Saturday, 16 November 2013

Attending Wedding Reception

AssaLaMuaLaiKuM and hello 
hope my dear readers are in the best of health 
Okay, i just went home after
attended a wedding reception at my village
it is the wedding of Qaseh's aunt
the youngest one

I drove the car heading to the event with my mum
around 11am like that
We were welcomed by the landlord 
they were nicely dressed with the theme of red

 After greeted them, we had the food 
the food served were okay and we enjoyed the food
there were fried chicken, meat (gulai), vegetables, guava and cendol
Then,we went in the house to see the bride
Wow! the bride were so beautifully make up
with the orange wedding dress
so stunning
i had a few snaps with the bride
Oh before that, i had some snaps with their relatives 
including Qaseh's mother
we were holding the stick of word like 'Single', 'I'm married' and many more
really fun

the guests came were also quite a lot plus with the relatives
I left before the groom came because the weather was so hot
and the guests came become a lot, crowded!
better made a move 
my mum gave some money to the mother's bride

happy reading! 
happy holiday!
happy weekend!