!!!

If I'm a M .I. .L. L .I.O.N.A.I.R.E
what i will do?
where i will go?
whom i go out with?
how i spend?
why i do?
and bla bla bla bla ...

hence these are the answers that popping in my mind right now

If i own gazillion money...i will go to Mecca to perform hajj and bring along my parents
i will also perform umrah which means visiting the Mecca and country nearby
then, i will go for vacation to
Europe where including United Kingdom,Australia,New Zealand,America,,Ireland,Germany and so forth.
Next, Korea,Japan and visit my Japanese friend Chihiro Takashi and Seika Aoyama..
Oh how really i miss's 3years after they came to Malaysia..
Moreover,i will go to Asia region that are Singapore,Vietnam,China,Taiwan, Philiphine,Indonesia and India

If I am a millionaire, i will donate some of the money to the charity home or unlucky people
who really need it..furthermore, i will also use some of the money to buy groceries and other basic things that they need, you know at least this will help little bit and make them happy.

If I had a lot of money, i will change all furniture in my house
so that the comfort is welcomed
and live happily..

 With a lot of money in my pocket, i will buy luxury car for my parents
BMW,Porsche,Lexus, Volkswagen, Mercedes,Audi and McLaren?
just say hahaaha
A bungalow will i own with the money
two,three or four will i buy as properties

If i'm a millionaire, i will pay my course study cash without make a loan
If i'm a millionaire, i will give some of it to my mom and dad
If i'm a millionaire, i will treat all my friends and enemy
If i'm a millionaire, i will establish a business to generate the money

With a lot of money, i will spend some of it to the ASNB to gain the high profit
some of it i will keep in ATM
wow! Heaven!
wait, heaven?
you sure?
hey, money is indefinitely give whatever you want
even it can't buy us happiness
can we all enjoy right now
guarantee our feeling gonna be alright?
Bear in mind that MONEY is not the everything
that you can get what you want with it
believe me..

If i'm a millionaire, i will never proud with what i have
i'll never brag to people around me
never ever choose with whom i'll befriend
I'll treat them equally and fair
no compromise, trust me...