Monday, 11 November 2013


Assalamualaikum and yuhuu!
What's up my dear readers?

Today i'm proud to be the driver of my mum
i sent her to the hospital early morning
then i picked up my dear friend Qilah at her house in TJ
We head to the bank first of all 
Reach earlier and the bank still closed
we decided to have a breakfast near the bank
Had nasi lemak and teh tarik each of us
Happy Qilah treat me 
thanks sweetie!

After finished the bank matter
we went to Sungai Pahang, the longest river in Peninsular of Malaysia
My very first time had a walk on the hang bridge (jambatan gantung)
Really scary me 
but i managed to overcome the fear 
we snapped some pictures with the background of the river
I enjoyed and had fun over there 
Enjoy the pictures!