Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Love of it

salam alaikum and hello everybody

i love acting
yup really mean it
such "acting" and me are good to together

how i know i really like acting?

it's all about enjoying the moment!
be in the certainly character based on the director

thought have no more reason after that one

the most scene i would enjoy to do is the funny part
like my goodness 
such a satisfaction enable to make people laugh like mad XD

one of the scenes in Patch Adam

experience in acting bukan tak pernah, pernah
cuma.. haishh

takat high school je la
sobs :(
due to certain unwanted problem
i was damn sick then finally not be able to even attend for the casting session
already bear and noted the date but all of all everything just not in my control

so to any director that accidentally visit to this blog
well hello! welcome
(takkan tak tau kot wahahahaha)
never say die before you try
and i am strongly believe that hujung belakang parang kalau diasah lagikan tajam right?

tahap kecomelan yang tak keterhingaan 

Wondergirls like jimbo XD

tahu dak dress pink tu utk budak budak around 7 years perhaps?

aku tak nak kat kau lah sengal bahahaha
(that time felt so cepat lah habis part ni! geli gelemai mak kauu)

you belong with me by taylor swift

the Saodah Britney

well, the story adapted from Camp Rock 
google for further info