Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Yes You Steal My Heart

Assalamua'laikum and heyloo!
how are you all doing ?
Wednesday, the middle of the week days
so keeeeep it up of whatever things you are work on
and why not just come and 'cuci mata' from the bustle of busyness or perhaps stressful work

See what i got to share -------Sony Xperia !
okay have to admit that i fell in love with it
damn so madly in love
among the other products
just name it
Sony is still in my heart wherever i go to

best friend in capturing the moment
best friend in never forgetting of every single scene
best friend in enhancing my life surrounding with stupendous folks

the walk of life is just bring by Sony

that's how can i express about when talking about Sony smartphone

so excited and amazed of the tech like 'mak mertua lalu tak pandang dahhh gituuu'
haaa kauuu

which one catches your eyes???


semoga ada jodoh kita bersama

in fact, all the pictures posted over here is from my sweetheart honey Sony Cybershot TX10 
which is superbly awesome and satisfied enough to own it
amazing color intensity, fabulous brightness that can't be challenged by any brand
unless having said owning DSLR mhehehe 

in short,
Sony tetap di hati ^______^

credit to Sweetheart Sony

or perhaps can pick me as the young ambassador of Sony