Saturday, 9 November 2013

Why I Love Blogging

AssaLaMuALaiKuM and hello peeps!
Hope the one who read this entry is in healthy and enjoy reading 

Why I Love Blogging?

wanna easy and safe or true answer?
if easy is i want to get the money hahaha
no just kidding
The first time i started blogging was last year thought on Jun or July 
i had read a lot blogs and became follower and follow the update till today if i really like it
So, when i saw and read people's blog there is suddenly appear in my mind and heart
"why should i have my own blog like other?"
write whatever that i want yet still concern the language 
means in a good manner not until make trouble
So, finally i had my own blog 
and how great the feeling when had a blog
then i feel so happy to express my thought with people around the world through blog
so that's the reason

Besides i can share my thoughts, i could also earn some money
i just learned it by become the member of Nuffnang Malaysia on last Monday
now i had an advertisement on my blog if you guys can see it
by doing this, i can encourage myself to write more and frequently on blog
for your information, i am not intended write the entry just for the money only
as I mentioned on top, it just about sharing 
and that's what i'm doing right now

In my personal opinion, blog has more privacy compared to other social application
 like Facebook, Instagram ,Twiter  and etc
the best part is it has not limit of words
so have fun with what you gonna write on blog!

By blogging we could have new friends that also love blogging
then exchange many new things or informations with them
Meanwhile we could also improve or enhance our writing skill and language by blogging
but be careful with the spelling and the sentence structures
don't take for granted 

thought only that, till then 
bye :)