Sunday, 24 November 2013

All About Him

Assalamua'laikum and hello
hey! how's your weekend?
blissful ?
All About Him..
Okay, Him? who is he?
my dad? brother? uncle?'s general and will cover for all that called man
Man..what you know about man?
have mustache? beard?
that's all?
well, it's just not about that
there's a lot to describe about man
let me sort it out

Excuse me.. not only women are complicated instead men also 
wait..this is in my point of view
why i said like that? Ya..there is certain time, they tend to be complicated
for instant they are too much than women and possible to blabbering at women
and they even more careless and panic 
it's tough to understand them sometimes
when text them, they might reply or not
which is make us the women frustrated

more complicated than maths
I strongly believe that men have the smoothness inside them..maybe we couldn't see or not see it
straight away because maybe the are shy to show the gentleman 
basically i would love man that is have smoothness in them 
aww so sweet!

Loyal or betray
For this part, there are many types of man 
only 2 
loyal or betray
how lucky a woman that got a loyal one 
loyal till death
Unlucky to whom that got the bad that betray 
As what i observed, a man that is loyal to his girlfriend or wife would keep loyal for the whole life

No Smoking!
Reject 100% if the man is smoking if he wanna marry me
doesn't they knew or pretend don't know that smoking is definitely cause harmful and bring fatal??
Absolutely no goodness in smoking
please love yourself

humm i love this.. when a man is workaholic that's means he is rich XD
so i can go shopping and buy what i want
but wait! how about if the man is a workaholic type and doesn't any time with the wife and family
no point!
nevertheless i would salute of his intelligence making all balanced
work+horlicks = workaholic XDDD

Oh! That's so sweet and awesome to get the love from our man
for me all man must and compulsory to have this character 
with love will make the relationship much longer and last long
even the love become stronger with the kids around them
but believe that love is blind haha XD

Gimme hug
Undeniable that man also have this type of disease 
they tend to be choosy when come to foods, clothes, brand etc
too much than women
if don't have his favorite dishes like chicken, duck and prawn they will refuse to eat

Clever and dumb
It is very nice to see the clever man however in this world not at all have the same intelligence 
fair and square
there might be the cleverest is clever but the dumb is dumb
the bright one further study in overseas 
whilst the stupid stay near the drain
get up man!
show your capability!
hello sweetie.. will you go for a date with me plzzz XD
There is man who is very meticulous about cleanliness
can't stand even with any dirt
but some of them doesn't mind about this thing
even he is never mind with the scattered room
he would okay as long as something did not stop his nostril