Sunday, 10 November 2013

Conversation between Doctor and Nurse

AssaLaMuaLaiKuM and hello !

What i'm gonna share on this new entry is the real story
It happened last few days
between my mum and a doctor, HO (houseman)

This doctor wanna take the patient's blood 
unfortunately, the blood cannot be taken 
until he took it for 7 times 
7 TIMES :3

He even made the patient(female) crying 
Me even heard the story felt scary 
then finally the blood taking department called my mum to assist
however my mum asked another staff who is an MA(medical assistant) to take the blood
by the he managed to take the blood

Then my mum went up to the unit if settled or not
She interviewed the doctor or HO 
whether he had married or not?
the doctor simply said no..just got engaged
My mum was like "ohhh patutlah..tak kahwin lagi, kalau dah kahwin sekali cucuk je" XD
means " no wonder not married yet, if married just once take the blood"
the doctor's face went  blushingggg
everyone at the unit laugh at him

He going to marry a woman which is a teacher of vocational school
they were mad in love during matriculation  

It just like my mum wanna tease me if i have a boyfriend or not 

my boyfriend..guest which one hehe