Sunday, 17 November 2013

Shopping Time!

AssalamuaLaiKuM and hello!

Around 1.15pm just now i went shopping with my 'Cik Nah' aka my mum
Obor-obor called her that!
know what? I sent some pictures at the wedding and video of me taken blood
He complained that the needle went bent when my mum took the blood
and the blood splashed 
wow! it's really exaggerated 
he even blabbering bla bla bla 
and end up by called my mum with "Cik Nah"
he even can't hold  to not to smile
and the laughter boosted

First,we went to Cowboy
to buy some drinking water including my milo,maggi sedaap and mineral water
that's compulsory to bring back to Malacca
then we headed to TF which is situated near our house
a mall that offering many affordable goods
to make simple, today we had spent hundreds for the kind of things
especially for facial treatment
not excluded L'Oreal Paris that my mum wanna buy 
it is the cleansing form 
once she bought it, it is the twin pack so save.. around RM30.90 
Promotion price, can't stand haha
next, we bought some biscuits, tea, pad, cutlery's stand , shirt for me
ya just only the necessary stuff for sustaining life 
and the total amount is around RM150 
sweating for awhile
me then bought the cleansing form and cream at Watson
at the ground floor
Finally we headed home safely
and now it's raining season
how sweet 

bought this one (twin pack)
my stuff,  and first trial          
and this one, hopefully give a satisfied result

Intended to try SK- II one day