Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Friends (Throwback)

Assalamua'laikum and gutten tag!
it means have a nice day something like that

Thinking since yesterday what should i write 
for the new entry
then asked my foster sister, Aina
she asked me to write about FRIENDS
i was like humm not bad
last night we were skyping so that's it
hum.. what should i write about it and where should i begin with?

me with Nabila aka bulu XD
Okay, i start since i was in primary school
before that, this are from my point of view and my rights
During that time i considered i had a best friend
her name was Izzati
she is the friend i sat with in  the class
and we were close, that time i was standard four
and now we were still befriend but not as close as before
time has changed everything
there was time we argue and fighting and so on
Then, my best friend changed to another person named Syahira
when i like to friend with someone i would prefer to sit with her in the class
the same thing we had argued and some misunderstanding
and lastly my bestfriend was Nurrul Aqilah and we were still contact each other nowadays
even both of us had made our own path
i started befriend with her since she moved in to my school and we began our friendship till today

Part of us at sweet seventeen
huh! this entry gonna be long
so keep calm and continue reading XD
Time flies very fast and we went to secondary or high school
i met a new friends and one of them was Nabila
she was the daughter of one of the teacher in that school
we began our friendship when we were form 2
At first i thought she was arrogant and don't want to befriend with me
i had confessed to her this and she also said that i was like to show off
what the....hehe
me and Qilah at sixteen
me and her sat together in the class during form 2 and 3
we had a lot of sweet and sour memories
there was once we had a fight
as for me the biggest fighting that we had
never talked to each other for a week
and we finally end up to say sorry on barakah Jumaah
in the classroom when everybody had left
My chinese friends
Oh! When i was form 1 i was in 1 Bestari and met again with my buddy from secondary school
Shamira the fabulous!!!
hahaha we had so many laughed and jokes in the class
she is the reason the class became cherished
then we both went up to new class due to our best result for the final exam
after that, i closed with Nabila
and there we go with the team of Wonderbabes
which consist of 10 members

Complete of us.. taken on  PMR first day
all of us the malay girls in the class
that time was still a good and strong friendship
then all of us made some changes into the group and the friendship was like not so good as before
it was when we went up to form 4 and 5
Qilah went to boarding school in Terengganu, Nini and Nani went to another class as they took slightly different subject like us
so it's like gonna to far far away the friendship
no wonder

Our big farewell form 4
However we were still befriend and contact each other even the WB had gone
we were still friends
always and forever
to me, there's a lot i learned from the value of friendship
ceh! like making the moral value of novel essay XD
but that is obviously true
it is easy to befriend to anybody
but it's not easy to find the true and sincere friend
that always be by your side ups and down