Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Pakcik obor-obor ( part 2)

Assalamualaikum and holla!
how are you doing?
Today is the first day of SPM 2013
wish all the best to my dear juniors
and today i stay at home alone bcause my mum starts working          
oh she had 4days leave you know

Straight to the point,
regarding the pakcik obor-obor that i told the last entry
so,i continue about him in my next post
so this is the part 2..

each and everyday we were on the phone and texting
i like to tease him hahaha
such make him goes crazy and fed up of me
there's one day which i ask him to send his picture
i never stop tease and bother even called him
until i received the picture
then after 2-3 days finally got it
he told me that i owe him something
which the photo of my mom
i send him the photo of funny face expression
and he says like "yaa well done!! i saw you & your mum..tqvm"
something like that..

and i send him the real one tomorrow
and called him yesterday to ask if he got it or not
what a crazy man he did not pick up the call
he even message me that "kena denda sikit"
means i am punished
at night he called and i said "have you take your medicine? crazy medicine?"
he then replies "so now you are talking to a crazy man"

i also ask him to signup for facebook
just me be his only friend
he just keep replies "urmm nanti lah"
he added "eh crazy man does not have facebook,they are dumb"
i told that "hello, nowadays even crazy man have facebook, they are advanced"
he laughs XDDD

this man actually still a bachelor even though his age was 54 y/o
i was like..whattt? you know there are a lot questions popping in my mind
why? who? where? how?
i'm a busy body type of person hahaha
just for this obor-obor
guest what? my mum wakes him up every morning by phoning him
just to perform subuh prayer incase he late to go for working
because he had accidentally woke up at 8am and above
while his client had waited for him at the office
he even slept at the office just because to avoid to be late

he is a smooth or slow talk man
and a patient guy
so, that's why i like to tease him
serves him right! boooo~

okay, bye (: