Monday, 28 October 2013

Keep calm

Assalamualaikum and hai to all readers 
who still willing to read my blog
well just steal the time blogging
to avoid studying
"oh come on man, you can't be like this"
put your trust onto Allah 
He will help and guide to the righteous path
don't lose hope onto Him
His is the one and only that we worship
He is the most merciful and gracious
everything comes from Him 
enjoy the pictures...

* today my mom express her feeling to me..aww so touched :')

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Holiday Countdown


Hai and warm welcome to my dear readers

hope you all are in the pink of health 

well I should do revision of  biology,chemistry and maths practice

just take a break, a 'long break' haha!

know what? today is the anniversary of my enrollment to the matriculation

it's the 5th

same with Qaseh's date of birth

OH!!! I realy wanna go home and have a relaxing holiday time

take a deep breathe, and keep calm Moon

you just a few miles away from holiday

6 days more

and that's it


i miss the home,miss the car, miss my mommy of course, my dad

think that's all for now, bye!

my future sweet home XD

Tuesday, 22 October 2013


Assalamualaikum and a very good morning...

Wie geht es dir?

yeah!!! Finally we have done the muet for speaking

our session start at 9.35am but we must get in the quarantine room by 7.30am

there were four of us including me, Raja, Adlina and Nazirah

Totally we could perform very well and the topic that we got was good and interesting

that is " What is the most important factor that help a person to attain happiness"

and for me as candidate B i have to state the point of having a good relationship with other people

is the most important

we able to end up the discussion with a conclusion

then we celebrate the post-speaking-muet at cafe

we also snap a few photos

now preaparing for the upcoming PSPM

don't want to think about making choice whether matric or law

so, adios!

Sunday, 13 October 2013

3 Days Ber'kasih'

Bismillah and Assalamualaikum

tonight im gonna share with the readers about something special
for your information, im home for hari raya aidiladha and right now
is the 3rd day me at home
"home sweet home"~
awww so lovely!

since friday, i babysit a very sweet,gorgeous and super duper cute
named Qaseh :)
Let me tell that she's so behave and easygoing with me and my mom
especially when we took her home
well, she was brought along by her mom to sell kerepek at bazar
as she was fully breastfeeding
so no choice
how pitiful she is when she cried and rejected the milk fed by using bottle
definitely she feels totally different as the original one
other than that, there were no problem at all

it's very precious moment that time
when looked at her charming smile,
her cute 'Chinese' face
bubbling and make my heart melt
really so lovely

and that's make a strong of instinct  in me to have a super duper
cute and lovely baby like Qaseh

it's so not comfortable letting her to stay along at the bazar with the heavy rain
fortunately the strong wind not take her away together with the tent..
only her mom just got splash
so, from this short story really had taught me a lot
indeed motivate me
"it's not easy to find money as it take a hard work to have it especially when had a family to support"

really proud of the spirit of Qaseh's mom

~D.E.T.E.R.M.I.N.E.D ~

Monday, 7 October 2013

Heart expression


firstly, this kind of thing is more to my heart expression
so, don't waste your time heeeehe

i wanna go homeeeeeee!!!!
let me goooo
don't do this to me
please i'm begging
really, currently the pressure is going in
ya Allah
ya Allah
help ur lil servant
indeed you are the most merciful and powerful
I've imagined that someday no one even a single thing or annoying stuff will bother me ever after
well, if that case life wouldn't be wonderful and colorful anymore
"be patient darling"
there will be happy ending in your life
now or in after
seriously, i nearly gave up for all this
however, who am i to reject these?
you know what, tonight i'm gonna take the chemist trial at 8pm
and i did not reverse any of the topics yet
as until now i am typing up this entry to be updated in this blog
insane right?
never mind, i am the one who'll face the music right
so, keep calm just read my entry

just left 2 days before i am allowed to go home
errr actually 3 days
because before going back on thursday, me have to attent class till 4pm
so, be sabarrrrrrr

okay, congrats to whom finish reading this entry [thumbs up]

have a blast!

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Oktober update

hai peeps!
wah! tik tok tik tok dah masuk bulan 10
dan hakikatnya, ujian final sem 1 semakin menghampiri
dengan aerobic lagi
yang masih haru-biru
dalam kepala hotak ni fikir mau pulang saja

agak-agaklah kan aku dapat tak asasi law uitm??
humm curious ni..
jawapannya akan terbongkar pd 21okt ni
dan pada masa tu mggu study week di matrik
dan.. it's MUET on the next day
so, hopefully dapat berita baik
supaya dpt membuat pilihan
dan tidaklah tersepit dlm panywayilihan keterpaksaan
anyway, doakan saya okay

see ya on the next entry!