Tuesday, 19 November 2013

When me met again

Assalamua'laikum and good night peeps!

Today i picked up the lil girl 
who else if not Atiah
she's just started school holiday
and gonna have new brother and sister in-law at one time 
and also is going to be an aunt
so we can start to call her 'aunt' okay

It's normal or typical when i went home i will take her to my house
then we eat,laugh and played together
just evening i brought along her to the saloon 
as my mum wanna to trim her hair
then straight away brought her home
we had KFC tonight 
at first we went to night market but seems like there's nothing much that sold over there
so we decide to have KFC 
Enjoy KFC while watching Playboy itu Suamiku
After we performed isya' prayer we started our crazy moment
which she make up my hair like coconut tree (pokok kelapa)
like small kids and i was went crazy and childish
snapped some photos 
that's always happen and it is a must
maybe next neighbor curious of us
never mind..once in a blue moon
we also made 2 videos which i were the actress with the 2 short ponytails 
behave like child and special child
oh ya and by the way a very special thanks to aunt Nor, our next neighbor for the Big Apple Donut
perhaps for our 'great performance' tonight

Finally, sleeping time had arrived and i sent Atiah home
and we were invited to her brother's and sister's wedding event
how tension i was coz can't attend all that kind of event 
maybe there's must be a reason
i understand...
Pkcik obor2 seems like called me everyday, no missed even today
wakakaka! Amazing right..

Hence, that's we are when we met again
okay have a sweet dream!

us during crazy moment XD