Saturday, 30 November 2013

Read this to be MOTIVATED

Assalamua'laikum and hello

In this fast era of technology, there will of course had advantages and disadvantages 
as well as we the people 
It's typical to suffer from stress or depression in these kind of days
it's all depending on ourself of how we overcome and manage the stress 
oh come on.. every problem have its solution
where there is a will there is always be a day 

stress if like this always 
If you keep the stress in yourself, you will face the other consequences
such as go crazy XD
can't focus 100% on whatever things you do
fall sick and troubling of people around you
and finally you yourself will feel the regret and lose

indeed, it's a serious matter of overcome stress as nowadays the rate of people had suffer from this problem
had showed an increase significantly  
not only the old even the youngsters especially in this country
i had noticed in newspaper before this many times
the writer stressed on this issue in the whole big pages

yaa.. there are many reasons that causes stress and also there are many ways to approach it
one of them is by reading motivational quotes daily
or you can stick the quotes at your mirror that you use everyday when you makeup 
even at someplace that you find it can be seen easily like the fridge,kitchen cabinet etc

do it! or no one else can do this for you
me also had stresses neither my roommates, my classmates and you who read this also are not except
everyone has stress but the difference is level of stress that we have and 
the ways that we take to overcome it
so, take a deep breathe and SAY NO TO STRESS okay!

or go for a spa to help relaxing your mind