Thursday, 7 November 2013

Keep Your Body Healthy

AsSaLaMuALaIKuM and hello..

Today, me and my next neighbor aunt Nor had a walking around our house
while other people had gone for working and school
it's kind of exciting
well actually she asked me to go out for jogging or walking
of course i agree as got the accompany or partner

In this morning around 7.15am like that,
i opened the gate
and coincidentally she drove out her car
so that her husband could drove out his car to send abang Faiz to school
while i was diligent to watering the plant in front of my house
i asked her "aunt, is it on ?"
she then replies "cancel laa aunty malas laa"
i was.. "alaa aunty jomlah just walking keluarkan peluh"
finally it was ended "haa okay"

So, we went out for walking..
and her lovely abang Zali went for 'menebas' (golf)
nice right?
her daughter Bella was sent to the kindergarten
so just left us alone at our house
while walking we were talking
from one topic to another
aww aunt Nor was a kind person
there was one day when she knew that my car was in the workshop,
without a doubt she offered her car if my mum would like to use it

It goes differently when come to our next to the right neighbor
the wife was not a friendly person
and does not mixed well with my mum
even aunt Nor said to me that she never knew her
only she knew the husband
which was very diligent to bring the children walking
when they had a newborn baby or just delivered a baby in hospital
knew to inform my mum the news
perhaps knew that my mum working overthere

Don't want to comment too much
assumed that they have their own reason
you know, just 'berbaik sangka'..

To make an end, there are some lessons based on my short-story today
first, do regular physical activities such as jogging, walking or bicycling to keep you fit
by doing that kind of things you could avoid any health problem in the future.
Second, please do know you neighbour right and left..
as aunt Nor told me that it is necessary to know our neighbour
if in case we had an emergency
NEIGHBOUR is the nearest to ask help

Okay, Happy Reading !

fun if had bf to jog with hehe