Friday, 8 November 2013

My Wish for Semester 2

AssaLaMuaLaiKuM and hello to all dear readers
Salam barakah Jumaah to everyone!

Alright,today I want to type about my wish for the next upcoming semester in matriculation 
So, why not I sort it out like this :

Get super duper nice and sporting lecturer
Haaa! As for me this matter is really important as i have to spend my other 5 months 
in that college to gain the knowledge 
So, lecturers that will teach me hopefully are the sporting,can do humors, not so fussy and etc.
Plus, uh please don't so fierce with me and all of my friends 
even we do not finished our tutorial and other homework 
on purpose or purposely XD
This request goes for all subjects which are Maths,Bio,Chem, Eng and Sc Comp

do any lecturer dare to make his hair like this? Opps

Flexible schedule or timetable 
This another one that i wish will be like semester 1
very well and enjoy
especially the lab time were conducted on Thursday and Friday only
Maths direct on Monday,Tuesday and Thursday
When the schedule is okay 
then i will have the spirit to study heee...

cute xoxo 

Considerable of Holiday 
humm.. i hope this time will be provided a considerable holiday
For instant, holiday for certain event like the Historical Day or the birthday of the Minister of Malacca 
hence, i can go home to see my beloved mom and kiss her muah muah muahahah
before that please announce EARLIER so that i can arrange the ticket!
there was once this matric told 'very earlier' and i had bought the ticket
so we got good and bad news
the good is we could leave one day earlier means on Thursdays and not Friday
the bad is we could not change the bus ticket because all were sold out
how wasting time and money when i and my friend went out just to exchange the ticket 
and the mission was unsuccessful :'(
So, by the end her father fetch us from Temerloh to Malacca.

Cleanliness of cafe is better than before
Well, if talk about cafe in that college, until tomorrow didn't finish
pheww~ i don't know what the problem of the owner 
Is it so difficult to make the cafe clean all the time???
no fly dragon (though) or in malay is LALAT
i think there is no sense even they were warned or 'disita' from the health department
there were a lot of cases happened 
especially food poisoning 
very disgusting euwww

lovely cafe

Time past Quickly 
oh! i can't imagine i can go through semester 1 successfully
it's the tough moment for me
homesick, tiredness, laziness
and to adapt new environment around me
new friends and teachers
oh! such a nightmare 
i always say to myself "uh please past quickly! I can't stand with this anymore"
until i had done a stupid thing in my life 
that i never thought of doing that
but, at that moment i was really distracted and stressed
hey, not suicide ! i still 'waras' okay..
Another one is when had tutorial class or lecture 
grrrrr... it was like i'm dying man!
hehe exaggerate right
but that's the truth what i felt that time
lucky i have my laptop and earphone to release my stress
it's magic if i diligent to study or hardworking on subject i studied
just  diligent a little went exam time is coming.. only a little XD

Catch up subjects easily like catch newborn kitten
why i compare with a newborn kitten? actually, you can use any creatures
mine is kitten coz they are cuteeee 
I really hope this coming semester will be a shine bright like diamond for me
wahahaha! i really hope i can learn easily as learn ABC
truly, i was like fed up with science subject 
Chemistry, Biology especially like killing me
Gulp! ya i really meant it 
but i had no choice maybe there is something good behind all this
who knows right? only Allah knows it..
so go on with the flow and smile :)

To make simple I really wish and hope that my semester 2 will go smoothly
and successfully with sweet memoirs
wish for me! 
love you