Friday, 29 November 2013

A Matchmaker for me

Assalamua'laikum and hello

Well i had a foster dad 
such a real dad for me
He's the one who treat me when i sicked before this
Recently, he called me
he asked how me settle down in college, is i'm healthy, okay or not etc..
out of sudden he asked if me like his son which was the same age with me
what the !@#$% *&(+
nonsense and ridiculous!
truly, i've never imagined that i liked his son
this is so not true,totally wrong..
ya..i knew my dad type
a joker XD

he used to teased me every time
if we met and even while on the phone..
that's why i just be like pour the water onto the leaves when he talked
He told that he was really really want me to be his daughter in-law
what kind of joke is this?
He was very sure that i'm gonna be a good and obedient wife..and suit with his son
he added that i was shy to confessed that i adore his son, and so his son
Shut up! (like Princess Mia in princess diaries )XD
Never ever in my mind had came across of being his son's wife even girlfriend
he then told that now he'll letting us to further our studies in our own field
don't want to lose, i replied that i want to be a cleaner lah!
( trick so that he would not take me as his future daughter-in-law)
Quickly he said oh! nevermind.. cleaner would also do good..not working also is okay
then, he called my mum said that he wanna 'meminang'..thought it's proposed in english
ohoho yes he called my mum later
he told that he would be happy if i could be his daughter-in-law
later, he called me back asking what he talked about with mum whether it is same or not
i was like.......but when i phoned my mum
there was laughed at the end of our conversation
Well, i said that i have my own choice and his son also do the same
let us make our own choose..there's no use of forcing

It's just not being fussy or choosy however his boy had someone loved already
and i dont like him!!
i'm not a person who take someone's(prowler)
it's not good and inappropriate

yeah there is true of the saying that love after marriage is the best