Tuesday, 12 November 2013

When meet old friend

Assalamualaikum and hello to my dear readers

After i had a nap just now
i feel like want to update new entry
So this is the result
Alright, as you all knew that yesterday
my bestie Qilah went to my home

At afternoon me and Qilah cooked together
just a simple dishes
we made fried fish,fried vegetable and rice
she cuts the veges,onion and fries the fish whilst me cooked the rice
and me trevally the fish (selar ikan )

and in the evening we had a crazy moment yeahh!
Before that we took my mum at the hospital
then played badminton
really all out
thought will suffering from 'sakit badan' at night

then, we had a cycle with bicycle around my house area or residence 
she brought me at the back
wow not bad!
like this girl doesn't cycle bicycle for the whole life time
really fun when loooked at his face and style
next,me brought her 
i cycled swiftl~
even when reached at the bump i'm not push the break
let her swung hahaha
something like this picture vahvahvah XD

We had a stop at my mum's friend's house
which the one who gave a ride to my mum when the car was in the workshop
i carried her baby whom i called 'Dayang Bunting' or 'Dayang Senandung'
She looked happy

That kind of thing really made us sweating plus plus
i never felt like that
before sent Qilah back home
my mum served her iced tea,keropok lekor and rectangle popia
then i sent her home safely
after maghrib..
till then muahahaha

#my mum said that all the neighbours must already knew that i'm back XD