Monday, 7 October 2013

Heart expression


firstly, this kind of thing is more to my heart expression
so, don't waste your time heeeehe

i wanna go homeeeeeee!!!!
let me goooo
don't do this to me
please i'm begging
really, currently the pressure is going in
ya Allah
ya Allah
help ur lil servant
indeed you are the most merciful and powerful
I've imagined that someday no one even a single thing or annoying stuff will bother me ever after
well, if that case life wouldn't be wonderful and colorful anymore
"be patient darling"
there will be happy ending in your life
now or in after
seriously, i nearly gave up for all this
however, who am i to reject these?
you know what, tonight i'm gonna take the chemist trial at 8pm
and i did not reverse any of the topics yet
as until now i am typing up this entry to be updated in this blog
insane right?
never mind, i am the one who'll face the music right
so, keep calm just read my entry

just left 2 days before i am allowed to go home
errr actually 3 days
because before going back on thursday, me have to attent class till 4pm
so, be sabarrrrrrr

okay, congrats to whom finish reading this entry [thumbs up]

have a blast!