Friday, 12 September 2014

This is the life man

Salam alaikum and hello everybody

kinda been busy lately due to orientation week which is super duper awesome hectic to the maximum

yeahh currently in the the world top most university among the best of university
creme de creme
uhuk huk huk
but over everything i am thankful and grateful for what i've got now
like ya Allah pleaseeeeeee

seriously, let's reminiscence back about how wonderful the life when at home
such a heaven on the earth
do whatever you wanna do
sleep,eat,watching tv, singing, rambling etc
and suddenly everything turns 360 changed
just at a glanced!

oh my goodness

like "whatttt! this is my room !?
no kidding?
for all this coming years ahead?

but on top of that, believe that it is the best from the god to us
only He knows what we deserve for
cause He knows what is in every heart.