Sunday, 3 November 2013

Diary of life

Assalamualaikum and holla to all dear readers!!!

Finally the exam fever had ended
and im back for semester break
the day i went home, on the night we had a bad news            
which my Qaseh's grandfather was passed away
her mom called us and we were really shocked          
by the way, it is the fate written by Him the most powerful indeed
in fact there is one verse in quran said that "from him we come to him we back"
and one should bear in mind that every living things
 no matter what it is
human,plants, animal and so on
they will have their right time to back to the creator
so, keep calm and stay cool baby
and disappointingly today on my way to the house which is in my village also
for the funeral, the car that i drove had a problem
something related to engine or whatever
it happened after i had an in purpose bump and the car going to had a stuck
whereby it cant go smoothly.
How panic was i am at that moment.
So, we stop at the side of road and my mum called our mechanic near our house
To make it short, we have to cancel the visit and went back to settle the car first
and the car need to be left at the workshop temporarily to be fixed until monday
uh lucky my mum off that that..
Oh god what a relieve when the break just begin                
kind of excited !!!


# Al-fatihah to Qaseh's grandpa and may he rest peacefully overthere