Sunday, 10 November 2013

What i Love to do

AssalaMuaLaiKuM and hollalala !

muahehehe i'm back after a few minutes or hours 
hope you guys doesn't  feel annoyed

What i love to do?
Basically, this is about what i love to do during my leisure time 

Love to tease people 
yup that's me! especially the babies 
aww i really their cute and lovely faces 
and their cute behavior that make my heart melts
me also like to tease the adult people or same age as me
but not most of all, only some of them
when comes to tease baby i'll tease them till make them cried
pity them XD

Qaseh while sleeping could smile C:
definitely! i do love blogging
it's the place for me to speak out my thoughts and ideas
or even experiences with people out there
i can also express my feeling
heart broken, mad in love or sad 

i really love go for a vacation or holiday
whether locally or overseas
For me, when we go for holidays everywhere, we could gain knowledge more and more
see the cultures, the languages and atmospheres 
uh! culture shock

Wow! i love it damn so much..but not in category of shopaholic 
sometimes i tend to spend thriftily just wanna save the money
but there is times that my craziness to shop came
please have a spare money for me okay!

I love to play ay ay ay~
no matter what the game is 
just ask me
badminton,cycling, roller coaster,jumping jack, swimming and etc 
but there is a saying goes like this
"when it comes to play, play harder but when comes to work, don't play-play"

do re mi fa so la ti do
i really love singing!
just tell me what song
disco song, pop song, R&B or rock?
my desire artist was Dato' Siti Nurhaliza of couse
next is Shila Hamzah who is the person that contribute a lot to our country's name
she volunteers sang at the China for Asia Wave Contest 
and to my surprise she won the contest!
Omg she had 1million as the present of the competition
and now had a contract with the Shanghai to record the album
really adore them